The Superman Lover, Part 2

Karma are you in there? Karma? Karma?


I gripped the marble sink as Karma exhumed the very essence from me.  She was meticulous in her work, making sure that she collected every drop.  In the midst of slipping in and out of consciousness, I fell back and turned the water on.  Lincoln wouldn’t possibly leave the door now!  Seemingly unnerved by it all, Karma rose to her feet and flushed the toilet.  Before I could utter a word, she motioned me to pull up my pants and head towards the corner of the bathroom.  While I was wondering what was next, Karma opened her purse and put on her lip gloss.


“Hello?  Is anyone in there?”


Instead of feeling rushed, Karma was as the epitome of cool.  After she made sure everything was in place, she slipped on her heels and turned the light off before exiting.


“There you are!  Why didn’t you answer me?  The show is about to start!”


“The baked beans didn’t agree with me dear.  I was trying to be discreet and use a bathroom out of the way”


“You feeling okay now right?  I wouldn’t want you to miss your old man during his glory days!  I know they have a clip from me playing Joseph in the Technicolor Dreamcoat!”


When I could no longer hear their voices, I locked the door and fixed myself before making my exit.  I opened the door slowly before attempting to walk back with my class.  My mind was telling me to move but my legs refused to cooperate.  Karma left me barely able to stand!  I had to come down off this high and get my spirit back!  So instead of rejoining my classmates to watch the video, I found the back door exit.  I took a seat on the stairs while I lit a Kool.  The night air brought me back to life as the nicotine gave me the strength I needed. Karma was more than I bargained for tonight!  She was making it clear that she wanted to be more than a client but I didn’t need her to be.  I didn’t want to be involved with another taken woman.  As I prepared myself to return, my phone vibrated.  




“Hey Eric.  I don’t mean to interrupt your reunion but I got a job for you”


“Morgan I told you that I was unavailable this weekend. . .”


“Yes, I know but I think you might want to hear me out on this one!”


“Really now?”


“The client is willing to pay you five grand”


“Five grand?  Are you serious?”


“Sweetie, you know I don’t joke when it comes to money”


“That I do”


“So are you interested?”


I thought about the proposal for a moment.  Who in the world thought that my magic stick was enough to pay five grand for the night?  There had to be a catch.


“So what’s the catch Morgan?  Will there be a husband filming me?”


“Well . . . . no.  But a threesome was discussed.  However, if you’re not cool with the situation, it will be just you and the wife.  Payment is still the same either way”


“Hmmmmm. . . . okay, I’m game.  I needed an excuse to get out of here anyway!  Where is the place?”


“The Double Tree off Perimeter in the next hour.  The room will be under your real name”


“You know it can’t be under my name Morgan!”


“This is a special request Eric.  Besides, it’s the Presidential Suite.  Lucky you!”


Before I could ask the client’s name, Morgan hung up rather abruptly.  My mind started sprinting as to which mogul was requesting my services.  I started going through my mental Rolodex, remembering all the professional women that I had been with.  Outside of smashing the blonde headed senior exec for AT&T and that basketball wife in LA, I couldn’t think of a client who had that kind of money to blow on a male escort. Even though Karma talked a good game, she couldn’t swing five stacks for one night!  An entire month? Maybe.  But not just one night.


I started to make my way back to the gathering to say my goodbyes.  Everyone was engrossed in the video, talking and laughing about the outfits and hairstyles we had back then.  I peeked inside the room to see what they were watching.  Sure enough, it was a clip from Lincoln’s musical.  The asshole was so busy trying to reenact his role that he didn’t notice his wife licking her lips in my direction as I walked past!


“And where do you think you’re going?  The video just got interesting”


“There was a small incident at the restaurant that I need to attend to Cassie.  I enjoyed the food”


“Awwwwww.  I’m sorry to hear that.  Safe travels Eric!”


“Thanks Cassie.  Enjoy the rest of your night!”


I eased into the Impala and made my way toward Perimeter Highway.  The Migos were providing the backdrop for my trip.  I lit another Kool as I collected my thoughts for tonight’s encounter.  I kept wondering who was the special guest?  Could it be Jill?  Maybe Meagan? Or could it be . . . . . Lauren?  I began to wonder if this was yet another one of her mind games.  It couldn’t be her!  Or could it?


I walked into the hotel and announced my arrival to the earthy clerk behind the counter. She gave me the biggest smile and wink as I headed toward elevator.  I breathed deeply as the see-through carriage ascended.  I stopped wondering about who was coming and began to focus on the money.  No matter who it was, there was no time to be self-righteous or star struck.  It was time to punch the clock and give the woman what she needed; me.


I could hear Aaron Camper playing as I climbed off the platform.  The clerk never stated that my guest were already here!  I opened the door anticipating that I would see the happy couple going at it.  To my surprise, there were two beautiful vanilla sunrises sitting on the couch.  I had never seen either one of them before but I was going to make their acquaintance quickly!  As I let the door close behind, two offensive linemen emerged from the bar on my right and sought to impede my progress!


“Um, I think I may have the wrong room. . . . .”


“Aye, you’s Eric right?”


“Um . . . . yeah.  But I’m telling you now, I’m not having a threesome with you guys around!”


My intruders began to laugh.


“Nah pretty boy!  You’re in the right room.  The boss would like to meet with you”


“Boss?  What boss?”


“Your boss!”




The invaders continued laughing as one began to pat me down.


“Man, what the fuck is this?  The Godfather?  The only thing I’m packing is this dick!”


“Look lover boy, this is the rule.  Not many people get to see the boss face to face.  Now shut your mouth so we can get this shit over with!  I’m missing the game!”


I didn’t utter another word as I was ushered into the bedroom where there was a man sitting in a chair getting his brains blown by an exotic female.  It felt as if we were intruding on his time, but the “boss” motioned for me and his goons to stay put.  Her head game was just a vicious as Karma’s by the way her dark hair flowed up and down.  The man reminded me of the 12 Play R. Kelly.  He never let the cigar leave his hand as she made him arrive.  Just like Karma, she didn’t allow a drop to be spilled and left no trace of her handiwork.  The mystery man kissed her on the forehead before she fled the scene.  After he closed his fly, he stood to attention.


“Mr. Houston!  It’s good to finally meet you face to face”


“So this is how you treat all your friends I presume?”


“On the contrary.  You see, a man of your talents is very valuable to my operation.  It’s not customary for me to show my face but you’re special.  It’s because of what I can offer you that I’m here tonight.  I have a proposition for you”


“And just who might you be?  I thought Morgan was my boss?

“She’s your handler but I’m the boss.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is James Montgomery . . . . . .”



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

One thought on “The Superman Lover, Part 2

  1. This is about to get very interesting. Idk what Eric will do, but, I am sure he is suprised. Heck, I am surprised, as well. Eric may begin to think he has bitten off more than he can chew! Who knows…then again, maybe, he may think that he has nothing to lose by living on the wild side.

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