She’s Gotta Have It, Part II

“I’m sorry Christian, but I’m used to getting what I want!”


“Olivia!!  How the hell did you get in here?!  Didn’t I tell you that I wasn’t interested?!”


“You should really make sure your room door is closed next time.  You never know who could just walk in!”


“That’s beside the point!  You need to leave now!”


“Your lips are telling me to leave, but your dick is telling me to stay”


She was right!  I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  I was a deer trapped in her headlights; traumatized and excited by her glow.  Her smile was an unwanted invitation that was daring me to accept.  My soul grew in strength, jumping as her tongue passed over those candy reds in the most delicious way.  Seeing that I was snared by her cocoa brown globes, my mistress raised her arms above her head . . . . . . . .


“Go ahead and touch them.  I know you want to”


It took every part of me to shake my head no.  I was still blinded by her aggression. I reached for the curtain to make my getaway.  My seductress grabbed my hand and placed it near her dark water.


“You’re not going to leave me in here when you can have all this, are you Christian?  Feel how wet I am?  It’s all for you love!  C’mon and take it!”


She guided my hand over her sea until she saturated my hand with desire.


“Ohhhhh Christian!”


By this time my soul was aching and the counselor knew it!  She reached for the heavens once again and turned around.  She backed her scrumptious derrière against me, sliding it up and down as if I were a pole.  Olivia’s body was pleading with my soul, begging for love once more.


“O . . . ooolivia, you need to leave. . . . please! “


Despite my muted cry, there would be no recourse.  My temptress began to bend over, just like she did in the gym an hour earlier!


“You can’t say no to all of this!  Now go ahead and take what’s yours!”


A small tear ran down my face as she unfolded and started to grind.  I couldn’t manage the words to refute her efforts.  My throat was closing tight as the water temperature began to rise.  I took my last step back so that I wouldn’t fall inside.  The diverter valve was now at my back.  However, the huntress refused to let me get away.


“I know what you need.  You need momma to take care of you, huh?”


And then. . . . it happened.  Olivia turned her size 4 frame around and began to kneel in front of me, still and quiet.  Her doe eyes held me in their spheres as she seized control of my innocence.  I attempted to push her away again, but it was already too late!  Her beautiful humming machine was already at work.  Her fingers began to dance along my thighs.  My body waved the white flag as she claimed me for herself!  My hand was busy searching the wall for balance as I was slowly losing my way.  


I gazed upon her face to see her devouring my flesh.  She was now in a perfect rhythm, taking a moment here and there to savor her kill.  My heart accelerated with each roll of her tongue.  It seemed as if her mouth knew no boundaries as she inhaled all of me! After several moments, space and time didn’t exist.  My inhibitions had disappeared and my lover was in complete control.  The gentle pleasures of her trap were all that existed. She had me right where she wanted as I grabbed a fist full of hair.  She quicken the pace without hesitation.  I wasn’t prepared for what came next . . . . . . but she was!




She refused to stop until there was nothing else.  My hand started to slide down the wall as my knees buckled beneath me.  Ten minutes went by before I finally realized what had happened.  I stood up slowly and turned the water off.  There was no trace of Olivia as I made my way to the bedroom.  I looked down at the time, but I already knew I was late.  I laid on the bed and reminisced about the hit and run I was just involved in.  She had planned this out for far too long just to leave without getting retribution!  Or did she? She was no longer present, but now she had me obsessing about her.  Wondering what it felt like to be in her dark waters?  What positions did she like?  Would our love affair be regulated to just the weekends?  


Now before you go getting all high and mighty, it’s not like I wanted to be trapped in her lips!  I stayed away!  I was trying to be faithful!  However as the day went on, my imagination wouldn’t let me rest!  My soul yearned for Olivia.  I needed to see her. Needed to soak my troubles between her lips yet again.  Five o’clock couldn’t come fast enough as I anticipated seeing my mistress at our favorite spot.  I rode the transit pondering what she would be wearing to entice me this evening?  


When I reached my destination, I flew off the bus and walked briskly to the fitness club entrance.  As I strolled to the locker room, she was nowhere in sight.  She wasn’t at the squat rack.  She wasn’t on the treadmill.  Wasn’t near the free weights.  After I changed into my gym attire, I climbed on the elliptical and started my normal warm up routine. Halfway through my leg workout, I walked along the track to see if my lover had finally arrived.  I even looked into each of the classrooms, but there was no trace of Mrs. Duncan.  


I trudged back to the motel . . . . crushed!  The anticipation of being with Olivia again had fueled my entire day!  Now, there was no telling when our paths would cross again!  I sat on my bed with my head in my hands.   


“Christian, she’s married!  You can’t fall for a taken woman!  Don’t you have someone that you love already?”


That I did!  I couldn’t possible turn my back on my angel.  Despite how good Olivia made me feel, my heart belonged to Tiffani.  For the first time that day, I considered how my angel would have felt if she found out that I had allowed another woman to take my soul?  An overwhelming rush of guilt fell upon my spirit, to the point that I cried.  I couldn’t believe that I allowed this to happen!  The events from the previous week played in my mind.  I couldn’t believe that I walked out on the woman who truly loved and cared for me!  Sure she had a tainted past, but so did I!  There was so much of my past that I hadn’t shared with Tiff because if she knew, that would be the end of us!  So I decided to keep those secrets hidden and throw this bone in the closet with them. . . . .


So let’s get back to the present. It’s been almost a year since Olivia had her way with me in the shower.  I hadn’t heard or seen my steamy vixen since that day.  Since she didn’t reach out afterwards, I thought that Olivia rededicated herself to her husband and marriage, just like I did.  I wanted to believe that her being here on the day of my son’s dedication was merely a coincidence.  That villainous grin on her face as I made my way from the pulpit convinced me otherwise.  My family and I took our seats as the choir began to sing.  I sat in my seat trying to stay my mind on Jesus, but my body refused to cooperate.  My throat began to close.  My heart felt as if someone were squeezing it from the inside!  I was about to go into a full panic attack! 


“Not now . . . . please not now!”


Tiffani looked at me confused.  


“It’s okay babe.  Think I might be coming down with something.  Let me go to the bathroom.  I’ll be right back”




I slid out the door and made my way to the downstairs bathroom.  One thing was certain: I didn’t want to run into Olivia right now!  I took several paper towels and put them in some cold water before applying them to my face.  I began repeating my mantra to get my heart rate under control.  Slowly but surely, I talked myself off the ledge and was in control of my senses again.  I was so glad that I chose to wear a suit because the back of my shirt was soaking wet!  I took off my suit jacket and hung it on the door as I attempted to air out my dress shirt.  


After a few minutes, I fixed my shirt and put my coat back on.  Just as I was I about to make my ascent back upstairs, my huntress was at the top blocking my path!  I refused to panic, but I also refused to deal with Olivia head on!  So like any other brother with common sense, I turned around and headed out the door!  I began to make my way around to the side entrance.  Unfortunately, there was no escape . . . . .


“Christian?  Wait up!  Can we talk for a minute?”

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