The Midnight Marauder

*knock, knock, knock*


It hadn’t been fifteen minutes since I arrived back from Ronnie’s surprise.  I had already turned on Marsha Ambrosius and was getting ready for some “self care”.  Ever since Stan and I said our goodbyes, my soul ached for his touch.  There were times tonight I wondered if my beloved was truly himself?  He wouldn’t stop staring at me as we danced until closing.  Our conversation was about all the good times we had.  Not once did he bring up the infidelity nor did he insult me.   In that space of time,  Stanley made me feel wanted and attractive.  I invited him over for a night cap, but he declined my invitation. Now instead of fantasizing about what might have been, I was grabbing my pistol to defend my home.


I glanced through the peep hole and couldn’t believe my eyes!


“Ooooooh shit!”


I attempted to remain calm but my legs wouldn’t cooperate!


“Breathe girl, breathe!  Here we go!”


Slowly, I opened the door. For a moment, there was silence as he stood there motionless. He had a lost gaze in his eyes as if he were hypnotized.  


“Stan I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight!  I thought we were going to discuss Ronnie and his abrupt proposal over lunch next week?”


He continued to stand there in the dreary darkness without a word.


“Well come on in.  Smells like it’s gonna rain”


Stan took three steps in and closed the door.  He didn’t follow me any further, electing to stand by the exit.  I looked at him as if he had lost his mind!  Then I examined his eyes which were fixed on the gun.


“Oh, I’m sorry honey! Never can be too sure these days . . . .”


His posture relaxed as I placed the weapon on top of the entertainment center.


“Would you like something to drink?  I was about to pour myself a glass of Chardonnay”


“Yes, please . . . . . and thank you”


My gorgeous beau followed me into the kitchen.  I fetched the wine from the fridge as he removed his suit jacket.  I observed him inspecting the dining table as he placed his coat on the back of the chair.  He stood there as if he were reminiscing about a particular event.   I switched my attention back to the nectar and pulled down two glasses from the cabinet.  As I steadied my hand to pour, I felt his warm presence behind me, then surrounding me.  His arms wrapped around my waist as I could feel him growing stronger against me.  I placed the vino to the side as I grew anxious of his next move.


He inhaled me slow as he continued to swell.  His kisses slowly saturated my neck.  It took everything in my power not to explode right then and there!  My lover was strategic in how he maneuvered his way from right to left.  He tenderly massaged my chest, then worked his way down to the sun.  A soft moan broke through the atmosphere as he enticed me with his fingers.  I bit my lip as he pushed my panties to the side and began to take me there.  He played my soul as if I were Apollonia, circling my secret place until I could take no more . . . .


“Stan, oh . . . . baby, baby, ba . . . . ooooohhhhhh!“




Without hesitation, he turned me around and raised me onto the counter.  I threw the glasses in the sink and prepared for Stanley to take me.  He stared me down like a hunter as he slid my panties down.  Frantically, he pulled up my dress and allowed his tongue to take over where his fingers had left off!  


“Dammit Stan! Dammit!”


My world was spinning!  I desperately tried to reach for anything to help keep my balance!  His head game was relentless!  No air was required as he took control of my soul.  I could feel him taking me there yet again!  Sweat began to pour from my face as his tongue transformed into butterfly wings!  My attempts to remain composed were over as I gave in to ecstasy.


“Shit . . . shit . . . . . . . .  dammit!!”


“That’s two”


I couldn’t control myself!  The orgasm hit me so hard it felt as if I were having a seizure! I lost authority over my legs as they continued to shake unmercifully!  I attempted to catch my breath, but this version of Stan was not letting up!  


“Please baby!  I can’t take no more!  Baby pleeeeeeease!”




When I regained consciousness, Stan was still drinking from my fountain!  My body was limp and my face was saturated with tears.  It took everything in me to push him away!



“Baby . . . . . . baby!  Give me a few minutes please! A sista gotta catch her breath!”


Stan smiled as he collected the wine.  He reached up and gathered two more glasses.  As he poured, I laid there in awe.  Brother was still dressed, aside from his jacket, with no trace of perspiration!  


“Take a minute to collect yourself. I’ll be in the main room waiting . . . . .”


As I watched him leave, I couldn’t help but wonder who was this man in my home?!  I couldn’t remember the last time that Stan just wanted to please with nothing in return! Hell, I couldn’t remember the last time I came three times with Stan!  Normally, the sex would be over now with him rolling over to the side and me lying awake frustrated.  The fact that Stan was unbothered about his payoff made me want him more.  I slid down from the counter and let my dress fall to the floor.  I proceeded to walk to where he was with my necklace and heels on.    


He was sitting on the couch nursing his drink when I entered his view.  His eyes grew three times their size as I took my place in front of him.  


“I thank you for the appetizer baby.  Are you ready for dessert?”


“Are you ready?”


