Chelsea Must Die!

The clock on the night stand read 7:43 a.m.  I attempted to sit up in the bed, but quickly remembered that I was not alone.  I eased out of the bed and carefully made my way to the shower.  I had a luncheon with Mr. Montgomery at eleven and I couldn’t be late! Now I could have easily went to the club and took care of my hygiene needs there, but the indecent smell of sex was all over me!  Plus the whip cream residue entangling my chest and pubic hairs was a bit uncomfortable.


As the water rained upon my face, I started to concentrate on the progression of the day. My benefactor was a stickler for details and I needed to be on point.  From the way that Mr. Montgomery was moving, he was setting things up for me to take over the kingdom already!  What was believed to be a three year plan was going to happen in a matter of hours!  There would be no need to take James out by force as I originally planned. He would grant me my inheritance willfully.  A part of me was invigorated by the new challenge.  Becoming the kingpin of Atlanta was more than I could ever imagine.  In the course of two years, I went from a struggling restaurateur to a powerful businessman! No more longing to have that special lady to wake up to!  I could have any woman at any time or place now!  The money.  The power.  The fear.  My soul longed for more!  


I stepped out of the enclosure and began to dry myself off.  I could hear voices in the next room.  As I started to brush my teeth, I overheard the room door open and close.  I grabbed the automatic that was resting on the counter.  I slowly opened the door and peeked out.  I could see my host in all of her glory smiling back at me.  


“It’s okay baby.  Our company is gone.  No need for the hardware”


“You never can be too sure”


“Well you can be sure with me babe!  If nobody got you, I got you!”


“So what happened to our guest?”


“She said she had a presentation at ten to get ready for.  Told her that I understood”


“So she’s not one of your . . . . .”


“Nah, she’s not one of the girls.  She’s an exec that I met two weeks ago at Starbucks”


“Ahhhhhhh. . . . . I do love amateurs”


“Oh, and she loved you too!”




“Shit yeah!  For a minute, I didn’t think ol’ girl was gonna share the dick at all!”


“I saw that!  I didn’t want you two fighting over me!”


“She got right after me and you tag teamed her!  You were definitely on your game last night boss!  Are you sure you don’t take Viagra?”


I laughed to myself.


“No need for that April.  I can still hang with the best of ’em!”


“That you can!  You’re a motherfuckin’ rock star!”


“Ummmm . . . . . okay. . . . . I take that’s supposed to be a compliment?”


“Absolutely!  Why ‘da hell ya’ think I’m getting back in the bed?  You wore my ass out!”


“Thank you for the compliment darling.  Let’s just say I was happy to see you.  It’s been a minute”


“That it has babe.  So I take the video I was in worked for you?”


“Better than I ever imagined! The wife found out without me having to tell her!”


“No shit?”


“Come to find out, buddy had a second phone and left it in his wife’s car!  I wish I could have seen her face when she saw the video!” 


“See I told ya!  Fellas are always sharing their dirty home movies with each other!”


“Not all of us, but I see you’re point.  I still can’t understand how he left his secret cell in her car?”


“You guys always get found out one way or another!  Now my question for you, Mr. Houston, is how did you know that Mr. Vaughn guy would cheat on his wife?”


“Time and opportunity.  Lincoln comes from privilege so he didn’t anticipate anything coming back on him.  And if he did, he could just remedy the situation with money.  But he couldn’t remedy the fact that he was fucking his sister in law!”


“Wait a minute?  Brittany is . . . . . was his sister in law??”




“Eric, you know Brittany was coked out of her mind!  Nine times out of ten she didn’t know that was her family!”


“He probably didn’t either, but I got what I needed!  Thank you for making it happen April. You’re more resourceful than I thought”


“Well you’ve been beneficial to my bank account so the feeling is mutual.  But what was all of this for?  How does it help you if Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn are no longer together?  You don’t seem like the type that’s into the fluffy chicks!  Not like James . . .  I mean Mr. Montgomery is with Chelsea”


I paused for a moment.  I couldn’t let April know the real reason why I needed her help in all of this.  Even though I could trust her with running girls and turning tricks, I couldn’t give her the global view of things.  Not when I will still digging into her past. . . . 


“Well there is a bigger play in place, but I can’t discuss it at the moment.  I need to get to the club and change for my meeting”


“You sure you don’t have time for me to wet my whistle before you leave?”


“As much as I would like to, I’m going to have to take a rain check on that”


“I’m going to hold you to that rock star! Maybe I’ll have a new friend for us to play with as well?”


