A Dangerous Game, Part II

“Wow Christian! This place is much bigger than I imagined!  I can’t believe that you got us dinner reservations here!”


The valet opened our doors and we proceeded to climb out.  As the parking attendant drove off, Tiffani stood there, in all of her grandeur, taking in the scenery.  It was nights like this that made me fall in love with this lady all over again!  The black gown that I purchased for tonight’s special occasion complimented all of Tiffani’s curves.  Her silver earrings twinkled in the moonlight, making her face glow with a radiance that would make the angels blush.  Her matching platform pumps made me fantasize about how I would have them up in the air later this evening.  I was blessed to have this goddess as my wife and I was going to show Tiffani my gratitude every day for the rest of our lives.   


“Christian?  Earth to Christian? Are you okay?  You seem to be in a daze!”


“I am. I’m captivated by your beauty love. I can’t wait to get you alone and satisfy you all night long”


“Whew! Flattery may get you the full treatment tonight handsome!”


A silly grin appeared on my face as I took my leading lady by the arm and proceeded to walk in.  As we went through security, I finally felt safe.  Although Olivia hadn’t called or texted me since that Sunday at church, I was on edge!  You see, I refused to give in to my tormentor’s threat.  However, I was anticipating the evil counselor to hold up my past at any moment! Olivia had to have known that I wasn’t going to show up in Athens for a daylight rendezvous?!  For as much as Tiffani detested her hometown, she could still count on the rumor mill to keep her in the know.  So imagine if anyone caught me sneaking out of the HoJo? It would only take minutes before someone was calling Tiff about my indiscretion.  I wasn’t going to chance that!  Hell naw!


“Excuse me sir.  I know that you are a guest of Mr. Alexander, but I must ask that your firearm be left with us.  Club policy”


I looked at our petite hostess who seemed a bit nervous about the request.  However, I didn’t argue.  I merely nodded as I removed the roscoe from the holster.  Now Tiffani on the other hand, was not too pleased . . . .


“Baby, why did you bring that gun with you?”


“Because we’re in Atlanta!  Shit, I don’t take chances for anything!  Especially with you looking all scrumptious tonight!”


I gave her a love tap on her backside as the wait staff smiled to themselves.


“You’ll have to excuse my husband.  He started drinking early!”


“No I haven’t!”


Our hostess laughed to herself.  I watched her carefully as she placed my weapon in a safe behind the bar.  Once it was secure, she handed me a number to retrieve it later.


“Christian, this place is fancy!  I heard the waiting list here is six months!”


“Well babe, this is just some of the perks for working with Mr. Alexander.  His name carries a lot of weight in this town”


“Is he some sort of politician?”


“He has more influence that a politician.  James Alexander is a millionaire who makes his money in banking and other ventures.  This establishment happens to be one of his endeavors”


“I would have never imagined being in a place like this!  The classiest place I’ve ever been to was Carrabbas!”


“Baby, I want you to have the best of everything from here on out.  Nothing but the best for my superstar!”


Our host guided us to the VIP section that was already thick with the who’s who of the city!  As we made our way to the table, a chilled bottle of Moet was awaiting us.  I allowed the host to open the bottle while I pulled out the chair for my beloved.  Tiffani started to cry.


“What’s wrong babe?  Everything okay?”


“Everything . . . . . .everything is just so wonderful Christian!  I’m in awe of it all!  I feel like a princess!”


“You’re more than a princess babe, you’re a queen.  You’re my queen.  And this evening was made for you”


Right on cue, Tiffani’s favorite band hit the stage.


“Christian, you didn’t!  You didn’t!”


“Mr. Alexander had to pull some strings, but he got them to come out just for you!”


“I can’t believe it!  Oh honey!  Thank you!  This is the birthday gift ever!”


Sisqo took the mic and his tenor rang throughout the building as Dru Hill began to sing “Tell Me”.  The crowd began to cheer as the group started to jump during the chorus. Tiffani quickly made friends with the other women in the section as they danced with their glasses raised high.  Although I wasn’t a fan, I sat back and watched my lady savor the music.


As the song came to an end, a server appeared at the table.


“Good evening sir.  What will you and your company be having tonight?”


“Having tonight?  I’m sorry son.  I already told the proprietor what me and the missus would like for the evening.  Thank you though”


“Oh . . . . . okay. . . . .”


I went back to my glass, but the young thundercat continued to stare at me . . . . . as if he wanted something. . . . .


“Can I help you?”


“Excuse me for staring sir. . . but I think I might know you”


“Ummmmm, I don’t think so.  I don’t live in the city and I’m not a celebrity”


“But . . . . I think I know you!”


The young man came closer, examining me as if I were a an animal in a cage.  The longer he stared, the more irritated I got.


