How You Gonna Act Like That?

I knew he would come knocking at my door sooner or later!  It’d been seven days since I returned a text or call from James.  Nearly three hundred and thirty-six hours since he sipped from my juice box.  Although my soul ached for his touch, the distance between us was necessary. I wasn’t particularly fond of mind games but I needed to make sure that he understood the seriousness of the matter at hand.  


“Excuse the intrusion Miss Heaton.  I wanted to ensure that you were able to access the H drive correctly from your new office.  Is everything to your satisfaction?”


Was everything to my satisfaction?  That motherfucker had the nerve!  I looked at him rather disgusted.  And no, I wasn’t trying to hide it!


“Yes, Mr. Montgomery.  Orlando came in yesterday and made sure that everything was functioning just right.  He tested everything out before he left.  Thank you for checking, but I’m good”


I knew he could hear the venom in my voice, but it didn’t seem to deter him.  That smile on his face and that bulge in his slacks made his intentions crystal clear.   James didn’t come to talk about no damn internet hookups!  He politely closed the door as he walked into the office.  He surveyed the room as if he were taking an interest in the decor before easing his way behind my chair.


“You didn’t waste any time putting your colors up I see!  I didn’t know that you graduated from Florida A&M?  Were you in the hundred?”


“Ummm. . . excuse me?  I don’t believe I invited you into my workspace Mr. Montgomery! I have a meeting in fifteen minutes so if you don’t mind . . . . ”

Without warning, his powerful hands descended upon my shoulders.  The magic that oozed from his finger tips made me forget how I angry I was with him for a moment.  His touch transported my mind back to the last time he savored me.  All of me began to tremble as his soft lips started to bathe my neck.  He began to put on that candy licker charm by whispering those words I loved to hear . . . . .


“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you Chelsea.  I couldn’t let another day go by without holding you in my arms again.  Did I do something wrong love?”


“James you know what you did!”


“No I don’t, which is why I’m asking.  Tell me of my transgressions while I slide my tongue inside you . . . .”


Damn this man had a way with words!  On cue, he turned me around and got down on his knees.  The only thing that saved me from falling into his mouth was the fact that I wore my plum jumpsuit!  To the chagrin of my neglected soul, I held firm and pushed my suitor away.


“Like I said before Mr. Montgomery, I have a meeting to attend . . . . . ”


“Just answer me this Chelsea.  Why are you being so distant and cold to me lately?  I know you just got put on as the new director and all . . . . .but seriously?”


“Well you know how things are Mr. Montgomery.  I’m still getting acquainted with the new gig.  I have a lot of issues to address before the month is out.  I inherited a division that is currently in the red and have to make sure that my current counselors don’t lose their jobs. I have a senior center without a director.  And did I mention that I have to hire an assistant director as well?. So yeah, I’m a little busy these days James”


“Hmmmmm . . . .”


“Besides, I hear that the executive director frowns upon managers having relationships with others in the agency.  I’m sorry but what we had before, we can never have again.  It would be bad for business”


“Can never have again?  Bad for business?  If I didn’t know better Chelsea, I’d swear that you were trying to fade out on me!  Is that it?  You don’t want to see me anymore now that you’ve been promoted? Are you too good for me now that you have stepped up in the world?  Are you dating someone else?”


“I should ask you that same question James.  Seems like I was good enough for you when we first started out but recently you’ve been begging me to “bring a friend” whenever we talk about sex.  You continue to talk about having a threesome like I’m not enough woman for you!”


James reached out and grabbed my hands while he continued kneeling on the floor.


“Chelsea, I only said that in jest.  We don’t get to be alone with each other except on the weekends or when we steal away from work.  You have a brother wanting you for days on end!  Me saying that you need to bring a friend with you was just my way of saying that I’m going to give you everything that I’ve got when I see you!  I never meant to disrespect you by saying that.  Matter of fact, I will never say that again!”


“Well if I’m truly enough woman for you, why are you comfortable with just fucking me James? Whenever I send you a text about me wanting to have my booty rubbed or talk about us in the future,  you just dismiss it?”


“It’s gonna take more than a few minutes to explain myself love.  You sure you want to have that conversation now?  Don’t you have a meeting at 3pm?”


