A Dangerous Game

“Christian?  Wait up!  Can we talk for a minute?”


As if my body wasn’t already going through enough hell!  My heart was pounding so viciously!  It felt like I was gonna fall, but I stood fast.  I knew that I couldn’t keep running away from her.  Olivia’s hunt would only continue until she had me cornered again.  I refused to be helpless. I wasn’t going out like I did that morning in the shower!  Seeing that we were outside and the volunteer parking attendants were starting to look in my direction, I had the upper hand.  Despite how much my hands were sweating.  Despite how much my stomach churned.  I didn’t need to play this game anymore.  So I stood there, bracing myself for this unwanted conversation.


My legs began to tremble as she finally made her way to me.  There we were, standing face to face on an unseasonably warm, November Sunday.  Although we were out in the open, I became trapped in her private sphere.  I became awestruck when I gazed into her eyes.  How did she become more beautiful?  Since our last encounter, my seductress had cut her hair, dipping the front edges in red highlight.  The short crop made her appeal to my animal nature all the more.  The black sleeveless dress that adorned her muscular anatomy was simply breathtaking!  Did I mention that she smelled like cotton candy? Apart of me wanted to know if she tasted just as sweet, but I managed to regain my composure before Olivia attempted to hug me.  Instead of falling into lust, I extended my hand, keeping my temptation at arms length.


“So I can’t get a hug Christian?  We haven’t seen each other in so long!”


“Olivia, we’re at the House of God.  What do you want that couldn’t wait until the benediction?”


“Damn!  Aren’t we straight to the point this morning?”


“Like I stated earlier Mrs. Dunbar, we’re at church.  I’m here with my family and I would like to get back to them.  So if you don’t mind, state your peace please”


“Wow Christian!  It’s like that?”


“I’m afraid it is”


“Okay, I guess I deserve that.  The purpose of me coming out here today was to apologize”


“Apologize for what exactly?”


“Apologize for getting ghost on you after that morning session.  I was going through some drama with my husband and I needed to handle it alone.  I care a lot about you and I didn’t want you getting caught up in the middle of my shit!”


“And what drama would that be?”


“I found out that James was going through all my work and personal emails trying to find out if I was cheating on him.  He even went on my social media accounts and started inboxing all of my male friends, asking if they were sleeping with me!  Brother was beyond jealous!  When he couldn’t find evidence, he started following me everywhere!  When that wasn’t enough, he held me hostage in our own home!  I couldn’t even go to work!  I fled to a battered women’s shelter and they helped me move to another state three months ago”


“Ummmm okay.  And that declaration of independence couldn’t have waited until after the service?”


“So you don’t believe what I told you?”


“You have to admit Olivia, this is all a little suspect.  Why would you wait to come back to me on on the day of my son’s dedication?  If you’ve been free of your crazy ex-husband for three months, then why not proclaim your feelings sooner?”


“I had to get myself together first Christian.  I had to answer to a new name.  Find another job.  Then I had to find you”


“So again, why couldn’t this wait until after service?”


“By the way the congregation cheered for you and your boo, I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance to speak to you alone”


“And you probably wouldn’t since my wife and son are with me”


“Christian, it wouldn’t have been proper to proclaim my fascination for you in front of your wife.  In all honesty, I want to pick up where we left off”


“Pick up where we left off?  Are you serious?”


“I wouldn’t be here today if I wasn’t serious.  I haven’t been able to get you off my mind! Thoughts of being with you are what got me through baby.  I need to feel your strong hands again to make me whole”


“Wayment?  Didn’t you just hear me say that I was married?”


I wiggled my hand for her to see the band.  Her facial expression did not change.


“Ummm congratulations and all that, but I still want that long dick of yours!”


“Olivia, I don’t know if you heard me the first, second, or the third time, but let me say this one mo’ gin so that you understand: I’m. Married!”


“Christian, I’m not looking to take Ms. Tiffani’s place.  I just want the sex . . at least once a week”


“Look lady!  I take my vows seriously!  So no, I’m not trying to cheat on Tiffani today, or any other day for that matter!”


“Is that right?”


“That is right Ms. Dunbar.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my family”


I nodded in her direction and proceeded to walk back the way I came.  As I neared the glass doors, Olivia bellowed . . . . .


“So did you tell her about your secret?  Does she know the real reason why your first wife left you?”


My hand dropped from the metal handle for a second as her words arrested me.  I managed to regain my grip, open the door,  and keep moving.  I made it up the stairs without another Olivia detour.  I relaxed my mind before entering back into the sanctuary.  Pastor had just given his sermon topic as I sat down next to my somewhat confused wife.


“Where have you been Christian?”


“I was going into a panic attack.  Needed to get some air and dry off”


“Babe!!  You okay now?  Did you forget to take your medication before we left the house?”


“I believe I did dear.  Between getting Xavier ready and making sure our friends were coming out, I must have forgotten”


Tiffani nodded in agreement and turned her attention back to the message.  I looked at my son resting in his mother’s arms.  I didn’t want to lose the family that I had built!  But why did Olivia ask that question as I was walking away?  Olivia was not one to let things go.  She had already demonstrated that.  So what did she have planned?  I scanned the congregation to see if Olivia had made her way back in.  I didn’t see her anywhere.  


I pulled out my phone and started to follow along with the good reverend as he began to exegete the scriptures for his text.  As I was scrolling through, three messages back to back popped up from an unidentified number.  Thinking that it might be Mr. Alexander, I opened the first . . . .


“Remember, I always get what I want.  One way or another, you will be mine!”


When I opened the second message, there was a picture of Olivia standing next to my car outside!  My heart started racing again!  I didn’t know if she was going to key it or not! She couldn’t be too bold as the attendants were monitoring the vehicles.  Plus there were cameras outside.  


“She’s trying to lure me outside.  But I’m not going!  I’m done with her!”


Instead of deleting the final bulletin, curiosity got the best of me.  Awaiting my eyes was a picture of a half naked man being . . . . invaded by another man!  I felt myself beginning to hyperventilate!  Before I started to lose it, another message came up.  I could feel Tiffani looking in my direction as I could imagine my face going through a million changes!  I immediately put my game face on and pretended that I was into the sermon.


“Speak on it Pastor!”


Tiffani gave Pastor her own brand of encouragement while I looked to see what Olivia was planning.  The fourth message was clear and to the point . . . . .



“Meet me at 5pm at the Howard Johnson in Athens.  If you refuse, I will tell Tiffani who you really are.  As long as you give me what I want, your secret is safe with me”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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