Addicted to the . . . . . . .

I was returning to the scene of the crime.  While I didn’t want to make the trek to Buckhead, I needed answers.  Somehow I let James sweet talk me into driving back out here for a Sunday brunch.  When I finally broke down and called, he only told me that everything would be made clear.  He didn’t offer any answers to my Friday night inquiries. Now I don’t know too many sistas who would have availed themselves to another rendezvous, but it was necessary for my mystery to be solved.  I needed to know that my heart was in the right place and James was different from the rest.  I needed to know that Black love was possible in this crazy dating world today.  I needed to . . . damn, why am I lying?!  I needed that dick!


It was a beautiful 74 degree day in January!  James’s mansion was more breathtaking than I remembered as I pulled up.  The grey stone driveway was spotless.  The lawn and shrubbery were impeccably manicured.  Hell, not even a shingle was out of place!  The sun gave the home a vigor that couldn’t be seen at night.  As I parked, my heart started to paint images of me, James, and the kids living here again. My mind, however, kept giving me red flags to look out for.  He kept nagging me, telling me not to open my legs until all of my questions were answered.  He attempted to convince me that all of this was a trap.


“Get it together Chelsea!  This is not a trap!  It’s just lunch!”


I fixed my girls and put on my Cover Girl lip gloss.  I wiped my brow of the anxiety sweat. My black peplum top hid perspiration from any areas I may have missed.  I looked myself over in the rear view mirror.  As I turned to exit my truck, guess who’s sitting there gawking at me?  Yep . . . . Mr. Candy Licker . . . . . . 


“So do you make it a point to stare at all of your guest while they’re in the car?”


“Only you Chelsea . . . . .”


His slim fine ass always knew the right things to say!  I smiled and took his hand as I stepped out of my chariot.  I could feel his eyes all over me.


“So . . . do you like?”


I paraded my assets slowly for him to get a view coming and going.  By the way his eyes were protruding out of their sockets, I could tell I made the right choice going with the jeans and leopard heels.


“I’ve never seen you in jeans and I must say . . . . I want you. . . .  now!”


I laughed to myself but by the way he grabbed my hand, this man was serious!  He whisked me through the front door and into the guest bathroom! His kisses filled my neck within seconds as his hands were all over my blessed assurance.  Lawd, I loved the way this man kissed me!  The air began to get thin as my soul started to sweat.


“Wa . . . . wait . . . wait babe . . . . ”


“What’s the matter momma?”


“I thought we were having brunch today?”


“Well can I have you first?”


“No James.  Before momma can give you anymore goodies, I’ve got some questions that need to be answered”


“You’re right lady.  I got a little beside myself.  Seeing you in those jeans . . . . . made me want to get inside and . . . .”


“I understand James.  I’ve missed you too”


He pulled me close for one final kiss and we proceeded out of the bathroom and walked through the house, hand in hand.  


“So what have you prepared for us today Chef James?”


“I hate to admit this Chelsea, but I’m a terrible cook”


“Really now?  So what’s that I smell coming from the kitchen?”


“The chef and her staff are preparing brunch for us.  I think we’re having steak today”


“Wait a minute?  So you have a chef that cooks your meals every day?”


“Not every day, just when I need her talents”


“So is Benson or Mr. Belvedere going to pop out when we arrive at the kitchen?”


James laughed as we came to the kitchen and dining area.  There was a staff of three preparing plates, organizing the space, and prepping dessert.  James looked the setting over and shook his head.


“Sweetheart, it’s such a beautiful day out.  Do you mind if we have lunch on the patio?”




James stepped away from my side and informed the staff that the meal would be had outside.  The trio nodded in unison as James returned to me.


“So I take the lady in the black jacket is the private chef?”


“Yes, Erica is one of the best in the business!  She agreed to fix us a meal for brunch today”


“Damn . . . . so this is how the other half lives!”


James escorted me to the covered area outside and pulled out my chair.  He smelled so good!  Even with the remnants of the grill in the background, his scent was on my lips.


“I hope you like what Erica has prepared for us today.   I wanted to treat you to something nice since you agreed to see me again”


“You know James, we could have gone to a bistro or something.  I’m really not that picky”


“Well, I am.  Besides, I can give you a tour of the house while you’re here.  I don’t want to keep any secrets from you”


“Speaking of secrets, exactly how many people are you renting rooms to right now?”


“Right now, no one”


“But you said . . .”