“Works for me love.  See you soon!”


She blew me a kiss as I made my way out the door.  I took the stairs down to the private garage where I hid my car.  I darted for the highway and made it back to the Six.


After changing suits, I sat alone in my office staring at the clock.  Time wasn’t passing fast enough!  I could literally taste destiny on the tip of my tongue!  I was becoming too anxious (which is never good when it comes to business).  So to calm my nerves, I rolled up my sleeves and went up to the kitchen and began to experiment.  My afternoon rush crew stood in awe as I cut, mixed, and blended in my business attire which was only protected with a standard apron!  My staff were happy guinea pigs as they consumed the new chicken dish.  Everyone gave glowing reviews while I believed it was a little heavy on the salt.


“I guess you got restless Eric!  You’re in the kitchen cooking!”


I turned to see that it was Mr. Montgomery standing in the doorway . . . . with Chelsea in tow.  I smiled in spite of how I felt.  I didn’t want to let on that I was somewhat disturbed by Chelsea’s presence, especially when it came to negotiations.  The less she knew about what we did, the better.  I wanted to question him, but I let it go, believing that all would be answered once we sat down and talked.


“Instead of meeting in your office Eric, let’s head to the VIP, if that’s not an inconvenience to your wait staff?”


“No problem Mr. Montgomery.  We’ll have everything moved there”


I motioned to the manager to have the food and drinks sent to the VIP.


After we sat down, I began to notice that my benefactor was doing a lot of giggling and smiling with Chelsea.  This gave me pause.  Don’t get me wrong, I was glad that he was happy.  However, Chelsea was changing James in more ways than one.  She was now being included in our private gatherings.


“I guess you’re wondering why I brought Chelsea with me today?”


“The thought did cross my mind.  Our normally meetings are at your house and not at the club so yes, I’m a little perplexed at why you’re changing the game now.  Is something wrong?”


“Nothing is wrong my friend.  As a matter of fact, nothing could be better!  Thanks to you and your persuasive measures, business has tripled in the last year!  Not to mention that we’re about to own the next mayor and several state representatives!”


“Thank you sir”


“And since you’ve been doing so much, I think that it’s time that you concentrate on your own business here”


“Excuse me?”


This didn’t sound like the promotion I waited all morning to hear!  It sounded more like . . . . . 


“Eric, I would like Chelsea to take some of the weight off your shoulders”


I bit my lip to keep from cursing!  My only come back to Mr. Montgomery’s move was . . . 


“Well, I didn’t see this coming . . . . . .”


“Eric, it occurred to me that you are running everything!  From our girls and their parties to our new endeavors in other cities.  Not to mention you’re running your own spot!  When do you get time to sleep?  Hell, when do you have time to date?”


“I manage”


“I know you do, but that never was my intention.  You’ve stepped in and got your hands dirty more than I would have liked.  We gotta keep the police happy.  Can’t keep paying these pigs to look the other way for everything!  We have to stay out of the light for a moment.  Chelsea can help with that”


“And you’re sure about this?”


Chelsea looked at me as if I said she was stank!  


“No offense Ms. Heaton, but I’m just looking out for the business.  How will you run ARC and our other interests?”

She eye balled me as if I were a peasant before she spoke . . . . . .


“Like you said before Mr. Houston, I’ll manage . . . . .”


I nodded reluctantly in agreement, then turned my attention back to my benefactor who was busy reaching for something in his coat pocket.  I kept my eyes on his hands in the event I needed to fight for my life.  To my surprise, I saw Mr. Montgomery present a small red and gold trim box to Ms. Heaton.  When he opened it, Chelsea nearly fainted!  I closed my eyes, trying to wish the moment away.


“Chelsea Heaton, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”


I couldn’t close my eyes hard enough!


“Oh James!  Yes! Yes!  A thousand times yes!”


Seeing that this was somewhat of a momentous occasion for my patron, I motioned to the manager to have the DJ play some happy engagement music.  The kind of shit that made me sick!  Still, I managed to say . . . . .


“Congratulations . . . to the both of you!”


Mr. Montgomery was too busy putting the ring on her finger to notice my disapproval.  I was upset that Mr. Montgomery was going to entrust our business to a woman who was ill equipped to run it.  I couldn’t stomach the love fest any longer and I began to take my leave.  


As I walked down the stairs, I started to get my mind back on the prize at hand.  With the new developments of today, one thing was for certain; Chelsea Heaton had to die!



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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