She Ain’t You

I never anticipated seeing her again.  After the fateful moment when I gave my heart to another, I thought she was lost forever.  I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to say goodbye.  But soon after I took those vows, she became my obsession.  Every melody was about her.  My daydreams involved her.  My reserved moments were centered around her ebony.  I found myself losing time pondering the what ifs.  What if I had left Stephanie at the altar like my mind and body were persuading me to? Would the passion be worth the dire consequence?  Whatever the outcome, at least it would have been real! Instead, I was driving to Wal-Mart at 6 a.m, married to a lie.

Since Stephanie was consumed with her campaign, I was left to fend for the house.  With me working at The Six and side gigging at the church, the only time I had to buy groceries was in the wee hours of the morning.  Sunday morning at that!  Service started at 10 a.m., which left me a three hour window.  I could shop, put the groceries away, and have time to shower and groom before heading that way.  Plus, I wasn’t trying to purchase groceries during the middle of the day.  Sheesh!  Have you ever tried to purchase eggs and canned goods with people getting all in your way?   


Anyway, I commenced my usual grocery routine.  Armed with headphones and my workout mix, I marched up and down the aisles acquiring the necessary goods.  As I came into the home stretch, I caught a familiar face coming through the door.  She had on a black Georgia cap with a vintage Batman shirt and jeans.  She was busy surveying her list while she grabbed a buggy from the station.  Even in a potato sack, baby girl was still the woman of my dreams!  I attempted to make my way to her with cart in hand. Just as I passed the ice cream section, the agreement came to my remembrance.  Even in my frozen state, I still continued to admire her.  She must have felt me gawking as she suddenly looked up from her list.  She dropped the paper and began to run out of the store!  Without thinking, I left my basket full of groceries and followed in pursuit! 


I made my way outside and scanned for her whereabouts.  About five seconds later, I saw her car peel out of the parking lot!  I ran to my jeep and continued the chase!  She had made it about three miles before the stop light finally caught her.  I pulled up beside her and asked her to roll her window down.  


“Please Jade!  I just wanna talk!  Can we talk?  Please?!”


When the light turned green, Jade did the unexpected.  She jumped into the turn lane and made a U turn back towards the market!  Without giving notice to the cars that were coming behind me, I jumped lanes as well and resumed the hunt! I tried to keep her tail lights in view as I frantically closed the gap.  She made a right at the Shell gas station and then took a side street behind SunTrust.  As I closed in, I saw that she had parked behind the Trader Joe’s that was several stores down.  I parked beside her and got of my ride. Jade, however, remained in her car. . . . with the engine running.


“Can we talk Jade?  Please?”


I could hear the doors unlock, but she did not budge.  I opened the passenger door and climbed in.  I sat down and took a breath.  I couldn’t help but stare at the woman who should have been my bride.  With no make up, she was far beautiful than any other woman on Earth!  In my eyes, she was Aphrodite, and I was humbled to be in her presence again.  


“So are you just gonna be quiet and stare at me?  What do you want Princeton?”


“Jade, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry . . . .”


“No need for you to be sorry!  You married the woman that was best for you, right?  Nothing I can do about that now!  She won.  I lost”


“You lost?”


“Yes . . . . I lost you!  I thought that night in the club would bring you back to me, but I was wrong.  All the shit I put you through . . . . I can’t blame you for marrying that news anchor chick”


“You didn’t lose me Jade. . . . . .”


“That ring on your finger says otherwise Mr. Paul!”


I sat there debating whether or not to confess the real reason why I married Stephanie. Going back home wondering about the what ifs was no longer an option. I took a minute to gather my thoughts before disclosing what might get me and my lover killed . . . .


“Jade, I didn’t want to marry Stephanie.  I wanted . . .”


“Ummmmm . . . looks like you did to me!”


“Dammit woman!  Let me finish!  I didn’t want to marry Stephanie!  I was forced to marry her!”


“Now that’s rich!  Who can force a grown ass man to marry a woman?  It ain’t like you two have kids together!”


