Disaster 45 bans transgendered people from serving in the military.


During Chris Rock’s 1999 HBO comedy Special “Bigger & Blacker” Chris gave his opinions on gays being allowed to serve in the military saying

“If they wanna fight, let ’em fight. Cause I ain’t fightin’! I don’t give a fuck if there’s a Russian tank rollin’ down Flatbush Avenue. I ain’t shootin’ nobody. So call me a faggot! When the war’s over, I’ll be the faggot with two legs, thank you”!

What does this have to do with tea in China? Well, I’ll tell you, our Cheese Puff –in-Chief, Disaster 45 tweeted yesterday that he plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from serving “in any capacity” in the US armed forces.

This decision reversed a policy that was approved by the Department of Defense under President Barack Obama, and allowed transgender individuals to openly serve in the military. Citing the “tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail” as a reason for his latest asinine conclusion.

While I’m sure there are costs associated with trans people that haven’t completed their transition, I’m pretty sure this is something that their aware of and wouldn’t embark on something they weren’t equipped to handle.

As far as the disruption transgendered people may cause probably wouldn’t be any different than the disruption that a sexy dressed lady around a group of heterosexual men would cause, and to victim blame transgendered people or a woman if something terrible happened to them would show just how out of touch military personnel and men are incapable of acting like adults or showing restraint.

Just like every other decision that 45 has made during his brief yet comical Presidency this plan not only wasn’t well thought out, it wasn’t shared with anybody that matters namely the Joint Chiefs of Staff before it was announced. For someone who claims to want to “Make America Great Again” this and every decision he’s made while in office seems to set America back and further provides the rest of the world with an endless supply of comic relief.

I know 45 is doing all that he can to erase President Obama’s legacy, but this decision is particularly perplexing. Just last year 45 pledged to fight for LGBT rights while on the Presidential campaign trail. In hindsight it seems as if 45’s LGBT rights’ promises were only tied to war on ‘radical Islam’ while using the memory of the 49 people killed and the 58 wounded during last year’s terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida as a ploy to gain votes from the LGBT community.

With a President that uses a national tragedy as a campaign tactic to get more votes it’s no wonder that he would develop convenient amnesia after being elected and when shit gets real.

Anybody that’s straight, gay, lesbian or transgendered and wants to serve in a military and is willing to fight in wars if ordered to is more patriotic than I am. Therefore, to refuse America loving people the right to serve and fight for a country that has proven to not have all of its inhabitants best interest in mind is ass backwards.

What do you think about the President’s banning transgendered people from serving in the military?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Conkrite

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