Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

“It may not be but I run this company.  As a matter of fact, I run this city . . . . .”

I rolled my eyes at James as I sighed heavily.  I was already late leaving!  No telling how bad that traffic would be going home!  And now, this ninja wanted to tell me lies to win back my affection?  Nah player! 

“James, do you know how many times I’ve heard ninjas like you say that they are runnin’ shit?  You’re not even a politician!  How in the world can a tech geek run Atlanta??  Man please!”

Instead of being upset or angry, my suitor simply smiled, making himself more comfortable in my chair.  He stroked his beard as he watched me bear my weight against the door.

“I sense that you don’t believe me beautiful?”

“Ding ding ding!!  You’d be correct Mr. Montgomery!  I’ve dated men like you before so I know the game!  Lying about money doesn’t impress me”

“So if I said that I have influence over the top two officials that govern the ARC who are responsible for the appointment of the executive director, that would be too far fetched to believe huh?”

“Seeing that board consist of twelve people and not just two officials, yes I’d say that’s far fetched James”

“Yes the board does consists of a group of twelve, but they follow the lead of the chair and the vice chair, who is also the mayor.  The current chair, Kerry, is a businessman who is involved in commercial real estate investments.  Both he and Kasim work for me.  Nothing happens in this city without my approval”

“Like I said, even if that were true, your money doesn’t impress me”

“It doesn’t eh? Well it must be power that stimulates you . . . . ”

“How do you figure mister?”

“Well when you got your promotion, you changed.  Things between us was going well and then all of sudden, I wasn’t good enough for you anymore”

“That’s a lie James!  I didn’t change because of the position!  I changed because I refused to accept being a weekend side dish!”

“You were extended the offer for your position Friday before last right?  The last time that we were together was that Friday night.  After that, I didn’t see you anymore.  I didn’t hear from you anymore.  All I could see were your subliminal posts and tweets regarding being a boss chick.  About being in control of your destiny and all that other fluff.  Before your advancement, you were just posting pics of your daughters at their basketball games.  Now you’re all on Instagram posting thirst traps every other day”

I thought about the point that James was making.  Was money and power giving me the self-esteem that I needed?  If so, how was that a bad thing?  

“James, why is it that you men are threatened when a woman finally comes up in the world?  Why can’t you just be happy for me? Better yet, why are you stalking my Facebook page?”

James removed his Bally’s from the desk and sat up.  He had an impassive look on his face as he continued to look me up and down.  I didn’t know if he was preparing to hit me or if he was simply admiring the view.  

“Chelsea,  I’m trying to open myself to you.  Whether you know or not, the information I’m disclosing goes against the regulations that I have set for all those who work for me.  All of my managers have sworn an oath not to talk about business outside of the house.  I’m electing to tell you because I’m developing feelings for you”

“So you’re catching feelings now that I’ve been ignoring you huh?  So what were you having before?”

“Please understand that I was being careful”

“Careful?  Were you being careful when you had my body thrown every which a way on your patio our first night?”

“Lord woman!  Why are you making this so damn difficult?”

Before I could respond, James leaped from the chair.  Within seconds, he was standing in front of me.  I tried to move but my heels were somehow embedded in the carpet.  My knees were shaking while my juice box began to perspire with anticipation.  My nipples were trying to reach out and bring him to me!  His Sauvage cologne entered my nostrils with such a rush that I became high! The look in his eyes reminded me why I could never get enough.  He placed his left hand against the door as if he were holding me hostage.

“Chelsea, it took me several months to finally speak to you.  That wasn’t by choice.  I had to make sure you wouldn’t hurt me.  I had to check you out before I stepped to you.  I couldn’t afford to jeopardize everything I had”

I couldn’t hear anything that James was saying.  I was fighting against my flesh and my body was winning.  I tried to keep my mind on the fact that he was lying to me but my body wanted to throw caution to the wind!  In a last ditch effort to win control over my soul, I managed a rebuttal.

“So you don’t trust anyone?”

“No I don’t.  Since Sarah came out, I haven’t trusted any woman. Today I’m saying that I’m willing to trust you with my heart”

Unexpectedly, my eyes lost their focus as the tears welled up inside.  I knew all too well how divorce could make a person not believe in the other sex.  The fact that this hunk of a man believed in me enough to surrender his heart and let down his guard meant everything.

“So you want me more than just on the weekends?”

“I want you every day I can have you, if you let me . . . . . . ”

Before my mind could negotiate the terms of this love affair, my heart had taken over, pressing myself against James’ lips once again.  Even though it had been two weeks, it felt like a lifetime since I tasted those mangoes!  The heat intensified as his lips ran to my earlobe and then down my neck!  I could feel his hands working together to unzip the top. The air was getting thin. I lost my breath as his tongue smothered my chest.  As the rest of my suit fell down around my ankles, there was nothing else to say to except . . . .

“I love you James”

He uttered no reply.  He simply pulled my panties down and drank from my thirsty soul. I found myself wanting more of his tongue as I tried to push his head inside me.  He knew my body so well!  I reached the heavens twice before he came up for air.  With his face saturated with my aura, he gave me his next command . . . .  

“Turn around”

Knees shaking, I followed his instructions  In sweet expectation, I arched my back as James owned my hips.  My lover entered my soul with reckless abandon.  It wasn’t long before his primal nature took over.  He grabbed a fist full of my locs and rode me like a race horse!  My arms were flush with the door as I tried to keep myself from going crazy!  

“Give me what I need baby!  Give me what I need!”

I cried out his name as I reached the summit again!  I knew the floor and my jump suit would be a mess but I was beyond caring.  All that mattered was that James was back where he belonged . . . . . with me.

*knock knock knock*

“Ms. Heaton?  Are you okay in there?”

A familiar voice echoed from the other side of the door.  The voice brought me back to my right frame of mind.  

“Ba . . . baby . . . It sounds like Mr. Dove”

James continued his workman’s pace.  He didn’t seem to care who was knocking.  Me on the other hand, was scared and excited at the same time!  I bit on my finger to muffle the screams, but the sound of Mr. Candy Licker pounding my soul grew louder and louder.  I was hoping that the man on the other side of the door would leave so I could enjoy myself a little bit more.  No such luck.

*knock knock knock*

“Ms. Heaton?  Are you okay?  It’s Mr. Dove!”

“Dammit!!” was all I could think about as legs continued to tremble.  James grabbed hold of my arms and pulled them back as he entered the final leg.  I couldn’t hold back any longer as a myriad of orgasms cascaded up and down my spine.  James roared as well as I could feel him unload two weeks of restraint inside.

After transforming back into himself, James pulled up his pants and started to reach for the door.

“What are you doing James?!  Do you know who’s out there?”

He nodded his head as he moved me out of view. James opened the door . . . . 

“Hey Jim!  What are you still doing here?”

“Oh . . . . . . Mister Montgomery!  I didn’t know that you were still here sir!  I only wanted to return Ms. Heaton’s cell phone.  She left it in the conference room”

“Thanks Jim.  I’ll make sure that she gets it”

“Is there anything that I can do for you before I leave?  Is there anything that you need?”

“No thanks Jim.  We’ll be leaving shortly”

“Okay.  Well you two are the last in the building.  Have a good evening”

“Same to you Jim”

James closed the door and handed me my cell phone with the biggest grin.


“Now do you believe me?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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