Who is the onus on if someone can’t keep a man/woman?

By now we’ve all shared a chuckle or two at Halle Berry’s apparent inability to keep a man; her much publicized breakups seem to be more newsworthy than the relationships. From Christopher Williams, to David Justice, to Eric Benet, and her two recent baby daddies – Halley seems to be the poster child for someone who can’t keep a man.

Never mind the fact that Halle is one of the five most beautifulest women on the planet, something must be wrong with her, right? I mean do you know how many men would give their left nut to be with her let alone have a child with her? Either she’s bat shit crazy or her love below smells like road kill. Whatever the case may be, it all comes back to Halle being the common dominator. However wouldn’t it be narrow minded to paint Halle or anyone that seems to have bad luck in relationships with a broad brush of “something must be wrong with them…”

I mean to surmise that someone who constantly finds themselves on the wrong end of a breakup could change the outcome with a quick fix?

Why do we automatically assume that someone who has had multiple failed relationships is akin to an albatross? As if that person’s worth is summed up by the success or lack thereof, of their past relationships. I’m sure most people that have had more than one relationship fall apart don’t base their whole being off their relationship’s failure because that would take away from the sum of their parts.

And don’t forget, what about the other person in the relationship? Focusing on the reasons a person can’t keep a man/woman is also letting the other person off the hook. Last time I checked a relationship consists of two separate entities coming together as one, so overlooking the other persons’ faults that could range from abusive behavior, alcohol/drugs dependent, or just downright sorry is similar to saying all African Americans have to do to end racism is to appease white supremacists.

Can you imagine constantly being judged by others for something that takes two to make work right?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Fontaine

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