What We Do For Love

I sat there in the garage marinating in the sin that I had just committed, contemplating what untruth to tell this time.  It was 2:55 a.m. and for some reason, I was apprehensive about getting out of the car.  I had never been gone for this long without touching base with Lincoln.  Never.  All my dirt was usually done in the daytime when hubby dearest was safely at work.  That’s probably why last night’s indiscretion had me a bit out of sorts.  While it had been easy to cheat before, tonight was different.  And before you say it was the time, let me let you in on something: Lincoln trusts me.  The entire time my gentleman caller was immersed inside of me, there was no “where are you at?” or “when are you coming home?” text.  There was no voice message inquiring to my whereabouts. Lincoln believed that he was the best thing on God’s earth so why would I sleep around on him?  


Lincoln was the exact opposite of every man that I ever encountered.  Unfortunately, that included Eric, who deceived me as well.   Who could have imagined a beautiful chef being a killer for hire?  That earth shattering bombshell had me questioning my emotions the entire ride home!  Who could love a man who slaughters others and not think twice about it?  Even after he disclosed the video, he went on to brief me about the other lives that he was manipulating . . . . . . . all for “the greater good”.  When he asked if I still loved him, I couldn’t answer.  I was still in shock, which he could clearly see on my face.  I guess that’s why he ignited my soul with his tongue once again before allowing me to leave!  The way that man consumed my honey made me look forward to our next spontaneous rendezvous.


“C’mon Karma!  Pull yourself together!  The longer you stay out here, the harder it will be!”


I gathered myself with lie in hand.  I took a deep breath, unlocked the safe belt,  and opened the door.  As I rose out of the vehicle, I heard a disbelieving sound. . . .


*buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzz*


It sounded like a phone vibrating.  I checked my Gucci bag to see if I had accidentally turned my phone off silent.  I looked at my cell and there were no messages or calls.  It was still on silent.  The sound had to have come from the car.  Like any good woman, I investigated the scene a bit more.  I turned the light on in the car to see.  I looked between the armrest and the seats, but there was nothing.  I looked in the glove compartment and there was nothing.


“I must be tired because I’m hearing things!”


Just as I turned off the light in the car, the sound went off again!  


*buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzz*


I listened closely and then saw a light come from under the passenger seat.  I went around to the other side and pulled out a cell phone that didn’t belong to me!  It couldn’t have been Lincoln’s because he was checking the box scores while he and the fellas were watching the game.  I pushed a button and my life changed in an instant.  As the light came on again, there was a picture of Lincoln in high school as the screen saver.  


“Maybe it’s his work phone . . . .”


I didn’t want to think that Mr. Perfect could have been like all the other men before him. But as I started my detective work, I realized that Mr. Perfect was anything but.  He had linked his Facebook account to the phone and messages were coming fast and furious to his inbox.  The first was a picture of some naked women at a party.  No biggie.  The next picture was of a man having his way sexually with some malnourished female.  The next frame was a video with the same friends I cooked chicken for gang banging some thick red haired girl at what seemed to be a house party.  The last frame was another video.  It seemed to be a continuation of the first, but the camera guy switched to view a couple that were in the corner of the room.  When the filmmaker was able to focus the picture, tears came to my eyes.  There was my faithful husband sitting in a chair getting treated by a caramel thot!  When the camera guy closed in on her face, my mouth hit the floor! The female that was riding my husband was in fact. . . . my sister!!


“Oh shit!!!”


I sat down on the seat and clutched my chest! The palpitations were coming so fast that I reached for a grab handle so I wouldn’t pass out!  I couldn’t believe what I had just seen! My mind was already playing it back in HD!  My trifling ass sister was giving her goodies to my fucking husband?!  What kinda of shit was this?  Seems like I didn’t have to worry about making up a lie for my whereabouts after all! 


I entered the house with the secret phone in hand.  I marched into the bedroom and stood in the entrance way.  There he laid . . . . smiling in his sleep like the fuck boy he was!  I turned the light on and threw the device at his head!


“What the fuck?!  Karma, what in the hell are you doing?!”


“That’s what I want to know Lincoln Vaughn!  You been fucking my sister?  Huh?”


“Now why would I do something that obtuse?  Was she telling you lies when you were with her?  She trying to scam you for more money?”


“Nah Lincoln, you’re the fucking liar!  I just so happened to see your dick going into Brittany’s ass on your secret phone!”


“What . . . . . phone?”


“The phone that I just threw at you, you bastard!  Next time, keep your shit out of my car!”


Lincoln grabbed the device and pulled up the video from his inbox.  There was no alternative truth he could give to explain the visual evidence.


“Damn . . . . . . I don’t know what to say Karma . . . . Shit happens . . . .”


“Shit happens?  You’re fucking my sister and all you can say is shit happens?”


“Yep, that’s all I can say.  Was at a party with the guys.  Brittany happened to be a stripper and she was turning tricks for some extra money.  So . . . . . .”


“So you’re telling me that you put your dick in my sister just because she was there?”


“Well . . . yeah!  It was just that one time and I wore a condom!”


My face was hot!  He was just going to sit in the bed all calm like I should just shrug this shit off?!  This motherfucker didn’t even say he was sorry! I could feel the sweat coming down my back as the betrayal was turning me into someone I never met!  I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.  I wanted to beat him until he was black and blue, but I wasn’t strong enough.  Just then, I realized that I had the best equalizer of all in my purse . . . .


“Karma, put that gun away before you hurt someone!”


“My sister Lincoln?  Damn you!”


I tried to hold the pistol steady as the tears were beginning to cloud my vision.  


“Karma, put the gun away!  Now, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you!  Don’t make me mad and put you in your place tonight!”


“So you’re going to put me in my place huh?”


“You damn right!  I’m the man of this house!  I pay for everything here!  You try leaving me or shooting me and see how far that gets your fat ass!”


And in that insult, the gun went off!  I didn’t want to look but I needed too.  Seemed that I missed Lincoln’s head by several inches as the bullet went straight through the head board!


“You crazy bitch!  Now you’re gonna get it!”


Lincoln jumped up from the bed and started to run toward me.  I attempted to fire again but my hand wouldn’t stop shaking!  Just as Lincoln was about to strike me, he looked passed me and froze.  It’s as if he had saw a ghost!  Lincoln slowly began to back away. All of a sudden, I felt a presence behind me.  It was Oz from the hotel! I moved to the side as my protector had a much bigger gun in his possession.


“This is what’s about to happen Mr. Vaughn.  You’re going to go to your lawyer and have the divorce papers drawn up tomorrow.  You’re going to give half of everything to your wife”


“Shit!  Man you must be crazier than she is!  I ain’t giving . . .”


**Pow! Pow!**


“I don’t think that’s up for discussion.  Besides, when you go to the ER and explain why you got shot in your arm, you’ll tell them it’s because your wife caught you cheating.  Do you understand?


Lincoln’s was too busy crying and clutching his shoulder to provide an answer.  In that instance, there was a great sense of calm that came over me.


“Ms. Vaughn, stay with him and make sure that you tell the police what happened.  Once he’s gone to the hospital and the police have taken your statement, call my boss”


“Why did you come Oz?  Why did he make you come to check on me?”


“I dunno Ms. Vaughn.  I think he cares about you . . .”




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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