“What I said was that I have rooms upstairs for rent.  Currently, my ex is staying here while her roof is being repaired.  A tree fell on it several weeks ago and the contractors are taking a little longer than expected”


Just as I was about to continue my interrogation, the culinary trio came out and presented our brunch and drinks.  The aroma was delightful!  James’s chef had prepared bacon wrapped filet mignon, rosemary roasted potatoes, asparagus ribbons, and roasted green beans.


“The strawberry cheesecake is in the refrigerator.  I can have my staff stay and attend to you?”


“No thank you Erica.  This is a nice spread!  Thank you again for fitting me in on such short notice.  Tell your husband and kids I said hello”


“Voy a!  Me gustaría asistir a esta noche?


Te llamaré después de que ella deja”


Erica and her team smiled as they waved goodbye.  I stared at James as he deciphered how to attack the steak.


“So was that Spanish I heard you parlaying?”


“Yes it was.  Erica and her family are from Puerto Rico”


“When did you learn to speak Spanish?”


I first learned the language in high school.  Then I took more classes in college and went on a mission trip to Mexico.  That’s where I met Sarah. . . . . . ”


“Sarah?  Who’s Sarah?”


On cue, out walks the stranger from the refrigerator!  I was still in awe with how perfect she was.  Her lilac sundress was stunning!  James stood to his feet as she came near.  She hugged him . . . . as if she were trying to put her B cup all in his chest!


“Chelsea, this is Sarah.  Sarah, this is Chelsea”


I extended my hand but Sarah came around and provoked me to hug her!  I looked at her rather peculiar as she put her small breast against my HH’s!  I could see James trying not to laugh and mouthing “she’s a hugger”.  I took my seat after the love fest. To my surprise, Sarah decided to sit next to me!  This was beyond awkward.


“Chelsea, I have to say I’m sorry for us meeting that way the other night.  James rarely has company and he rarely comes out of that apartment downstairs”




“Yes!  Since the day I came out to him, he’s been living downstairs”


“Wait a minute?  So you’re . . . . .”


“Yes, I am.  I normally don’t walk around naked but I had a date of my own and I needed a drink!  Woman was wearing me out!”


“So how did your “friend” feel about James living downstairs?  Did you tell her upfront?”


“Well Tiffany and I have been dating for a few months so she knows James.  Before that damn tree fell on the house, there were no issues.  Wouldn’t reckon there would be any now.  Did James tell you I was staying here?”


“No he didn’t”


“That’s James for you!  I love him to death but he forgets about details!  We women need details!  I can see why you bolted out the door after you saw me.  Hell I would have felt some kind of ways about it too!  Did James tell you that he has a stuffed bear that he keeps near him in order to go to sleep?”


James hid his face while I watched Sarah in total amazement.  After all that worry, James had been telling the truth!  She was perfectly confident as she sat and described her current relationship with James.  How they were college sweethearts.  How they became business partners.  How their friendship stayed in tact even when she came out.  I could see that Sarah was no threat to me, even though she was anti-me . . . . . . .


“Well I would stay and chat with you all but I promised Tiffany I would take her to that ferris wheel deal in town.  It was nice meeting you Chelsea!”


“Nice meeting you too Sarah”


Sarah disappeared in the house with the same confidence as when she entered.  James pretended not to care about my reaction as he continued to eat his meal.  


“So . . . . . guess I ran out of here for no reason huh?”


“It’s all good lady.  What matters is that you are here with me and there is no one around . . . . . . . .”


James got up from his seat and placed his strong hands on my shoulders.  I started to tremble at the thought of what would happen in the next couple of hours.  He began to kiss my neck softly and then began to nibble on my ear.  My heart galloped at an obscene pace!


“Since we didn’t have an appetizer to start, how about I eat you instead?




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

One thought on “Addicted to the . . . . . . .

  1. Well….well…well….great twist!!! Her and her naked a$$ is gay. Hmmmm…le sigh. He still should have said something about turned being there, before he invited Chelsea over the first time. It would have kept the confusion from starting. She was right for thinking the worse after seeing a naked woman in the frig. I think he didn’t think about it because he didn’t view Chelsea as someone he had to explain anything to…because they aren’t on that level. However, it seems like common courtesy to me!!! Anyway….he is still slick….as evidenced by his exchange of Espanol with “Erica”. 😒😒😒😒Too bad Chelsea doesn’t know Spanish. Smgdh. 😂😂😂😂🙊😱
    Chelsea needs to talk to him more….take her time and not let THE “D” and the charm cloud her judgment…unless she just wants THE “D”. However….I think she may catch feelings and when she finds out he may not be as sincere as she thinks or he may not be on the same page as her….all hell will break loose. Nothing like a woman scorned.

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