Why does Gilbert Arenas Hate Lupita Nyong’o So Much?

I don’t know what Lupita Nyong’o did to Gilbert Arenas, maybe she pissed on his cat, maybe she suggested that his Ashy Larry looking self use some lotion, or just maybe she rejected him after he secretly tried to get with her. Whatever the case may be, Yosemite Sam can’t seem to keep her looks and name out of his mouth.

Gilbert really has a thing for hating on Lupita either because she’s dark skinned or because he doesn’t like dark skinned women period, either way his hatred for all things dark when it relates to African American women is problematic.

Earlier this year, Gilbert made some troubling and disparaging remarks in an Instagram post when he responded ProBlkThought’s Instagram post, “Dear Black Girl: You don’t have to be mixed to be beautiful.” Gilbert’s post singled out Lupita and Ajuma Naseyana for their dark complexion claiming that no one wants a woman that dark.

“Not to be funny, but can you name a beautiful black woman on the outside … not brown skinned … but Tyrese black. …When you have African features black then u have number#1 lupita n’yongo and she’s cute when the lights are off. Second you have (Ajuma Naseyana ) Sorry but ewwwww… so the black beautiful women you boost up is technically light skinned or brown skinned.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Gilbert recently took another shot at Lupita when he responded to being tagged in an Instagram photo of Lupita on a beach shinning like she should in a two piece white bathing suit and designer sunglasses.

It’s clear that the former Agent 0’s idea of beauty favors light skinned women probably due to the fact that that’s all you ever see him pictured with. And that’s ok, no one is knocking his beauty preference. However, in propping up lighter complexioned women, he also bashes women that are closer to not only his complexion but that of his mother’s as well. And why is that?

His mother whose complexion is darker than the women he’s been with died in 2010 and I wonder if he’ never got over her passing and maybe still grieving over her loss similar to Kanye West?

I wonder what Gilbert thinks of his own children who are in his own words mixed and dark skinned? Since most of us learn from our parents, I wonder if his darker skinned children will grow up hating their own complexion since it’s apparent their father does.

While no one is saying that Gilbert has to find Lupita attractive (she is) does his disdain for her and dark skinned women mean that he is filled with self-hate? Or is he simply expressing his preference for the type of women that he likes?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy The Narrator.

8 thoughts on “Why does Gilbert Arenas Hate Lupita Nyong’o So Much?

  1. Arenas has children with a biracial woman. So there should be no surprise that he hates dark skinned African looking women. Lupita is a gorgeous sista. Much better looking that his wife. She wouldn’t give him the time of day anyway. Arenas is a self -hating boot licking sellout. Just like Charles Barkley,Taye Diggs,OJ Simpson,Reggie Bush,Kanye West,Kobe Bryant etc….

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