Now Or Never

It’s now or never girl!  Too late to back out now!”


I peeked from behind the black curtain.  There he was, sitting with Anthony and his other groomsman, looking more delectable than the last time I tasted him.  I hadn’t seen Princeton face to face since that fateful night I left his home.  Since that encounter, he’s avoided all my advances.  He won’t return my phone calls.  He blocked me from his social media sites.  He even refused to work with me in the studio!  I had to resort to writing and mailing him love letters that never received a response.  I should have ended my chase months ago but Princeton and I belong together.  I wasn’t about to let my heart be taken by someone else! Not without a fight!


I closed the curtains and collected my thoughts.  I went back to the dressing room to give myself the final look over.  My ass was sitting nice in the red g-string, courtesy of my new trainer back home.  The matching bustier would definitely get him to notice all of me.  The new ink on my chest and thighs would give me enough time to entice him before he knew who I was.  I threw on my sheer dressing gown and heels before I began to pray.  I needed everything to go right tonight.  On cue, a broad shouldered man in a black pinstripe suit came up to me.  


“The champagne room is ready for you Ms. Alexander”


“Oh it’s you Chris!  Thank you and your staff for everything tonight.  I couldn’t do this without you guys!”


“It’s our pleasure.  Mr. Montgomery insisted that you and your guests have the very best tonight”


“So is Princeton Paul in the room already?”


“He’s on his way.  I had two of our female staff escort him there.  He’ll be handcuffed when you come through the door”


“And the music?”


“Your playlist is ready to go Ms. Alexander”


“Perfect!  Tell Mr. Montgomery that I owe him one for this!”


“I definitely will.  Enjoy your evening ma’am”


I took my leave and ascended the stairs to the main floor and walked to the back.  Two men that could have passed for offensive lineman were standing at the door awaiting my instructions.  I slipped on my mask and gave the cue for the music to start.  I walked into the dimly lit room with all the confidence of my ancestors.  And there was my prey, dressed in his trademark black, sitting back with both hands chained to the railing.  I could sense Princeton was excited as he couldn’t stop his right leg from jumping!  I sauntered across the room as Brandy began to echo my heart:


All I can do is sit and think about

The way you used to love me

The way you used to hold me

And the way you used to touch me


When I arrived at his feet, I could see his spheres looking me over attempting to figure out who I was. Without any words spoken, I began to dance for my man.  I allowed my hips to sway as the intro played, turning around to let him see what my mother truly gave me.  I let the robe fall to the floor as I took a seat on his lap.  I took my time as I slow wined to the beat.  


“Now is the time to

Relax your mind let

Go and unwind

I’ve waited for too long, I’m ready”


I could feel Princeton’s soul rising.  I steadied myself on his legs as I tried to make him feel my wetness through his jeans.  


“Beautiful, you are amazing!  Turn around and let me see you”


I couldn’t give myself away just yet.  I climbed off and rocked my hips back and forth again.  I could see him growing more anxious by the moment.  Instead of climbing back on, I knelt down before him.


“Ummm, what are you doing?  I didn’t think you could . . . . . . ooooohhhhhh”


Before he could finish his question, I was already at work.  It had been so long that I just couldn’t resist!  Even if I wanted to stop at this juncture, my heart wouldn’t let me.  I wanted Princeton! This was my only chance to convince him that I was better than the competition.


“Yes baby, I think you’re ready”


“Wait a minute?  Do I know you?”


I didn’t answer.  Instead, I took the key from my bra and unlocked one of the handcuffs.  


“I want you to feel every part of me Princeton”


I could see that the liquor induced haze was wearing off.  I unhooked the bustier and took off my mask.  I knew he could never forget my breasts no matter how drunk he was!  His eyes grew to the size of saucers as I pulled my lingerie to the side and mounted my steed.


“Jade!!! What the hell are you doing?”


“Riding you baby.  Let me take care of my man!”


“No!  No!  You’ve got to stop this!”


“I’m fighting for what’s mine!  You’re mine Princeton, not hers!”


“You’re sick Jade!  This . . . . this . . . .”


He grew speechless as I continued to grind his soul like black pepper.  I felt empowered  with each stroke.


“This is my dick Princeton!  It’s mine!”


The more he tried to push me off, the deeper I let him drown in me.  He couldn’t help but grab my hips as I gave him life again.  Within a matter of minutes, I could feel him letting go inside of me.  I screamed in delight as I returned the favor.  As our pace grew to a crawl, Princeton began to weep . . . . .


“What’s wrong babe?”


He looked up at me, tears in his eyes, shaking his head.


“Why are you doing this to me?  Why are you doing this to me now Jade?”


“Because I love you Princeton!  Why else would I fly to Miami to be with you?”


“You love me?  You don’t love me!  Not after all the shit you put me through!  Now that I’m finally going to be happy, you come and pull this shit?!”


“Princeton baby, I didn’t know what else to do!  You’ve shut me out of your world completely!  How else was I supposed to get your attention?”


“You were supposed to walk away like you did that night!  You’re good at that remember?”


“I wasn’t in the right frame of mind that night.  But I assure you darling, I’m ready for love.  I’m ready for us! I just need you to give us a chance like you said in the church parking lot”


Princeton looked at me as if I cursed at him.


“Jade, how long was I supposed to wait?  Was I supposed to wait until after you got married and divorced again?  Was that it?  Was I supposed to sit on the sideline and watch you date guy after guy praying for you to come to your senses?”


“Princeton, it wasn’t like that I promise you!”


“Yes it was Jade.  I didn’t make enough money for you.  I wasn’t famous enough for you.  Even though you said you believed in my passion, you didn’t think it could afford you the life you always wanted.  So instead, you chose a man who beat you like Ike did Tina.  Do you know how it feels to lose the one you love to Ike Turner?”


“No . . . . . . I never thought about it like that”


“I’m sure you didn’t!  And you didn’t call me for three fucking months!  It was so simple to just text me and tell me that you were trying to get out of the situation.  But instead, you played games with my mind and my heart.  You were engaged and didn’t tell me that night you came over!”


I sat there and thought about what my beloved was saying.  I handled the entire situation wrong and I could see why he didn’t want anything else to do with me.


“Babe, I understand that I wasn’t my best.  I was trying to work on myself”


“When you came to my house, you told me you were ready.  Then . . . you left!  You don’t seem to understand that in the wake of you getting yourself together, you tore my world apart!  Like literally tore my world apart!  But now that I’m whole again and ready to marry Stephanie, you’re ready?”


My eyes began to sweat.  Princeton had a valid argument.  I hadn’t been the best person. I never really knew what being in a relationship meant.  Anytime I got close to someone, I felt the need to run.  Kinda like my childhood in foster care.  Anytime I got close to the family, I was being shipped somewhere else.  I wanted to tell Princeton everything I had been through since that night.  How I found my biological father and made amends.  How I’d come to love and appreciate myself and others.  How I’d changed my thinking as it related to love.  I wanted him to know but I could see that he was frightened.  I took his face in my hands.  


“Princeton, if it takes me forever proving my worth to you, I’m willing to do it.  As you can see, I’m willing to do anything to have you back in my life again.  I can exist in this world but I can’t live without you.  I’m ready to live again babe.  Can you give us one more try?”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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