Little Red Corvette

“So did you kill her Eric?”


I pulled the cell away from my ear as my midnight masseuse was lying quietly next to me.  My eyes were fixed on her corpulent posterior, recalling the hours before.  She reminded me of a love I once knew.




“One moment sir”


I slipped from underneath the Egyptian cotton and quickly exited the chamber.  Closing the door behind, I glided to the kitchen area of the suite.  I turned on the television and began making coffee so that my guest couldn’t overhear.  


“Sorry for the wait Mr. Montgomery.  I have company and I didn’t want her to overhear us”


“Good.  Now back to my question.  Did you dispose of Ms. Carrington after being instructed not to?”


“No boss.  I did as you instructed.  What’s the problem?”


“I’m at Chelsea’s place right now and my lady is downright hysterical!.  She believes that something foul has happened to Ms. Carrington!”


“Why does she believe that?”


“Well when we pulled up, Chelsea’s SUV was gone but Ms. Carrington’s car was still here.  Then there was no trace that her friend actually came into the house.  Her bed was still made and there was no sign of the clothes that Ms. Carrington wore last night”


“Mr. Montgomery, I put Ms. Carrington in the car and retrieved the address from the GPS.  When we arrived, I made sure that Ms. Carrington came in and got in the bed before I left.  After, I brought your car back to the garage and then headed home.  The GPS will show that I queried the nearest coffee house as well”


“Oh, okay”

“Now despite how I feel about the minx, I didn’t kill her.  If I did, why in the world would I have taken Ms. Heaton’s truck?  That makes no sense!”


“You have a point Eric.  I must be . . . . . wait a minute!  Chelsea’s calling me back inside!  Hold on for just a moment“


I could hear Chelsea’s boisterous alto as James trudged back in.  She was continuing to blame me  for the disappearance of her best friend.  Then something strange happened. For the first time since becoming his right hand, I heard James turn into something I never thought he would;  a bitch.  The savage that I witnessed dismember a detective several hours ago was now playing verbal defense against a woman who didn’t have any power.  He continued to endorse your boy but Chelsea illogical responses presented a no win situation.  I had to laugh at the irony.  If Chelsea knew that her boyfriend was the second coming of Dexter, she wouldn’t be asking if I offed April.  She would investigate her beloved . . . .


“Sorry Eric.  Chelsea’s been on edge since we left the club.  I fucked up and put my hands on her after our business with the driver”

“And she still went home with you?”

“I smoothed things over in the car.  There’s not too much that jewelry can’t fix!  However, when we got here, the hysteria began.  She believes every drug cartel is after us and they are holding Ms. Carrington hostage!”


“Has she called the cops?”


“I reassured her that I called Butch and Gwinnett’s finest were already out looking for her friend. Now tell me Eric, how was Ms. Carrington during the trip?”


“She slept for the entire ride”


“She didn’t vomit in the car?  


“No sir.  I believe the coffee had worked and she was just sleeping it off”


“Okay. Well, I hope that Ms. Carrington shows up soon.  Me and you have a meeting with some heavy hitters at one o’clock”


“No disrespect Mr. Montgomery, but it seems like Ms. Heaton is jumping to conclusions. Regardless of the living arrangement, Ms. Carrington is a grown woman.  She can go where she pleases”


“I agree with you there, but Chelsea swears that Ms. Carrington wouldn’t have left without calling her first.  As a matter of fact, Chelsea’s been trying to call ‘ol girl for the past hour”


“I still believe Ms. Heaton is jumping to con . . . .”


“Wait a minute Eric . . . . .”


I could hear the battle-ax in the background talking to someone.  I could hear sighs of relief from my employer as he came back to our conversation.


“Chelsea just got a call from Ms. Carrington!  She’s okay!  She went to pick up Chelsea’s daughters from their sleepover.  Chelsea stated that she must have forgotten about the arrangement”


“Hmmmmm.  Well I’m glad that Ms. Carrington is okay”


“So am I.  You’re a good man Eric.  My apologies for questioning your loyalty, I’ll see you at one”


“I understand sir.  See you at one”


I put down the phone and poured a cup for my lover and I.  As I entered the chamber with glad tidings in hand, my special guest was putting on her sweatsuit and heels from the night before.


