I Need To Feel Your Lips Again . . . .

I had given up on us before today.  When he refused to see me, let alone return my calls, I tried to erase him from my memory.  I stopped requesting his presence and attempted to move on.  I painfully conceded that God would grant me the serenity to accept the things I could not change.  But then it happened.  While I was standing there preparing Sunday dinner, I received an unexpected text:


“Meet me at our usual spot in two hours.  The room will be under your fake name.  I need to feel your lips again”


I couldn’t believe it!  I looked at his text several more times to make sure that my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me!  But it was real! I wanted to scream like a schoolgirl! Without regard to my current situation, I quickly responded:


“Yes love.  See you soon”


I was burning hot just thinking about him!  I reached for a paper cloth to dry my brow. Immediately my mind transported me to the last time we were together.  It had been five months and eight days since our tryst in the bathroom.  Nearly seven months since he penetrated my walls.  I needed his energy to ignite me once again.  I began to imagine myself on top of him, riding my untamed stallion to complete ecstasy.  He wouldn’t be able to deny me this time!  Oh no! I was determined to make him confess that he loved me!  My tongue was good at siphoning the truth.  As my mouth was salivating at another opportunity, a voice of disdain resonated throughout the home . . . .


“Karma?  Is it time for dinner yet?  Me and the fellas can smell the fried chicken from here!”


“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.  I just need to pull the mac and cheese out the oven”


“You’re the best babe!”


I could hear Lincoln and his cronies bellowing with delight over the fact that they were being treated to a home cooked Sunday meal.  They were in awe of my culinary skills, wishing that their wives could prepare something like this! But instead of being thankful of the compliments, Lincoln (who only thought about Lincoln) stated that I was “privileged” to be with him!  If only his friends knew that I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship when I met Mr. Vaughn.  If only they knew that I had given up on Black men because of the abuse.  If only they knew that any White man with money could have been in his spot!  He wouldn’t have liked that confession . . . .  not one bit!


The truth of the matter is that I should have sat my happy ass down after Vic fucked me over!  But I was so broken . . . so lost . . that I needed someone to rescue me.  In my haste, I married a man who cared for me for all the wrong reasons.  I wasn’t Lincoln Vaughn’s wife, I was his trophy!  I was his beautiful, full figured missus who he could summon to cook and clean for him.  He never made me feel like an equal nor did he take my feelings into consideration.  We always did what he wanted.  Ate what he wanted.  Fucked when he wanted.  Uuuuugghhhhh!  But just when I thought there wasn’t an out, Eric came into my life and made me feel whole again.  What was supposed to be just sex, turned into something more.  Eric listened to me.  He understood my plight. He never made me feel guilty for stepping out on my husband.  He would always provide strategies on how to deal with my unhappy marriage and would pour life back into my dreams.  Thanks to my beloved, I finished nursing school and was now working at Emory.


I walked into the room where the boys were watching the Braves get decimated by the Nationals.


“Dinner’s ready guys!  Hope you’ve got a big appetite!”


Despite the game, there were smiles all around as the fellas began to leave their seats and head toward the kitchen.  Lincoln kissed me as he walked by.


“Babe, what would I do without you?”


“I dunno what I would do without you either babe!  You and your boys enjoy!”


“What?  You’re not gonna eat with us?”


“No sweetie.  Janet asked me to take her to the grocery store.  Her car broke down again”


“I don’t see why you have to keep helping her out Karma.  She’s always needing you for something!  Whether it’s a loan to help pay bills or helping her and the kids move again . . .”


“Well darling, she is my sister!”


“But still . . . . .”


“I know.  I won’t be too long”


“Please be careful.  Looks like the bottom is gonna fall out!”


“I will”


“And if she asks, we’re not giving her another damn loan!  She hasn’t paid us back from the last one!”


“Alright babe.  Go and eat with your crew before there’s nothing left!”


“Gotcha babe.  Be safe!”


I was gonna be anything but safe tonight!  I grabbed a few toiletries, undies, and his favorite dress before I slid out the door.  Wild thoughts ran through my mind as the rain made its acquaintance.  Despite the slippery conditions, I glided to my destination.  It felt like forever since I graced the steps of the Ritz Carlton.  I took in the atmosphere as I checked in.  The lady behind the desk gave me the oddest look ever as I requested my key.  As I looked at my attire, I didn’t even realize that I still had on my apron which was covered in rain and flour!  I tried to think of something clever to say to combat the stare, but I could only manage my truth . . . .


