I’d never thought I’d ever say the following words but Yo “Mush Mouth” Gotti is a fucking genius, genius I tell you. Last year he coined the most ignorant, misogynist, perverted phrase ever said but in the most respectful of ways. That’s right “Snapchat me that pussy, if it’s cool” made famous by his 2016 song ‘Down in the DM’ is on some Ernest Hemingway next level shit.

But what sets it off is the “if it’s cool” part, that part is crucial because without it any man saying this to a woman is just down right disrespectful even by today’s standards. I mean “if it’s cool” is the Kardashians to black men, Black Chyna to any c-list celebrity with money, or the trap to queen – the shit just flows nicely.

“If it’s cool’ makes asking a woman to send you a snap shot of her Thunder Cat soothing, it puts the woman at ease, lets her know that you don’t mean to put her in an uncomfortable situation and that you are understanding of her right to be selective with whom she shares her grand canyon with. I mean you are not a Neanderthal and shit you were raised with manners; basically you want her to feel no pressure showing you her bear claw.

Besides without the “if it’s cool” part you come off like Drake trying to retire strippers, pretty foolish. The phrase also lets a woman know that if there ever comes a time where they are sitting around doing nothing with their pussies that you would be more than willing to constructively criticize their love below if the mood should strike them. Because what woman wouldn’t want a man to judge her coochie as if it was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. I’m sure that does wonders for a woman’s self esteem.

In addition to “snap chat me that pussy, if its cool” being some Mark Twain type bars the song itself is pure gold, just like every other ‘trap’ song. “Goes down in the Dm” is like a siren call to college educated African American women, similar to Drake’s crying ass. College graduate African American women flock to the dance floor like R. Kelly at a Girl Scout convention (to soon?). Between snapchating pussy and doing the Milly Rock women from the Divine 9 lose their minds when this song is played.

What do you think? How would you feel if a guy asked you to snap chat him a picture of your vajayjay?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breaze – a – Gemini

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