Does it matter what team you are on?

What team are you on?
Quick question, what does Quavo’s interpreter, Sean Spicer’s recent unemployment and R. Kelly all have in common? Not a damn thing, but all men must die and shit, moving on.

But when it comes to relationships (rather relationships that fall apart) there’s always #teams waiting in the shadows for their time to appear much like Dr. Umar Johnson’s six advanced degrees. Seriously has anyone except Colonel Brad Taylor<a actually seen this nigga’s degrees?

Any who, back to the lecture at hand “perfection is perfected so I let them understand.” I don’t know why but there are always friends, co-workers or people that are secretly waiting for their turn to play check her chest in poker and ready to choose sides once a relationship has ended its course.

And don’t get me started on the battle of sexes angle, you know what I’m talking about, those that choose either #teamballsdeep or #teamnogagreflex ready to have their friends back while pointing the finger at the person they think caused the relationship’s demise.

Case in point, for those fans or casual rubberneckers of HBO’s Insecure, I am sure you are more than aware of the #teamLawrence and #TeamIssa division and more than likely depending on your sex you’ve probably drawn battle lines as other watchers have.

How many thinkpieces and blog posts have you read about the relationship dynamic between these two fictional characters bleeding into real life? How many articles have you read about men choosing #TeamLawrence as a response for all the perceived times they were played by a woman in real life? What about posts where women choose #TeamIssa because they can relate to being with a man that was not only broke, unmotivated but whose stroke game was weaker than Lil Uzi Vert’s bars?

The thing that gets me is that even though the two main characters, Issa and Lawrence, are as real as Black Chyna’s miraculous baby fat weight loss the amount of people that project/base their relationship problems on these two is astonishing to me.

And that got me to thinking why do we choose sides? I mean my life is hard enough as it is I can’t fathom hitching my horse to someone else’s relationship dysfunction. I guess misery loves company and shit, but fuck that my misery sleeps at a Holiday Inn Express every night I don’t have time to be the Mr. Dalvin to someone else’s misery.

Why do people invest too much emotional energy in someone else's relationship? Barring a family member, why is someone else’s life cause us to face off in a battle royale of the sexes when it comes to who or what is the cause of the relationship demise?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Woolery.

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