“So how was that for keeping a secret Mr. Houston?”


“You did aiight.  So tell me April, are you scheduled to pick Chelsea’s daughters up?”


“No, but seeing the time, I knew Chelsea was probably calling around trying to find out where I was.  She’s become so used to me always being there whenever she needs me.  Like I don’t have a life! I could have easily said that I was laid up in some hotel fucking Eric Houston, but she doesn’t need to know all my business right?”


“Really now?  I thought you two told each other everything?”


“I can’t tell her all my secrets!  If she knew the real reason why I was working at the call center, she probably wouldn’t want me living in her house!”


“Pretty much”


“So why was Mr. Montgomery so worried?  I overheard him asking had you killed me?  Why would you do that?  Isn’t that shit for drug dealers?”


“Mr. Montgomery becomes anxious about any detail he doesn’t have complete control over.  You have now become one of those things that makes him uneasy”


“Why would he be worried about me?  I’m no threat to his empire?  He makes it seem like I’m Lucious Lyon or somebody!”


“Well April, you were reckless with your mouth last night.  We couldn’t even let your chauffeur drive you home because you had already said too much”


“I apologize.  Really, that’s not my style”


“Uh huh . . . “


“For real!  I haven’t been out in forever! You pick a girl up in a nice ride with unlimited free liquor?  Shit happens!”


“Well there’s no way I can employ you if you can’t control your tongue right?”


“You’re right.  I promise to keep everything on the under”


“We’ll see”


“So about last night . . . . . did I pass the test?”


I looked at her Coca-Cola frame.  The red hair only made me want to pull on it some more!  There was something about her that I just couldn’t shake!  When I saw April trying to hide all of her lucrative assets the other night, I knew that it was a matter time before she was underneath me.


“I would say that you did, but are you sure you want to do this?”


“Why wouldn’t I?  I love sex and I need the money!  It’s not much different from my last gig except that I get paid and don’t have to fear going to jail.  I could start to have my own life again!”


“That you can.  When do you want to start?”


“I can start tonight if you need me!”


“No dear!  We’ll need to do a client file on you and add you to the database.  Once that happens, I’m sure that we’ll be getting calls on you every day.  I have a friend named Simone that would love to have you in her dungeon!”


“Now that does sound like fun!  Let me get outta here!  Thank you for last night . . . . .  and this morning!”


She gave me a kiss as she headed out the door.  I began to gather my things as well. I couldn’t help but smile as my plan was coming together!  My mentor was beginning to lose sight of the mission at hand.  Instead of gaining power to pass on to me, he was more concerned with falling in love!  Chelsea Heaton was starting to affect how he conducted business.  Our business.  She was my employer’s only weakness . . . . and the key to taking him down.


As I finished the last of my coffee, the hotel phone rang.


“Mr. Houston, a lady is here to see you.  Should I let her up?”


“No, tell her I’ll be down shortly”


I packed the last of my things before stepping out of the door.  I hopped on to the first available elevator thinking how I would use April and Chelsea to destroy James.  For the first time in weeks, I was feeling like my old self again.  No more hallucinations.  No more self medication.  I was no longer in a fog.  My game face was on and I was starting to see myself in the future.  Once I acquire all of James’ networks, there would be no reason for him to be around.  I could take the crown unopposed.   


I stepped off the platform and walked into the breakfast area where my trusted lady was awaiting her instructions.


“Good morning my king”


“Good morning beautiful”


Detective Brooks was not in her trademark grey and black suit.  Instead, she was clothed in a brown leather mini skirt and heels.  Her apple shaped breasts were hidden by her brown leather jacket.  The twinkle in her eye gave away her secrets as she came up to kiss me.  Her lips tasted like sweet caramel.  


“Girl, you’re dangerous to my health with those kisses!”


“I only want to make you happy baby.  Now what do you want me to do this morning?”


“I need you to start following that redhead from the club last night.  Word on the street is that she’s a fed.  I need to keep her close”


“She didn’t strike me as the fed type.  More like one of those chicks trying to be an Instagram model”
“That may be the case beloved. But I’ve learned in this life, you can’t always trust what you see . . . .”


Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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