“Honestly James, it doesn’t even matter at this point whether we discuss it or not.  I’m officially unbothered.  I need to meet with Mr. Dove . . . . . . ”


“Well . . . . . I guess you can’t keep the executive director waiting.  He’s all about punctuality.  But in all honesty, I would like to finish this conversation”


“It’s a weeknight James and I need to see about the girls”


“I don’t mind staying until you’re done.  We can either meet in my workroom or at the Starbucks around the corner”


“I’ll come to your office after the meeting”


James nodded as he rose to his feet and took his leave.  I took a moment to come back to my senses before gathering my things and motoring toward Mr. Dove’s office.  While James turned me all the way up, he also pissed me the hell off!  This ninja had the nerve to tell me that he never meant to disrespect me!  How am I supposed to feel when I disclose my feelings and get no responses?  How am I supposed to feel when I share my dreams of us getting married and all he can say is “that’s nice”?  I was always there at his beck and call whenever he needed me.  Didn’t matter what the hour, I was there.  For nearly four months, I’d given him rides that were better than Six Flags!  I simply couldn’t settle for being a damn roller coaster.  


I breathed deeply as I turned the corner and entered into director’s office.  I needed to get my focus back on work.  I took a sip of my lemon water as I grabbed a seat in the conference room.  I began reviewing the budget as Mr. Dove walked in. . . . .


After nearly two hours of going over strategies to get the budget back on track, I went straight to my office.  I knew that I had promised James that I would talk to him, but in retrospect, I didn’t owe him any explanation.  I could move on with my life just like he did.  Besides, my new position was a game changer!  No longer did I need James’s financial assistance for anything.  I could move out of the duplex and rent a home closer to the ARC.  Me and the girls could afford to go out again.  We could afford cable again. And to be able to buy real orange juice again instead of the sugary knock offs . . . . . meant everything to me.


When I opened my office door, I saw someone sitting in my chair.


I turned on the light to see . . . . and it was James!


“Being an asshole again I see!  Why the hell are you sitting in my chair with the lights off?  How did you get in here?”


“Well I knew you weren’t going to come back to my office after that budget meeting of yours”


“How did you know it was a budget meeting?  Wait, let me guess, you’ve been checking my emails right?”


“No, actually Jim meets with every department at the beginning of the month to go over the budgets. He meets with the new managers separately as the group meetings can be . . . . brutal.  So no, I haven’t been reading your emails”


“You always got a smart answer for everything don’t you?”


“Chelsea, why you gotta act like this?  Why are you treating me like I’m a total stranger?  I arrange for you to get this manager gig and now you act like you don’t know me?”


“You didn’t help me get shit James!  I interviewed for this position just like everybody else!  My experience and the Lord Almighty helped me get this job! Favor ain’t fair!”


“Hmmmm . . . . . you truly don’t understand who I am do you?  And here you are wanting a relationship with me?”


“So you’re saying I don’t know you?  I think I’ve ingested enough of your unborn children that I should know who you are!”


“You should but honestly, you don’t have a clue love.  Against my better judgement, I’m going to be transparent with you Chelsea.  I’m starting to fall for you which is why I’m here right now.  Any other time, I wouldn’t have given your little temper tantrum a second thought”


“I’m sure because you’re Mr. “I Used to Play Pro Football”!  You’ve got your investments so you live a pretty good life.  I’m sure most women would be flattered with the arrangement of being stand by pussy but not me”


“You’re not a stand by anything Chelsea”


“Really James?  Why have you waited until now to approach me? I haven’t returned your messages for over a week!”


James didn’t respond.  He simply leaned back in the chair and put his size 13’s on my new mahogany desk!  This ninja here!  I stood at the door ready to throw my iPad at him!


“Are you fucking serious!  You in my chair with your feet up?  Do you think you run this place?”


“Do you want the long answer or the short answer?”


“What??  I want your fucking feet off my desk James Montgomery!”


“If you have a seat, I’ll tell you everything you want to know about me.  But I don’t think you’re ready for this.  By your actions, I don’t think you’re ready for what comes next”


“Try me!  Last time I checked, your name was not on the front of the building!”

“It may not be but I run this company.  As a matter of fact, I run this city . . . . .”


Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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