Anatomy of a Pimp, Part II

Seventy two hours had passed and I found myself (yet again) sweating in Morgan’s bed. The decision was heavy on the brain but my mistress was making my burden light.  As the sun gave her nakedness power, she continued to extract the life force from me.  Her soul caressed my shaft to the point where I was in sync with her thoughts.  The sounds of our bodies entangled filled the stillness of the morning.  Her moans joined the chorus that had already infused the room.  I held on as we accelerated, finally escaping to that secret place. Morgan fell to the side while I laid still in the quietness, resting my weary legs in the midst of the wet sheets.


“I don’t know what you did to me Morgan!  I can’t move!”


She raised her head and looked at me with a smile so bright the stars would be jealous! She kissed me on the cheek as she made her way off the bed.  Holding on to the wall for support,  she began to make her way to the bathroom.  I managed to sit up and watch Morgan’s delectable peach jiggle to the bathroom entrance.


“I see you’re having a hard time moving too?”


“See . . . . I can’t even say anything to that!  If I can just make it . . . . .”


I reached for a Kool as Morgan disappeared into the powder room.  Indeed, Ms. Carter had said quite a bit during our escapade that was truly out of her character.  You see, Morgan prided herself on keeping business strictly business.  She desired sex but didn’t want to get caught up in the emotion of it.  So our Tuesday brunches were mainly Morgan giving me instructions on how she wanted to be handled.  There was no kissing allowed anywhere. No matter the position, she had to be in control.  Today however, was different. The door opened to the warmest hug and the most sensual kiss.  Passion reigned from the door to the bedroom. The sex was pure.  She was finally able to let go. . . . . . . 


“Eric Houston . . . . you continue to amaze me!”


“That’s why you keep asking me back right?”


She flashed that Colgate smile of hers as she fixed her robe and wrapped her wet hair in a towel.


“It’s more than the sex babe.  You know, we’ve known each other for a while now and . . . . .”


“And what Morgan?”


The impression in her eyes was unfamiliar to me.  Could it be that after all this time, the Ice Queen was catching feelings for me?


“Oh nothing! We’ll talk about it later over brunch.  I can whip up those blueberry waffles you like?”


“Can’t forget the bacon now!”


“Of course not!”


I watched her ageless body sashay into the other room.  I had to get my mind together.  I had to stick to the plan and couldn’t let my heart get in this.  Love was not something that I could afford to feel right now.  However, Morgan was making this whole thing difficult. Regardless to what James said, Morgan was the one who helped me through my rough patch.  She helped me get over Lauren and help curb my need for alcohol every waking moment.  She was instrumental in my new wardrobe and how to make each lady feel special.  She was more than my handler, she was my friend.


I began to put on my clothes. I could hear her singing that familiar Anita Baker song again. The smell of the griddle started to permeate the air.  It took me back to our first time.  A tear began to run down my face.  


“I can’t do this!  I just can’t!”


I quickly wiped my eye and regained my focus.  I knew what the ramifications would be if I didn’t follow through with the plan.  But . . . . I wasn’t a killer.  Hell, I had never been in a fight before!  What the hell did I know about killing a person, let alone someone that I had grown close to?  Now if this had been Lauren, I could possibly choke the shit out of her . . . . .but I wouldn’t be kill her either.  There had to be a way I could get her out of this mess without her having to die. Then a thought came to me and I began to alter the plan. . . . 


I made my way to the kitchen where Morgan was busy being Susie Homemaker.  I walked up behind my vanilla milkshake and squeezed her tightly.


“Now what were you saying earlier?”


“Eric, you sure you want to know?”


“If it’s what I think it is . . . . .”


“Well . . . . . we’ve known each other for a while now and I was thinking . . . . why don’t we start our own escort service?”


“Say what?”


I backed up and took a seat at the kitchen table as she turned around to pitch her proposal.


“Think about it? We could be in business for ourselves!  There would be no overhead to pay.  We wouldn’t be making as much but we would only have to answer to ourselves”


“But that doesn’t make sense Morgan.  Why would we strike out on our own?  We have a pretty good living like this?”


“Eric, there’s a whole lot that you don’t know”


“You told me that you invested in this company after your ex got caught right?”


“I did”


“So why do you want to cash out your investment?  Is your contract up?”


“No Eric, but our benefactor’s time is soon to be up”


“Our benefactor?”


I couldn’t let on that I had already met with destiny.


“Yes Eric, our benefactor.  His name is James Montgomery or whatever he’s calling himself these days!  He’s an evil, twisted soul!”