“I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t recall meeting you.  So if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to enjoying the evening.  Thank you”


The dejected garçon turned and began to walk away.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I could see my lady making her way back to her seat.  Just as Tiffani was settling back in, the confused waiter raced back to my side!


“I knew I knew you! You used to turn tricks three years ago didn’t you?”


“What the fuck did you just say to me man?!”


“I knew I remembered your fine ass!  You and my friend Qwan used to turn tricks for those military guys down in Savannah!”


Tiffani sat completely still, mouth gaped.  After several seconds, my sunshine uttered . . . .


“You used to fuck men Christian?”


I had to think fast!


“No babe!  Buddy obviously has me confused with someone else!  Dude, I told you I wasn’t a celebrity!”


“Oh, but you are good lookin’!  Qwan said the sailors used to call you “Juicy Booty”.  I can see why!  You look delicious!”


“Man if you don’t get the entire fuck outta here!”


Before I knew it, I had thrown the champagne bottle, causing our server to run away in anguish!  Meanwhile, Tiffani was still in the state of shock as she began her own investigation.


“Christian, tell me that sweet tart was not telling the truth!  Please tell me that you didn’t sleep with men!  Tell me!”

The VIP section was no place to have a serious conversation like this. Due to my bottle throwing rage, most of the patrons were looking our way.  I quickly scanned for an exit, but there were too many people to see a clear escape.  As luck would have it, the bloodied server came back with security as well as the manager of the club, Mr. Eric Houston. 


“Mr. Houston, I apologize for hitting your staff with a . . . . .”


“Mr. and Mrs. David, I need you both to come with me now”


“Are we being kicked out the club?”


“Mr. David, I need for you and your wife to come with me please!  I will not ask you again!”


Tiffani marched out with the security first as I slinked behind her, ashamed of my actions.  I didn’t know where we were headed but I could see the steam rising from beneath my bride’s roots.  She refused to speak to me until we arrived at a rather large office area.  Mr. Houston opened the door and motioned us to go in.  Before I walked through the door, he grabbed my arm and said . . . .


“You can talk to your wife in here. Once you squash your issue, use the intercom to call me. I’ll escort you and your wife to your car personally.  Normally, I would just kick you out, but you’re guest of my proprietor and it seems that you need to answer some questions buttercup!”


I nodded as he closed the door behind me.  Not even a full second went by before Tiffani continued her cross examination . . . . . .


“So just answer me this Christian?  Do you sleep with men?”


“It’s . . . . . it’s not that simple to answer Tiff”


“It’s not that simple to answer?!  Motherfucker!  It is that easy!  Let me ask you another way then! Do you allow men to fuck you?”


“Tiffani, you know that I used to snort coke”


“What does snorting powder have to do with you fucking men Christian?!”


I attempted to come close, but Tiffani wanted no parts of me.  When I asked her to sit so that I could explain in a rational manner she refused.  She just stood there incensed, arms crossed, ready to slap me at a moment’s notice!


“Well Tiffani, we all have a past.  Unfortunately, my past involved drug abuse and male prostitution”


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”


“Tiffani, you gotta believe me!  I was only involved in male prostitution to score my fix!  I’m not gay!”




“Tiffani, that was the only time I was with men!  Honest!  I don’t crave to be with men!  I only want to be with you!”


“I can’t believe this shit!  You . . . . used to fuck men!”


“Tiffani I don’t think you . . .”


“You played me you nasty motherfucker!  Why am I finding this out now on my birthday?  Why didn’t you tell me before now that you go both ways?”


“I’m not bi sexual Tiffani!  I love women!  I love you!”


I attempted to come close to my angel yet again.  Still, my advances were rebuffed.


“Christian, get the fuck outta my face right now!  I had to find this shit out on my birthday!”


“Baby please!  I had no intentions of this happening . . . .”


“And it never would have happened if you would have been truthful from the start instead of hiding it!  Now I’m married to a down low brother!  No telling what diseases you’ve been bringing home!”


“I’ve only been with you Tiffani!  You gotta believe me!”



“How can I believe you? You lied from the start!  Damn you!  You made me love your ass!”




“You know what Christian?  You need to get your shit out of the house before I get home”


“Wait a minute?  So you’re kicking me out of the house I pay for?  Because I didn’t tell you something from my past?  What about . . . . . ”


“I don’t wanna hear shit you gotta say!  Get your shit out of the house before I get home! We’re done!”


“Babe, I know I didn’t tell you but we can get . . .”


“You can get outta of my house!”


“But how are you gonna get home Tiff?”


“I’ll call a fucking uber!  I’m not gonna let your shitty ass ruin my birthday!  Now hurry up and get your shit!  I’m going back to the party!”

And just like that, she walked out of the office and left me in the misery of my past. Olivia had won . . . . . 



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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