Mr. Superman Lover

I took a deep breath as I saw the exit for Washington Road. It had been two years since I was home. I didn’t know how to feel. The last time I journeyed this way, I was saying goodbye to my mother for the last time. There was no real reason to come back but I needed to get away and this twenty year class reunion couldn’t have come at a better time. I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in libations and reminisce about old times.

Before I pulled up at the venue, my cell went off. Morgan was emailing me my schedule for next week. Ms. Carter was proving herself to be an extraordinary business partner! With Morgan’s spectacular review, my restaurant was full every night! Then with the “dates” she was scheduling for me, I was able to live comfortably for the first time in my life. I was able to make upgrades to the restaurant, purchase a car, and replace the bed we broke! Life was definitely on the upswing! But no matter how much money I stacked, no matter how many women I slept with, Lauren continued to haunt my thoughts . . . . . . .
“Eric Houston! Man, you look great! Looks like Atlanta is agreeing with you!”

Cassie Light, our valedictorian, always knew how to make me feel good.

“It’s good seeing you too Cassie! You haven’t changed a bit! Aren’t you getting ready to do Broadway now?”

“Yes . . . . but you know I had to come down! Are you coming out to watch the tournament tomorrow? Scott has one more ticket?”

“Nah, golf is not my bag. Besides, I have to get back to the restaurant. New Edition is going to be in the house tomorrow!”

“Oh wow! That’s great! You really have made it!”

“Thanks Cassie. I’m just trying to make moms proud!”

“Eric, you definitely are. I know she’s smiling down on you. You are finally realizing your dream!  Look, I know you don’t want to chat with me all night! The food is in the next room and the drinks as you can see, are everywhere! We’re going to start the film in a little while”

I grabbed a Newcastle and made my way through the buffet. As I searched for a seat, I recognized a familiar face that was out of place. She wasn’t an alumnus, but she was sitting at the table entertaining herself with stories from other classmates. I attempted to scoot by unnoticed but our eyes met anyway. Her face began to light up. She attempted to engage but I continued my pilgrimage. I didn’t need the drama. Not tonight. I found a seat next to my former band mate, Erica, and her husband in my attempt to avoid the visitor. I kept from looking her way by talking about life with the guests surrounding me. However as I sipped the last of my sugar diabetus tea, two figures stood to the left of me waiting to be acknowledged.

“Eric Houston! Man, it’s been a long time! How are you?”

“I’m good Lincoln. How are you?”

“Same ol’, same ol’. You know I work for the Treasury right?”

“I believe I overheard Taylor and Scott talking about that”

“Yeah man! I’m looking to move to D.C. in the next couple of months. Then I can really do some traveling with my . . . . . oh I’m sorry honey.! I haven’t introduced you.!  Eric this is Karma. Karma, this is Eric, my old chorus sidekick”

Little did Lincoln know, his wife and I had already met. I knew her as Stacy . . . .

“Good to meet you . . . . Karma”


Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that my Tuesday and Wednesday morning appointment was Lincoln’s wife? Now everything that she told me in confidence made sense! When we were in school, Lincoln was a pompous ass who believed that the world revolved around him. In chorus, the arrogant bastard thought he was the best singer ever! When he got the lead in the musical our senior year, it made him more insufferable! His face was plastered on the cover of the Applause and we never heard the end of it! I absolutely hated his ass! The fact that I’d been knocking the breaks off his wife though . . . .  was making up for those times. . . . .

“So Eric what have you been up to? Have you been singing lately?”

“Nah, I haven’t been singing. I actually opened up my own restaurant last year and it’s doing rather well. We just received a five star review from Food and Wine magazine”

“You don’t say? Well, I’ve never heard of it. It is in Atlanta right?”

“Yes, in the heart of downtown. I know you’re probably too busy to eat out with all your treasury work”

“What’s the name of it?”
“The Six”

“Really now? Dear, have you heard of that restaurant?”

“No . . . . can’t say that I have”

“Well, I’m sure me and the misses will get a chance to visit your little establishment”

“You should. I think you would be surprised”

Lincoln gave his trademark condescending smile as he grabbed Karma to mingle with the other classmates. I sat in my chair and laughed! All those things that Karma had been disclosing to me about her husband. How he’s never there. How work is more important than her. How he treated her like the help instead of his life partner. How he doesn’t talk to her anymore. All he wanted to do was ram it in her once a month! It all made perfect sense now.

I seized another drink from the bar before I took a tour of the museum. My trek led me upstairs to a portion of the venue where no one was. While I was admiring some of the artwork, Karma came into view.

“So you gonna act like you don’t know me huh?”

“Well Mrs. Vaughn, I’m trying hard to protect our secret”

“And while I appreciate that Mr. Superman Lover, I really need you. It’s been almost a month! Why are you not available in the mornings anymore? Is someone paying you more? I can double it?”

“Do you want the truth?”

“That’s why I asked good looking”

“I felt that we were both getting too attached for each other”

“Attached? I was paying for every session!”

“That you were but it was becoming a little more than sex . . . for both of us”

“More than sex? Is there something wrong with that Eric?”

“There’s something wrong when emotions become involved in this business”

“There’s nothing wrong from where I sit”

“But you’re married . . . .”


“I’m not ready for a relationship Karma. Please try to understand. I want to keep seeing you but then it makes it hard for me to see my other clients”

“And would that be so bad Eric? Is it so wrong for you to want me? I want you . . . .”

I stood there like a deer in the headlights as Karma came near. Her hips had me in a trance as she slid her hand down my chest and began to embrace all of my manhood.

“Seems like somebody is happy to see me?”

“Karma, I don’t think . . . . I don’t think this is appropriate”

“Stop acting so siddity Eric! Let me have it! You know how I love to bathe it with my tongue!”

Karma wasn’t playing fair as she continued to rub me vigorously while I tried to remain calm. My mind said run but the other part of me was feeling quite at home.

“I bet the dew is nice and right on that thickness of yours”

I was past dew at this point. Karma’s aggressive nature mixed with my fixation for public sex was pushing me past good judgement. If I continued to force her away, Karma would just double down on her efforts. I couldn’t help but remember how delicate her tongue was against my skin the last time. How her tender lips took me in and made me forget about my yesterday. As much as I hated to admit it, the sessions were more about meeting my needs than they were hers! Seeing that I couldn’t win this battle, I did what any guy would do . . . .

“Let’s go to the bathroom”

I grabbed her hand and we quickly sequestered ourselves in the lavatory across the way. She locked the door and took off her shoes. She was impatient as she couldn’t even wait for me to take off my pants and jacket! She unzipped my slacks and fell to her knees. Quickly she reminded me why I couldn’t keep seeing her. Her mouth was addictive! I held on to the sink as she got reacquainted with her old friend. I felt her taking me into the home stretch when I heard a voice outside the door.

“Karma the video is about to start! I want you to see your man in action!”

I looked at Karma but she was too busy delighting herself to see the fear in my eyes.

“Karma, are you in there? Karma? Karma?”




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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