Losing to the Other Man

I found myself thinking about her constantly, even though I didn’t want to.  Every time I stared into her mahogany eyes, I could see her desire for me.  She made me believe that I was more than just sex.  And like a fool, I fell for her!  I didn’t sign on to be her refuge, but I allowed myself to be her safe place.  Instead of leaving promptly, I would permit her to lay in my arms for hours.  The more that I understood her plight, the more I revered who she truly was.  The more I lingered after our sessions, the more I aspired to be part of her world.  I wanted to know what motivated her every move?  What kept her up at night?  But more than anything, I wanted to know the moment she lost her faith in Black men and how could I help restore her unbelief?  


Now I thought I was doing the right thing by driving a wedge between her and Lincoln. The plan was executed flawlessly!  No way would my angel go back to a man that slept with her sister! Right?  Well, somehow the anal motherfucker convinced her to go back with him!  I suspected as much when she stood me up for the second time with no text or call.  However, it was confirmed tonight when she came into the restaurant on the arm of her old man!  Although we had our times in my office, she had never visited the club as a customer.  They were making a statement, and I was hearing it loud and clear.  As I watched her dance with the other patrons, I couldn’t help but wonder why I lost to the other man?  My physical attributes far outweighed his, yet she chose him.  Did I not measure up to keep her long term interests, or did the monster in me scare her away?  I didn’t even get a Dear John letter!  Now I was stuck trying to rid myself of emotions that I didn’t want to have in the first place, diving into the abyss once again as I tried to make due with someone that was not her . . . . . . .



“Damn Eric! Keep it right there!  Right there baby! Ooooohhhhhhhh!”


Every fiber of her muscle twitched as she crumbled underneath my tongue.  The cold, unsteady pedestal table was a far cry from the bed, but I needed to feel powerful again! It had been a long night.  Seeing Karma with Lincoln together in my place of business sent me into a mental tailspin.  I wanted to kill him on the spot, but . . . . .  she appeared to be happy.  She no longer had to wear wigs out in public with him.  She was finally free to be herself . . . which left no room for me . . . . . .


“Baby! Baby! I can’t take anymore!  Please!”


My red haired mistress couldn’t stop convulsing.  The table squeaked with each cry she let out.  She turned over to her side to get some relief.  


“Your tongue is amazing babe!  I don’t think I can take anymore”


Yet, she would have to as I wasn’t satisfied.  I disrobed and pulled her torso toward the edge of the table.


“Eric! Oh shit!”


She put her finger in her mouth as I moved inside her fortress.  Her defenses were useless as she gave in to my insatiable appetite.  Tonight was not about love making.  I wanted Karma out of my system and April would be the solvent to wash away my memories.  As I turned my red corvette on her side, she began to protest!


“Okay Eric.  What’s the safe word baby?  I’m about to pass out!”


“There is no safe word for tonight!  You’re mine until I’m done!”


There was no quit as I continued my mission.  She bit her lip trying not to scream, but that was short lived.  I kissed the back of her calf muscle as I slowly brought her leg in the air.  I plunged deeper into my lover as she began to shout every obscenity known to man!


“Ahhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh shit! Damn baby!  Why you . . . . . shit!!!!”


Her waters began to spill all over the table as I continued to push her past her limit.  I could feel spasms dance throughout her thighs, but I refused to let up.  I turned my concubine on her back and mounted her.


April’s eyes opened wide as I reacquainted myself with her breasts.  Meanwhile, I continued my course, exploring the depths of April’s soul.  She started gasping for air, as if she were in the last leg of a marathon.  Her red curls had become undone from the heat  The table was becoming a slippery surface as the alcohol fused sweat dripped from me freely.  I couldn’t stop while visions of my yesterday continued to haunt me!  


“Make me come for you, April!  Make me come for you!”


April raised her head and began to kiss my chest.  She hung onto my nipple as I grabbed for the edge of the table.  My thrust grew violent as I reached my end.  From the tension around my muscle, April and I were going to arrive at the same destination.


“Yes baby!  Yes!  Yes!”


I groaned as April spazzed for several minutes underneath me.  I fell on top of her as the table underneath us began to creak.


“Let me get up before this table falls underneath us”


April smiled as I slowly removed myself from her.  As I came to my senses, I realized that I violated several codes.  One of which I needed to correct immediately.  I quickly grabbed my pants and found my wallet.


“Here’s five-hundred for tonight.  That should cover the Plan B and any damage to the pallet we used”


“Now when have you ever had to pay me Eric?  What’s the matter?”


“You know that I don’t get down like this.  Not without protection!  I let myself go all inside of you!”


“Yes you did, and it was wonderful babe!”


“But you still can get pregnant!  I can’t do children in my life!  Not now at least”


“You know I wouldn’t do you like that!  Besides, I have several Plan B’s in the bathroom. We’re good!”


“Wait? Several?”


“A working girl always has to be prepared.  Isn’t that what you taught me?  Stay ahead of the game?  Get that entertainer/athlete to believe that he got you pregnant and hit him for the abortion money?”


“Damn . . . .you’re right!  But still . . . .”


“I knew you had a night!  I got a call from one of the girls who said some dude got outed by the waiter and bottles were thrown!  When I got your call that you were coming over, I knew that it had to be true”


“Yeah, little buttercup got hurt!  Sad thing is, wife didn’t know about it until tonight.  And it was her birthday!”


“Wow . . . . . yeah you had a festive night!  Glad that I was on your mind”


“Always April”


“You don’t have to butter me up!  I know how to play my position.  We’re in this for the money!  I’m not confused about that!  Now, have you given any more thought to how you’re gonna get from under James’s thumb?”


“That’s all I’ve been thinking about.  Ever since our candidate scored the lowest amount of votes, I’ve wanted to kill them all!  Chelsea, however, felt that it was just the nature of business”


“Good ol’ Chelsea!  But this Bottoms chick?  Did you get to her?”


I simply smiled as I finished getting dressed.


“So is that a yes or a no?  I can’t see shit with all this sweat in my eyes!”


I fetched a towel from her closet and brought it to her.  I wiped the moisture from her eyes, and then her body.


“That’s a yes.  You think you know me don’t you?”


“I know that you stay ahead of the game.  You’re not one to go out without a contingency plan”


“No good business man does.  Thank you for this evening”


“Thank you baby.  I would show you to the door but I’m waiting to get the feeling back in my legs!”


I laughed to myself as I proceeded out the door.  More than anything, April was always willing to please me.  I adored her for that.  She knew her position and never requested to be more than my number two.  She always said that in my line of work, her position was safe.  Fortunately for her, it always will be.  



Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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