“What can I say?  I’m just here to fuck!”


The desk clerk laughed at my statement as she handed me the key.  I laughed through my embarrassment as I marched to the elevator.  Although the stench of chicken grease was all over me, I knew that it would all be washed away by the walk-in shower.  Or, I could soak in the tub and let one of my Belle and Blush bath bombs saturate my melanin skin.


As I hopped off the platform, there was a rather large man standing at the door.  My heart stopped!  Had Lincoln discovered that I was meeting Eric tonight?  I paused in my tracks. I could see him whispering into his sleeve.  I started to back pedal to the elevator.


“Don’t be alarmed Mrs. Vau . . I mean Ms. Stacy.  I’m Oz, one of Mr. Houston’s bodyguards”




“Yes ma’am.  You are Ms. Stacy right?”


“Yes, I am”


“Mr. Houston said to make yourself at home as he will be here within the hour”


Wow!  I couldn’t stop beaming!  Eric was so popular now that he needed security?  I knew that he was the one!  As I entered the suite, it felt as if I had stepped into another world.  For me, this was my America.  I was free to be who I truly was.  I didn’t have to pretend. I didn’t have to feel guilty.  I took off my wig and began to undress.  I could see the rain falling from the window like waters tumbling over a fall.  It was if I could see the world but I was protected in this space. . . . .


After the bath, I ensured that the atmosphere was set.  Tonight, there would be no need for music.  I pulled back the curtains so that the rain could provide the backdrop.  I turned out the lights and lit the jasmine vanilla candles.  I waited patiently for my lover. As the door opened, I stood at the ready to greet my king.  He came through the door dressed as if he had just left a GQ shoot.  God I loved this man!  He kissed me gently on the lips as he held me in his arms.


“I needed to see you tonight.  I hope your husband . . .”


“No need to mention him.  I’m here for you Eric”


He smiled as he looked over my attire.


“Damn I love this dress!”


“I wore it just for you”


With no other words being spoken, I returned to his arms. I’m smelling like coconut oil, just the way he likes.  He runs his hands under my dress, caressing my thigh while he starts to kiss my neck . . . then my ear . . then my shoulder.  He tells me to turn around and raises the sundress over my head.  I’m standing there in my black bra and panties.  I unbutton his shirt while he continues to kiss me.  I unzip his pants and there it is . . . awaiting my touch.


I pull down his slacks and kneel in submission.  I take him in slow, feeling his legs tremble in my grasp.  How I’ve longed to have him between my lips!  I savor my hero like a vintage Cabernet.  It’s important that he knows just how much I’ve missed him.  I massage his soul to the point that he begins to call my name!  There’s nothing more sexy than my lover enjoying his delightful torture.


“Do you want to cum baby?”


There’s no reply, only his hand caressing my head.  I continue our meet and greet and take him to my limit.  Somehow I manage to engulf his entire shaft!  I can feel him trying to hold on for life itself as he tickles my tonsils. His breaths are becoming shorter with every pass of my pink muscle.  He begins to grind his teeth, trying to deny himself the satisfaction.  Seeing that he’s ready, I retract my tulips and stand to my feet.  I want him to beg to be inside me.  I slowly unwrap my breasts and set my heart free.  I lead him to the bed and sit him down.


“Now . . . . . . where was I?”


I return to my posture of obedience and begin to stimulate him once again.  I stroke his rod once again while I untie his shoes with the other hand.  He manages to kick them off while I reacquaint myself with my special friend.


“Do you want to cum baby?


Without warning, he grabbed my head and began to stroke my mouth.  My warm, wet, hot mouth!  I can feel his torso rise, letting me know that we’re almost there.  And then . . . . his sweetness cascades my tongue.  While his soul continues to ignite, I take all that I can.  A big girl doesn’t lose one drop!  He wails into the night as I continue to push him past insecurities.  He cries and tells me how much he missed me.  He wants to move but the tremors won’t let him.  I grab his shaft and climb on.


“You’re still hard baby.  I can’t let this dick go to waste . . . . .”


To Be Continued . . . . . .



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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  1. Hello,

    This is a picture of a woman that you do not have the permission to use in this context. Could you please take it down

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