Bad Intentions: The Final Act

“Let’s go to the bedroom Chauncey!  We’ve got some time”


“Renee, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you . . . . .”


“Chauncey . . . . . I don’t like that tone in your voice.  What’s going on?  You’ve been acting strange all night”


“Forgive my aloofness dear.  I’ve been searching my mind trying to find a way to . . . . . .”


My heart refused to let me finish.  My palms and forehead began to sweat.  I couldn’t let my angel fall due to my sins.


“To what Chauncey?! You’re scaring me right now!”


I reached across the table for her hands and sheltered them inside of mine.


“I know, and it’s not my intention to do so love.  It’s just that, we’re going to have to stop seeing each other for a while”


My love stared at me with those desolate hazel eyes.  She sat motionless as if she had died that very moment.  It was not in my plan to dissolve our affair, but Eric didn’t leave me with much of a choice.  I couldn’t have Renee caught up in the middle of this! She was in the midst of a thick mayoral race and I wasn’t going to allow myself to be a hindrance. I refused to let Renee go down in a sex scandal! Even though it may hurt her now, she’ll be safe from the shit storm that I’m currently in . . . .  


“So you’re going to invite me over for a candlelight dinner, let me get all jazzed up in this tight ass dress, have me horny throughout the day in anticipation, and you break up with me?!”


“Renee, I know that you’re in a hot and heavy mayoral race and every vote counts.  I need to step away so that you can concentrate on the goal at hand.  I would just be a distraction for you right now”


“Chauncey Howard!!  It’s not like I threw my hat in the ring yesterday!  I’ve been in this track meet now for nearly three months!  And now all of a sudden, you need to back away? I’m not buying what you’re selling sir!”


“But it’s the truth Renee!”


“No it’s not!  In the six months I’ve known you, you’ve never lied to me . . . . but you are now! Tell me, is your ex back in the picture?”


She had me cornered!  There was no way I was revealing the truth about Simone and her erotic dungeon!  I couldn’t have her death on my hands!  It was bad enough that I was responsible for Tony’s death!  I couldn’t have Renee’s on my conscious as well!  


“You’re right Renee.  I need to be honest with you.  Things are just not working out between us.  With your hectic schedule, we rarely see each other.  And with me taking this job back home, I doubt the long distance thing will last.  I’d rather cut it off now before both of us become too invested”


My dinner companion shook her head intently.


“My schedule hasn’t been a problem before so why is it now?  As a matter of fact, you’re the one who told me to go ahead and throw my hat into the ring!”


“And I would tell you to do it again!  You have a passion to help the people of the city.  I’m not going to interfere with that!”


“But when I told you about the late nights and the travel, you said you were “cool” with that!  You said that people make time for those they care about!  So if I can read between the bullshit, you’re wanting to let me go so you can pursue a relationship with someone else!  Is that it?”


There was no response to give.  Although I didn’t want to, I had to sit there and let her believe that I desired to see other people.


“So that’s what it is huh?  So what happened?  You found someone that was skinnier than me?  You found someone that could listen to your boring rhetoric about banking principles and not fall asleep?  You found somebody that could suck your little ass dick better than me?! Huh?!”


“Renee, I know you’re upset . . . .”


“Upset?  Nigga I’m mad as hell!  I drove my ass all the way to Lawrenceville in this tight dress with no panties for you to tell me that we’re through?!  You could have met me somewhere in the city if you were gonna do this shit here!”


“I’m sorry Renee . . . . I really don’t know what else to say . . .”


“I hope that bitch you’re with now breaks your heart the way you’ve broken mine!  Dammit I loved you Chauncey!”  


“I’m sorry Renee.  I wish you well in the race”




I felt every inch of her five fingers across my face!  After I absorbed the blow, I watched Renee storm out of my life.  Whether she knew it or not, I was dying inside as well.  Any woman that I desired to be with would be untouchable . . . . . so long as Simone and Eric were in the picture!  I thought back to the agreement I made that afternoon in the abandoned garage. Unbeknownst to me,  I made a pledge to the devil that day.  At the time, I believed I was saving a life.  But in reality, I was making a promise to never fall in love again. 


