Baby Check Your Friend

“Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!  I still can’t believe we’re rolling like this! Chelsea, take one more picture of me while I hit this gangsta lean in the Maybach!”


She began to recline her seat, but I wasn’t about to take another picture of her stuntin’ in my man’s ride!  Ain’t no telling how many pictures she had already posted!


“April, please don’t embarrass me tonight . . . please!”


“Chelsea, don’t act brand new just because you’re fucking the Black Godfather!  He’s still the same dude that ate your pudding in that cubicle!”


Out of the corner of my eye, I could see our chauffeur laughing to himself as he drove us into Downtown Atlanta.  He also seemed to be admiring my big mouth, pantyless companion. I gave April that “please shut the fuck up look” as I glanced back at our driver.  I didn’t know how much he knew about James, but the way that ‘ol girl went on for most of the ride made me regret that I ever told her James’s secret.  I didn’t think my sweetheart would mind, but maybe I should have asked him first . . . . . 


“Ohhhh, can you turn that song up Mr. Driver? That’s my shit!”


The chauffeur gave a nod and turned up the system.  “Knuck If You Buck” continued to fuel my home girl’s good time.  As long as she wasn’t blabbering about James being a crime boss, I could handle April’s antics.  Besides, it wouldn’t be long before we were rubbing shoulders with Atlanta’s elite.  Stephanie Amir had announced that she was running for mayor at the same time Mr. Candy Licker had me pinned against the door. Tonight was going to be her first fundraiser.


“Ms. Heaton, Ms. Carrington, we’re here!”


I adjusted my seat while April kept dancing away.


“April Carrington!   If you don’t get your shit together, I’m going to tell the driver to take us back home!”


“Damn . . . can’t let a girl have any fun?  You know I don’t get out much!”


“I know but this means a lot to James. Plus this will be our first night out in public together”


“Well if he wanted you on his arm, why didn’t he ride with us?”


“April, you don’t understand the nature of his business.  I do!  Just don’t cause any problems in here okay?”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah”


We pulled up to the entrance and waiting for us was a familiar face.  I had seen him at the mansion before but never knew his name.  He opened the door and assisted me and my companion out of the car.


Welcome to The Six ladies!  I’m Eric Houston, the owner of this fine establishment”


“Yes lawd you’re fine!  Yes indeed . . . . . ”


I couldn’t tell if Mr. Houston was smiling at the compliment or if he was trying to figure out how April got all of her ass into tonight’s attire.  Regardless of the attraction, I shot April that same look from the car.


“You’ll have to excuse my friend.  I think she had one too many glasses of wine on our ride here”


“It’s quite alright.  I’m glad that you both were able to make it.  Mr. Montgomery requested that I personally escort you ladies to your table.  But first, you must have the grand tour!”


When we stepped inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The visual aesthetics of the club were phenomenal!  From the marble bar top that stretched the entire length of the building, to the white and grey colors that played against the brick as well as the furniture, The Six was a sight to behold! 


“Now a lot of people come to The Six for the decor and the food.  But for me, the house band is the best thing going!”


April and I turned to look at the stage.  The band was definitely jamming! I had never been to a club that boasted a full band with a horn section!  Their sound reminded me of Prince and the New Power Generation.


“You know that the leader of the band is Ms. Amir’s new husband right?”




“Yes, he and his band started playing here several weeks ago.  Of course he’s not up there now, but the man can blow!  Princeton said that he has a special treat for everyone in attendance tonight.  I’m hoping the musical guest is D’Angelo . . . . . . ”


Our guide continued to lead us through the sea of people who were mingling on the floor.  I tried to keep from being star struck as we made our way through all the celebrities, athletes, and politicians.  April, on the other hand, attempted to take a pic with every athlete we passed by!  Of course they were willing to oblige with her assets barely being covered by her dress!  


We made it to the stairs and began to make our ascent to the VIP section.  There waiting in the dim light was my destiny, looking as fine as ever!  Instead of the standard tux like most of the men were wearing, James was outfitted in a black tailored suit.  His open button down shirt matched his suit.  The cufflinks that adorned his shirt sparkled like strobe lights. His smile shined even brighter!  All I could focus on were his lips.  How I yearned to savor them once again . . . . .  


“Ladies, welcome!”


Although it had only been twenty-four hours since we last touched, it was already too long!  I rushed into my sanctuary where his arms held me tight.  The smell of his cologne gave me flashbacks of our previous encounter.  Before I became to overly consumed, April began clearing her throat, waiting to be introduced.


“I’m so sorry.  James, this is April Carrington, my friend and current roommate.  April, this is James Montgomery”


James stretched out his hand to shake.  April looked at the diamond on his wrist and reached for it instead!