The way he emphasized that question made me a little nervous.  I already needed a breather and the main event hadn’t started!  But I wasn’t going to be upstaged!  I gave him a devilish grin as I turned around and let him take in my new ass.  


“Do you like?”


“That I do.  Come on over and let me show you how much”


As Robert Glasper gave way to Kells, I put my Crunch membership to work and began to slow wind.  (Stan wasn’t the only one that had a way of making someone anxious!)  I took my time as Stan grew in expectation of sliding in between my thighs.  I made my way to his lap and continued to wind on his muscle.  Stan was so hard that I thought he would bust through his zipper!  I could hear his anticipation as I leaned back on him.  I grabbed his hands and let him have free reign.  I continued to grind until he made his request.


“I want you Cassie”


“How do you want me baby?”


“Just like this”


I rose from my seat as he pulled his trousers and briefs down.  Honeydew was all over him.  As for myself, I was already leaving small puddles on the floor!  I approached my lover carefully, easing my way back.  I took the time to allow him to feel every part of me. Lord have mercy! Every inch of him was satisfying!  His hands guided my hips as the music dictated our tempo.  Jacquees took the atmosphere to a new height as Stan made me feel him over . . .  and over . . . . and over!  Stanley grabbed my hips and pulled me to him, forcing himself deeper inside me!  My thighs turned to jelly as he continued to give my body what it needed.


“You’re about to make me . . . make me . . . . . ”


“That’s right!  Come for me Cassie!  Come all over me!”


“Dammit! Dammit!”




I started to fall but Stan caught me.


“Lay down on the floor Cassie. . . flat on your stomach”


He handed me a throw pillow as I followed his instructions.  He took off his shirt and joined me on the floor. He climbed on top of me and proceeded to drown me with kisses again.  I grew more sensitive with each touch.  I could feel his manhood against my backside, antagonizing me.  His lips and tongue marched down my spine.


“Stan I wanna feel you . . . . please”


And with that simple request, I was transported to my happy place.  Stan opened my soul to the point I couldn’t speak.  He traveled to depths I didn’t know were there!  I could only manage to whimper as he steadied himself and took me to my final destination.




Stanley didn’t stop as I continued to shake underneath.  Intro began to sing about making love for the first time.  Stanley kept the tempo, plunging every bit of himself whenever it came to the chorus.  His hands kept me in place as one was braced on my hip, and the other on my shoulder.


“Stanley!  Stanley!  Dammit!”



“Six . . . . Seven”



At this rate, I was gonna pass out!  Stan could sense that as well.



“Cassie, let’s go to the bedroom.  I think you’ll be more comfortable there”


“I . . . . . I . . . . think you’re right”


He helped me up from the floor.  Then in a very unprecedented move, he picked me up in his arms!


“Stanley, you’re gonna break your back!  I can walk!”


“I got this . . “


My hero carried me to the love suite.  He laid me down and started to charge my hot box once again!  At this point, I literally wanted to pass out but Stan hadn’t reached his high. I wanted him back home and I knew what I needed to do.  As he attempted to get on top, I mustered the last bit of strength I had and became the aggressor.  I rolled him over and quickly put him inside of me.  Each stroke got deeper and deeper as I gradually slid up and down his shaft.  My breasts found their way to his mouth while he started to quicken the pace.  The sound of our sweat soaked bodies filled the air.  Whether I was ready or not, he was taking me there  . . . . . . again!


“Motherfuc . . . . oooooohhhhhhhhhh”




I buried my head in his chest as I surrendered my pride.  


“I love you Stanley!  I love you!”


As he started to guide my hips again, I gazed at my beloved.   His eyes were closed as if he didn’t want to look at me.  Tears emerged from under his eyelids.  He reached out for my hands and we rode to his climax, which was followed by my own.  


Stanley roared so loudly that I thought it would wake the neighbors!  After I squeezed the last drop out of him, I fell over to the side.  Stanley laid there motionless as he attempted to recover his breath.  I managed to find my way back to his chest and set up residence there for the night. . . . . . . .



The sun shined bright as I rose from the pillow.  I reached over for my significant other but there was no one there.  I sat up and looked around but there was no trace of my midnight marauder.  I went into the bathroom.  He wasn’t there.  Maybe he was in the kitchen about to prepare breakfast?


“Stanley!  Stanley?”


I walked to the dining area but there was no Stan.  I ventured into the main room and there was no sign of him there either!  His clothes were no longer on the floor.  I peeked through the blinds and saw that his car was gone as well.  


“Maybe he had some work that needed to be done?  An early morning meeting perhaps?”


Whatever the case, I wanted him to know that I was committed to making this marriage work.  I trekked back to the suite to grab my cell from the night stand.  As I reached down to retrieve the phone, I saw something beside it that brought tears to my eyes . . . . . Stan’s wedding band . . . . . . . 


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


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