“Well, the man that I currently work for stated very clearly that if I didn’t marry Stephanie, he would kill you!”


Jade looked at me cross eyed.  Then . . . . .




“Are you fucking serious Princeton?  Get the hell outta my car!  You could have come up with a better lie than that, couldn’t you?! Just be a man and say that you want to have an affair!  Don’t make up no bullshit like that and insult my intelligence!”


“But I’m not making this shit up Jade!  I work for Eric Houston, the owner of The Six.  Nigga is an undercover gangsta!”


“Surrrrre you’re right . . . . .”


“Give me a second!  I have a video one of the wait staff got off of a feed from his office.  It’s a shot of him beating the skin off a man while his wife watched!”


I pulled out my phone and found the video.  I gave it to Jade to watch with the sound up. I could see her starting to tear up as she saw how unmerciful my new employer was.


Now do you believe me?”


“But what does he have to gain by forcing you to marry Ms. Amir?”


“It’s all for optics.  Since they want Stephanie to become mayor, she has to play to her demographics. Eric and his backers believe that by marrying me, it would be better for her at the polls.  If word got out that Stephanie went the other way, it wouldn’t play too well. Especially with all the clergy that are backing her”


“Well, I guess I see your point because last I heard, it was between her and Norwood”


“Yes . . . . so I’m playing my part.  But please know that I would rather be with you . . . .”


“You’re playing your part very well!  Every time I turn on the news, you’re kissing her.  You two are all over social media at galas and shit”


“And I would gladly give it all up to be with you again”


“Princeton . . . . stop!”


“Jade, I’ve been thinking about it.  I don’t want to be without you in my life anymore.  I’ve been meeting you in my dreams every night, only to wake up to someone that I don’t even know!”


“Princeton, stop it!  Didn’t you say this man would kill me if you had any contact with me?”


“Yes I did, but . . .”


“So you need to get going!  Honestly, I don’t want to die!  So, I understand why you did what you did.  Now if you care about me like you say you do, then get back in your jeep and finish your shopping!”


I shook my head in protest.  My face began to get hot.  I needed her in my life and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer!  Not anymore!


“Jade, I can’t keep living like this.  Every time I’m blessed to see the sun, I want to wake up to you beside me.  I want to see your face, not anyone else!  I’ve tried to move on without you, but I just simply can’t!  It’s gotten to the point that I think about you constantly!  I don’t want to live like this any longer!  I need you Jade!  I need you!”


“Princeton . . . . I . . .”


I couldn’t let another second go by without kissing her lips.  It was like I was in heaven! Jade took off her seat belt so that she could wrap her arms around me.  It felt so good to be in her space again.  I was whole once more.  The heat from our kisses began to fog up the windows.  She dismissed the ball cap while I disrobed her.  I needed her breasts in my mouth!  There was no pause as I tasted my true love.  She moaned loudly as I licked and kissed every part of her body that was exposed.  Her torso started to tremble in my hands.  


“Let’s get in the back!  I need you inside me . . . .”


Jade turned off the car as I hopped in the backseat.  I slid off my pants as Jade had already done so!  She grabbed me in her delicate hands and began to greet me.


“Damn baby!  It’s been so long!”


She got me to my fullest extent before mounting me.  Her soul was thirsty and it wasn’t long before she trembled again.




She moaned as I continued my early morning worship.  I didn’t want to stop and neither did she!  Our pace was one that love songs were written about.  There was no music.  No comfortable bed.  Just the two of us in her Nissan Altima wearing out the shocks!  


“Princeton, I’m coming baby!”


“Oh shit baby!  You’re gonna make me, you’re gonna make me!”


And for the next ten seconds, we screamed and moaned until she collapsed on top of me. My legs continued to shake as I attempted to get my heart to slow down.  After a few minutes, Jade looked up at me and smiled.  Then she kissed me.


“Damn I love you Princeton”


“I love you too Jade . . . “


For the first time in months, I was happy.  I sat there glowing as Jade slid off and sat beside me.  The morning belonged to us until . . . . . . 


**tap, tap, tap, tap**


“Who’s in there?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman



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