Sunday Lovers & Monday Monsters

“You’re still hard baby.  I can’t let this dick got to waste . . . . .”


With their being no objections, I slowly mounted my mighty stallion.  Although I had been anticipating him since his text, my body was still unprepared for his girth.  After all, it had been several months and none of my toys could measure up to Eric.  I needed to embrace him slowly and enjoy the moment.  I couldn’t resist licking my lips as my body finally gave way . . . . . .   




He literally took my breath away! Damn I missed him!


“That’s the sound I love to hear!  Ride me Karma!”


His desire only made my pussy more impatient.  She was ready to burst, but I had to pace myself.  I settled in on my saddle and began to ride.  As I felt him grab for my hips, a part of me wanted to try some new tricks that I learned from the last porno I watched several nights before.  However, my body had other plans.  After a few minutes in his presence, the idea of various maneuvers vanished as I gave over to how Eric was making me feel.  I placed my hands on his chest and let my hips measure him, over and over again.  The thunder and lighting that cascaded in the background almost made my first orgasm my last!


“Ooooooh shit baby!  Oooooooh shit baby!”


I didn’t want to stop but my legs needed a moment to recover.  It wasn’t as if I hadn’t experienced an orgasm since our last time, but damn!  This truly felt like our first encounter.  It was as if I had saved myself for him until this very moment.  My heart was somewhere beyond the dark, rainy sky and I needed it to come back down.  I had to finish this race.


“Damn Eric I’ve missed you!”


“I’ve missed you too baby.  Now give me what I want!”


I attempted to reply, but Eric had already begun to take over.  He took one of my hands and began to taste every digit!  His kissed and licked every finger to the point that my toes curled and my breasts were at full attention!  Instead of letting them go to waste, my lover took hold of my heart and began to play his song.


“Eric . . . . stop . . . you’re going to . . .”


He knew that shit turned me on!  And despite my pleas for mercy, he doubled his efforts and raised his torso from the bed, allowing his lips to saturate my chest.  He was such a master at multi-tasking; engulfing my breasts as he petitioned my backside to start moving again.  I continued, but I feared that I might see the glory before I could make Eric come again!  I knew that I couldn’t let him have just one!  He needed another to make this visit meaningful.  I quicken my pace.  I attempted to have him relax again but he was in our space.  His mouth was embedded on my nipples as if he were a little child. He placed his arm around my back and continued to please me until I couldn’t hold back any longer.


“Eric baby! Eric baby!”


I came all over Eric and couldn’t stop for several seconds!  I could hear Eric panting as he continued to thrust inside of me despite me losing all control.  


“Dammit Karma! You’re gonna make me come again!”


Within a matter of moments, I found myself on my stomach taking more of Eric than I ever imagined!  He was filling up my soul while he was caressing my heart.  In typical fashion, my stallion was sending me over the edge, to the point where I felt myself beginning to tear up because it was so . . . damn . . . . good!  I could feel the heat from his forearms as he held himself up, putting all of his weight behind his thrusts.  I screamed so loud that the rain stopped banging on the window!  My body trembled as I reached another climax . . . . then another . . . . . and another!  He continued to stroke me until all I could do was cry.  My tears began to hit the pillow as he reached his peak, showering his love all over me. . . . . . 


We laid there in the afterglow, attempting to come back to the light.  I looked over at my beloved and imagined every morning waking up to his chiseled frame.  Making him breakfast every morning.  Breaking him off that “good good” before he goes about his day.  I imagined myself being introduced as Mrs. Houston at all the galas and parties. The thought made me smile . . . . and bold.  Without any hesitation or prompting, I uttered those three words . . . . .


“I love you”


Eric didn’t reply but I knew he wasn’t asleep (He wasn’t snoring yet!).  I inched closer to see if he was awake.  Our eyes met as I crept over.


“Did you hear what I said babe?  I said I love you”


“I heard what you said Karma”




“So what?”


“So aren’t you going to say that you love me too?”


That statement must have touched a nerve because he rolled his eyes and stared at the ceiling.  But I wasn’t going to let this go!  Not after I traveled in the rain and shit!


“So you have no response?  None whatsoever?”


“Karma, what do you want me to say?  I enjoyed our time tonight.  I don’t want to ruin that.  I told you before than we can’t be in a relationship.  I mean, you’re still married!”


“But that doesn’t keep you from calling me when you need me!  I know I must be important if you’re picking up the phone on a Sunday!  You can have any woman you want, but you called me!”


“This is true, but I enjoy being with you Karma.  No doubt!  The sex is amazing, but that’s all it is.  Sex”


I couldn’t believe my Prince Charming was saying this!  He couldn’t mean it . . . . not after all we’ve been through!


“I think I understand.  You’re not ready for a relationship.  That’s it right?”


“Well, that’s part of it”


“Part of it?”


“Yes Karma.  I know you’re feeling great and all, but how can you say that you love me? Do you really know who I am?”


“I don’t know you?  Seriously?  How long have we been doing this song and dance?”


“I know it’s been a minute but truthfully, do you know me outside of sex?”


“Yes I do!”


“How so?”


“Well I know that despite that hard facade of yours, that you’re an understanding and caring individual”


“Really?  My last associate would beg to differ on that one!”


“I don’t know about him but you are attentive to me.  You take the time to listen to me.  You also motivate me in ways that I can’t even describe!  You’re the one responsible for making me finish nursing school and getting the gig at Emory!”


“I’m happy that I could do those things for you Karma, but you still haven’t told me who I am?”


“I don’t follow you Eric?”


“For example, do you know if I’ve been married or not?”


“Well I know you proposed to that lady in your restaurant, but you ended up not marrying her”


“Do I have kids or not?”


“You’ve never spoken about having any”


“Uh huh . . . . . . Well, I have two that are adults now gearing up for the next Olympics”


“Oh wow!”


“And for the final question love, what is my middle name?”


“Eric, this is not one hundred and one questions!  Why you gotta spoil the fucking moment? Why can’t I just be in love with you and you accept that?”


“Because you don’t know me Karma!  If you knew the person I really was, you might not ever talk to me again!”


“I highly doubt that!”


“Karma, there’s a reason that I have bodyguards now.  No chef or restaurant owner in the city has security detail but I do.  Did you ever stop to ask why?”


“I don’t have to ask.  I trust you”


Eric shook his head as he stood to his feet.  He went over to where I took off his trousers and retrieved his cell phone.  He came back to the bed and asked me to sit beside him. Eric turned on what seemed to be a video of him assaulting another man.  He held some sort of whip in his hand and literally beat the flesh off this guy!  I put my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming, but my body wouldn’t stop shaking!  He continued to allow the video to play of him disfiguring this poor unfortunate soul!  The tears that were in my eyes were not of joy, but of fear and horror!  My lover stared straight through me as I attempted to remain calm.


“Now . . . . . . . . . do you still love me?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


2 thoughts on “Sunday Lovers & Monday Monsters

  1. She is right for stating those feelings. It is not good to keep your feelings in. However, he was right for second guessing how she feels about him. He has a double life..kind of. She is “not about” that other life!!! She needs to start opening her eyes just as much or even more than she opens her legs to him……she is going to remain blinded! She may be in love with the sex and who she believes him to be!!!!!!!

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