“Wow, how many karats is this big time?”


He looked at me awkwardly before laughing off her statement.


“Nice to meet you too Ms. Carrington.  Please ladies, let’s sit.  Our waiter will be back shortly”


Eric and James pulled out our seats to sit.  After we were settled and attended to, Mr. Houston began to take his leave.


“Ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you both.  If you need anything, just ask the wait staff”


April looked longingly at Eric as he made his descent.  I poked my girl in the side to get her attention.


“I’m sorry y’all.  It’s rare that I meet good looking, well to do brothers!  I’m having to deal with table scraps!”


I was getting ready to make an excuse for my impaired friend but by the way James leaned in, he wanted to hear more.


“Table scraps?  Who is your employer Ms. Carrington?”


“Right now I’m working at a call center called Dial America.  There’s a whole bunch of young kids that work there so I’m like the mother hen to all of them. But the table scraps are from that site called Plenty of Fish!  Man!  Seems that dudes just want to get their dick wet and move on to the next!”




James laughed despite my increased anxiety with everything that came out of April’s mouth!


“That’s interesting.  So are you still on the dating site or have you given up on love all together?”


“Well, I’m still on it.  I gotta get laid too!  My vibrators have gone on strike so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!  Everybody can’t have a man lick their pussy like Chelsea does!”


I died in my chair at that very moment!  James tried to smile, but I could tell that he was bothered by what April uttered out of her mouth.  But why stop there?


“Since you are the man who runs things in Atlanta, do you think you could get me a new gig like you did Chelsea?  I don’t have a degree or nothing but I look good!  I have almost eight thousand followers on Instagram. That should count for something right?”


“Girl if you don’t shut your motherfuc. . . . .”


Before I could start in on April, Mr. Houston was at the mic introducing Stephanie and Princeton.  The new power couple made their way to their seats, which were two tables down from where we sat.  Everyone in the place stood to their feet and applauded. Stephanie was dressed like Cinderella as her glimmering white gown commanded the crowd.  I myself was in awe of her beauty.  What man wouldn’t want to be with her?  I peeked at James to see if he was hypnotized as well.  Instead of him secretly desiring the pretty news anchor, James was staring at me as if I were the most beautiful woman in the world!  At that moment, I realized how life could be with James all the time.  Too bad April was in tow tonight!  I had to get her to shut the hell up, especially with Stephanie in ear shot of everything now.


“Why didn’t they come and say hello to you babe?”


“Because I don’t want to be known dear.  That’s Eric’s department.  I like to be the one behind the scenes. For all they know, I’m just a former football player who bought a VIP table for tonight.  I’d like to keep it that way”


I nodded in agreement as he looked in the direction of April, who somehow had made it over to Stephanie’s table!  


“Babe, you need to check your friend.  She’s a little out of hand and I don’t need her spreading my business around to everyone”


“Yes baby.  I’m sorry.  I’ll take care of this”


I made my way over to the table and introduced myself before taking April by the arm.


“Why you grabbing me so hard?  Damn girl, that hurts!”


“I told you not to embarrass me tonight!!  No more alcohol for you!  We need to go to the bar and get you some coffee!”


“I can go by myself Chelsea!  I don’t need a chaperone!”


“Yes, you do!”


“I promise Chelsea!  You can see me from your table.  I know I’ve been acting like an ass but how often do we get to cut up with the other half?”


“Just don’t blab about anything regarding me and James, you hear me?”


“Okay Chelsea I got you.  I don’t want to jeopardize anything”


April took her sweet time arriving at the bar.  I watched her order a coffee then went back to my seat.  To my surprise, James was no longer there.  I looked over and saw various people talking and congratulating Ms. Amir, but there was no sign of my beloved.  I took a sip of my champagne and took in the sounds of D’Angelo while I awaited my lover’s return.  I couldn’t help but get caught up in the songs that escorted me from college to adulthood.  


Four songs into the set and James hadn’t returned.  I looked down at the bar to see if April was still there and she wasn’t.  I scanned the tables below and couldn’t find her.  I got up and walked the VIP area and there was no sign of her.  I went to the main level to look and there was no sign of April!  As a matter of fact, there was no sign of James either!  I immediately began to think the worst.  Maybe James took April outside to have her killed?  Maybe she was tied up in a trunk somewhere because she blabbed too much?  At any rate, I needed to find them both.  


I walked near the bathroom door and overheard two women gossiping about a couple getting it on in the ladies room.  Without caution, I stormed in the bathroom.  Sure enough, I could hear slurping noises as I entered.  As I looked at the series of stalls, I spied some familiar heels peeking from underneath the last door. . . . . . .


Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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