I cleaned the table and began to make my way to the den.  As I got closer, I began to smell smoke and hear voices.  Did I leave the T.V. on by mistake?  Did Renee set my curtains on fire?  To my chagrin, the perpetrator of my unhappiness was sitting in my fucking chair lighting a cigar!


“I hope you don’t mind Chauncey, I made myself at home”


“What . . . the hell . . . . are you doing here Eric?!  How the hell did you get into my home?”


“Easy mi amigo!  I just wanted to make sure that you were okay!  Ms. King sure did look upset when she tore outta here!”


“So you’ve been watching my house?  My movements?”


“Well, yeah!  Had to make sure you stuck to your basic instincts”


“And what would my instincts be?”


“Breaking up with Renee King of course!  It would be kinda hard to have a relationship with a woman who is in the biggest mayoral race in Atlanta’s history! Especially in this day of technology and paparazzi! You wouldn’t want her to be connected to anything that you and Simone were doing!”


“So you knew about me and Renee?  All this time?”


“Yes I did Chauncey.  Now do you understand the power that I have?”


“So you needed me to break it off with her for what?”


“I think you know why Chauncey. . . . .”


I started to piece everything together.  He needed me to end it with Renee so that she wouldn’t be any good on the campaign trail.  If he killed me in the garage, losing me would have been out of Renee’s control.  If I broke up with her, the pain would be more intense.  I would still be alive, but no longer in her life.  


“So who’s the horse you’re betting on in this race Eric?  I mean, that’s what all of this has been about right?”


“To answer your first question Chauncey, my benefactor’s interest is in Stephanie Amir.  There are too many candidates in this damn race to begin with!  Voters will want a woman in office and who better than the rock star of Channel 6 News!”


“That may be, but why torture me?  I mean we were friends back in the day?  Why have me go through all of this with Simone?”


“The Simone thing is a different play.  My boss and I need Simone confident in her superpowers again.  When you proclaimed that she couldn’t keep you from seeing anyone else, you literally rocked her world! She had to reexamine her worth.  All of her natural life, Simone has been using her “gifts” to get her way”


“That’s not what she told me . . .”


“Chauncey!  C’mon man!  She told you want you wanted to hear!  She spit that game on you hard!  Fact of the matter is, she genuinely cares for you dude!  She was even willing to compromise and let you date other women as long as you came back to her!  I don’t know about you, but any woman that doesn’t care about you having a side chick is a good woman to me!”


“Good woman?  Man, I don’t know how many ways to tell you but Simone’s ass is deranged!”


“Yeah, I can see your point.  It’s something about us narcissistic human beings!  We tend to go off the deep end when we can’t get our way!  Seems that Simone went there with you”


“Narcissistic is right!  Both of you are!  Why don’t you fuck Simone and keep me out of it?”


“My friend, she chose to fall for you!  I would love to hit that, but like you said, she’s crazy!”


“You think this is funny don’t you?  How many lives do you go around manipulating?”


“Quite a few actually.  You see, I get what I want.  One way or the other”


“You sadistic motherfucker!  Who screwed you over to the point that you don’t care about people’s lives anymore?”


“Her name was Lauren.  I proposed to her at my restaurant”


“So you do know what love means . .”



“Lauren decided that I didn’t make enough money for her.  In the end, I killed the bitch!”


My body froze!  I didn’t realize that underneath the expensive suits, there was a monster who no longer cared about life!  Only money and power fueled him.  


“So now that you know I’ve broken Renee’s heart, you can show yourself out!”


“Well my friend, there is one more thing.  You see, Simone still doesn’t have her mojo back. We need to have her in rare form so that we can accumulate some dirt on these congressmen in order for the New Black Order to take hold”


“So now you’re going to tell me when to fuck Simone so that she can feel like a dominatrix again?”


“Nah, we’re not going to go that route.  Simone needs to feel power.  And since you have made it clear how you felt, I found another purpose for you . . . . . ”


Eric stood up and walked over to me.  He smiled as he extended his hand.  I refused to return the gesture.  I anticipated his goons to rush the front door and beat me down for my disrespect.  Instead, Mr. Houston exited quietly out the front door.  I waited until I heard his car pull off before I started toward the bedroom.  As I opened the door, my angel of death was standing there, draped in black leather with a silver 380 in her hand!  


“Simone!!! Don’t . . . . . . . . .”


Written by The Wednesday Gentleman


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