Nobody Has To Know . . . .

“For a man who was just named the head honcho of housing, you sure don’t look happy?”


Mrs. Wright was right.  It was a momentous day in my profession yet I felt . . . nothing.  I had worked for nearly twenty years in this field and at long last I had finally garnered a seat at the table!  To possess authority over an entire department without actually having to do the heavy lifting was a long time coming!  Add that with the fact that I had only been working with DCA for less than a year, I should have been shouting all over the place!  Still, I sat calmly as if this were another supervisory meeting.  I attempted a smile to show my gratitude.  When that failed, I relied on my words.  


“Trust me Mrs. Wright, I’m thankful for this opportunity.  I guess I’m a little preoccupied with all that’s in front of me right now.  You know I’m always planning ahead”


“Stan, why do you continue to be so formal?  I told you to call me Melanie”


“I guess I’m old school.  I’m not too keen on calling my boss by her first name”


“Well after next Friday, I won’t be your supervisor any longer.  I’ll actually be answering to you since you will be controlling our homeless funding!”


“This is true.  However, you deserve my respect.  After all, it was you that assisted me in getting a position here.  I had been looking for work for months and you saved me!  I’m forever in your debt”


“Forever’s a mighty long time Stan.  You sure about that?”


“Of course Mrs.. . . I mean . . Melanie”


The delicate controller gave me a smile that awaken my inner man. She continued to stare at me as she rose from her seat and started across the floor.  I tried not to look down but I couldn’t help how exquisite her legs looked encased in her white open toed stilettos. Michelangelo would have been jealous of the time and care God took to create such beauty!  The definition of her thighs only enhanced her blessed assurance, which rendered me speechless!  For a brief moment, I found myself fantasizing about how it would feel to be inside her.  My spirit began to leap so I quickly loosed the imagination . . but not before she noticed!  Her sinful grin returned as she closed the door and began to walk towards me.  To my surprise, she leaned against the desk and began her examination.  


“Stanley, what’s going on with you?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, you barely talk to me anymore.  You used to come in and say hi.  For the past few weeks, you’ve been trying to avoid me.  You don’t even look at me anymore!  Even when I announced your promotion, you were staring down at the floor.  Did I do something wrong?”


I breathed deeply before answering.  I wasn’t going to tell her that my body had been craving to touch her for the past several weeks.  I couldn’t say that her legs and breasts gave me life every time I felt like dying.  I dared not say that I wanted her right here, right now!  So I told her the other truth . . . .


“Melanie, you might as well know that me and your girl are separated right now”


“I figured as much”


“Wait?  You figured as much?”



“Yes!  Me and Cassie are in several online private groups together.  She hasn’t been participating in any of them in the past month.  I inboxed her and asked her if everything was okay?  She only replied that she needed to take a break from social media”


“Uh huh . . . . . .”


“So do you want to talk about it?  I’m a very good listener ya know?”


Melanie abandoned her perch and walked up behind me.


“I’m here for you Stanley . . .”


I lost my train of thought as my stunning supervisor began to rub my shoulders! The vanilla and cinnamon nectar that was saturated on her skin delighted my senses. Her fingers began to work their voodoo as I started to divulge my secret.


To . . . . . . make a long story short, I found out that Cassie was having an affair with another man”




“The tripped out part was dude was bold enough to come to my house and proclaim his love for Cassie!  Nigga said I needed to leave!  Can you believe that mother fucker asked me to leave my own damn house?”


“Wow!  So what did you do?  I know you beat his ass didn’t you?”


Apart of me was afraid to answer the question.  I didn’t want Melanie to think that I was a pussy.   I needed to be the strong man that was in front of her now.  Besides, it felt good to have the attention of a beautiful woman again, especially one that was catering to my needs.  So instead of confessing the truth, I told the following . . .


“Melanie, when he said that I wasn’t man enough, I lost it!  I commenced to beat the hell out of him! ”


“Lord Jesus!”


“The neighbors called the police before I could kill him!  After the police left, I did the same.  Haven’t seen Cassie since”


“Stan . . . . I’m so sorry to hear all of this.  You’ve been coming to work as if nothing’s wrong the entire time?  I commend you”


“Thank you, but honestly I shouldn’t even be telling you about it.  You shouldn’t even be touching me like this!  What if your husband walked in on us?”


“And what if he did?”


The air began to get a little thick.


“Wait? What?”


“Me and Jay have been separated for over a year now!”


“But you make it seem that . . .”


“Yeah, I know.  I try not to let on that I’m in the process of a divorce.  Jay is living in Boston with his new baby momma”


“I’m sorry to hear that”


“Now see Stan, you’re not the only one who’s been cheated on.  But it gets better day by day”


“It doesn’t feel like it.  Some days I want to make it work.  I want to call her on the phone and tell her that all is forgiven.  Then there are the other days that I just want to give it up and start over!”


“I understand completely beloved . . . I really do.  If you were my king, you wouldn’t be stressed like this.  I would make love to you every day . . . . ”


Before I could collect my thoughts, I felt Melanie’s lips on my neck.  I started to get swept away as her hands continued to rub on my chest.  


“W. . w . . wait Melanie!  We can’t do this . . . . ”


“Why not?”


“Because we’re . . . . we’re both married!”


“I won’t tell Cassie if you don’t tell”


I gently grabbed Melanie’s arms and brought them together.  I was definitely weak and I was going to fall if she continued.  I was already staining my slacks!  One thing was for sure, if I was going to fall, I wasn’t going to lose my new gig bending Melanie over in her office!


“Melanie, we can’t do this.  Not here.  Not right now.  Plus, I need more than five minutes to get out all my frustration!”


Melanie came from behind me and went back to her seat.  Her nipples were at full attention as she began to button her blouse.  I didn’t know she was already starting to undress!


“I’m sorry Stanley.  You’re right.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a man covet me.  When I saw you sizing me up as I headed towards the door, I knew that I wasn’t imagining things”


“Imagining things?”


“Yes, you’ve been liking all my pictures and posts lately even though you refused to speak to me.  I figured that you were attracted to me”


“Yes I am . . . . but still . . .”


“But still what?  You’re married?  Stanley, I’m not asking for you to leave your wife and move in with me!  I don’t even know if I want a relationship right now!  However, I know that we’re both in need of some sexual healing!  Ain’t but so much porn you can masturbate to before you gotta have the real thing right?”


“Right . . . but still . . .”


“Look I know you have to say the right thing.  And yes, I know that my approach may be a little strong. . . . . . but one of us had to do something! Shit, I won’t apologize for wanting my soror’s man!  The way I see it, if Cassie can’t treat you like a king, then she doesn’t need you!  Since she cheated, you should be able to have you some fun too!”


I tried to combat her answer but I had nothing clever to say.  Melanie was starting to make sense to me.  I could only nod my head.


“Darling, you don’t have to give me an answer now.  But if you ever need me to come to your hotel and break you off, I’m available.  Please know that I want you anyway that I can have you!  Don’t make me wait too long for an answer”


I got up out of my seat and rushed to the bathroom to relieve myself.  I couldn’t believe Melanie’s proposition!  Then again, I couldn’t believe that my fantasy was in reach.  My dream was strong enough to act on the feelings she had for me.  I only needed to do the same. My lust didn’t need to be repressed any longer.  The ball was finally in my court.


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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