“Evil?  So why did you get involved with this madness?  Better yet, why did you pull me into this?”


“Honestly Eric, I didn’t know!  I thought it was an easy way to make money.  He’s been using us to blackmail half of our clientele!”


“But how has he been doing that?  I thought that there were no cameras in the room?  Especially if we are going to the client’s room?”


“Supposedly, he’s been able to see in the rooms with the cameras from our phones and tablets . . .”


“Are you serious?”


“Eric, he can do anything using technology.  I believe he used to work for the NSA.  Word has it that he has rigged elections and has hacked thousands of bank accounts.  He’s been wanted for some time now.  The problem is, nobody has ever seen him.  He’s like a ghost, a computer virus . . . ”   


“Outside of using the cameras on our phones, he sounds like a normal businessman to me Morgan.  If we struck out on our own, we would still be turning tricks which is illegal in Georgia last time I checked.  It would take us years to turn the kind of profit we see now”


She stood there for a moment with food in hand.  She took a deep breath and set my plate before me.


“Did I say something wrong? I mean, we’re already in the sauce. . . .”


“Well there’s no point in holding back now. . . .”


“Hold back what?”


“Eric . . . . . . . I struck a deal with the feds for testimony against James”


“You did what?!”


“Yeah.  They offered me immunity if I told them how he operates the escort business without getting caught”


“Please tell me you didn’t Morgan?”


“Eric, I didn’t have a choice!”


“You always have a choice!  Damn Morgan!”


“Eric you don’t understand . . . . .”


“Help me understand dear!  If you are going to turn over evidence, how can we start our own business?  Hell you would have to lay low yourself and . . . . . .”


“What Eric?”


“Now I get it. . . . . .  Can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier”


“What dear?”


If you turn evidence over on James, you would have to sell me out too!  All this business talk?  You’re just killing time until they come for me?  That was the real reason for the passionate love session today huh?  So how long do I have before they come through the door?”


Morgan reached across the table and took my hand.


“Eric . . . . . . I never wanted to hurt you.  It’s just that they came to me . . . . . . ”


I shoved her hand away and looked toward the ceiling.  Everything that Mr. Montgomery had told me when he called for my answer was true!  He told me that Morgan would sell me out in order to gain the power that she wanted.  I had been a pawn in her plan the entire time!  The hope for love that I had gained only an hour past had once again evaporated.  I could hear the steps of several men enter the door and fill their way into the kitchen.  


“I can’t believe you would do this to me Morgan. . . . . after everything . . . . .”


Morgan relaxed in her chair, finishing a bite of her waffle as if I were nothing.  She looked at the agents as they stood around me.  Indeed she struck a deal with the feds, but my deal was better!  After several moments passed, Morgan looked up from her plate in disgust.


“So are you going to just stand there and wait until he finishes breakfast?  I held up my end of the deal!  Arrest him!”


I stared coldly into Morgan’s eyes. I could see her mind processing what was really going on.  At that moment, one of the agent’s handed me a phone that miraculously began to rang as I held it.  I smiled as I accepted the call and switched it to speaker.


“She’s sitting in front of me Mr. Montgomery”


The dark cloud of reality hovered over Morgan as James’s dark baritone began to speak . . .


“Morgan, Morgan, Morgan.  I have to give it to you darling.  You swung for the fences with this one!  Too bad I own the team . . . . ”


“Mr. Montgomery!   I . . . I didn’t . . . .”


“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?  You of all people know that I have ears everywhere!  That I can be anywhere, touch anything!  But you thought you were smarter than me didn’t you?  You couldn’t leave well enough alone!  I would have never pegged you for traitor Morgan.  I had such high hopes for you . . . . . . .  but it’s okay.  You’ve served your purpose in grooming Eric into what I need him to be”


“You’ll never get away with this James!  They will come looking for me!”


“Oh, I’m counting on it Ms. Carter.  And when they find your body on your ex-husband’s new yacht coupled with the alimony he was behind on, I’m sure that you will get the justice that you deserve!”




I motioned the agents to take her away as she started to run from the table.  I could only watch as they dragged her into the room and closed the door.  I took the phone off speaker.


“So was I right young blood?”


“Yes Mr. Montgomery.  I can’t believe I wanted to save her. . . . “


“It’s alright son.  Pussy gets us like that sometimes that’s why you have to trust me.  Good idea of having the agents kill her.  No need for her murder to be on your hands”


“Thank you sir”


“Now I’ve paid the agents to clean the scene so you have nothing to worry about.  Are you ready to get to work?”


“Yes sir . . . .”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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