The Big Girl Experience, Part III

“Are you ready for Round 2?”


I looked James over and saw that he was ready without any prompting.  As for me, I didn’t know if I would be able to stand!  I had reached my peak six times in the matter of three hours!  This was far more than any other man had taken me!  I was a novice to this type of high.  I had girlfriends who gossiped to me about how exciting this moment would be. However, words couldn’t color how I felt in this space.  Although my energy was almost near empty,  I wasn’t about to let the sisterhood down. . . . 


“The question is James, are you?”


Now why did I have to go and say some slick shit like that?  Before I could pour myself another drink, James was already behind me commanding me to bend over.  I put the glass down and draped myself over the couch as he spread me apart and began his descent.  It took everything in me not to fall out! I wanted to remind him that he needed contraception, but he felt so . . . .damn . . . .good!  Chris Brown began crooning about sexing his lover back to sleep.  James was in tune with the music as he kept the same tempo.  I could hear the pleasure I was providing as his moans grew louder.


“Chelsea . . . . . Chelsea . . . . .”


“You like what momma giving to you baby?”


“Yes . . . yes . . . . . . . .yes!”


James became more tender with his touches with each song.  His rhythm was steady which let me know he was in it for the long haul.  However, my knees were starting to talk back to me and we needed a change of pace. The sweat that had met me in the car was now back for an encore performance!  Despite the cool night air, I could feel my dress starting to stick to me.  I needed to get it off.


“Let momma take over baby.  Sit on the couch while I take this off”


James did as instructed without a word spoken.  I could see the anticipation in his eyes as I let the dress fall to the ground.  My girls were at full attention.  I shook my locks free as I began to mount my young bull.  To my surprise, the couch had enough area so that I could plant my knees in the cushions to ride with ease.  


“Ohhhh Chelsea . . . . baby . . . you feel so good!”


He buried his face in my chest as I commanded his world once again.  This time I wouldn’t let his joy go to waste as I wanted to feel every drop of him inside of me.  My heart commenced to take over as I drowned deep in his kisses.  I began to daydream that James belonged to me and that this place we were in was sacred.  As 112 sang about having someone to hold, I allowed myself to let go in a way that I had never done before.


“Oh James!  I’m so sorry!  I’ve  . . . . . I’ve never done this before!  I hope I didn’t mess up your couch . . . . . . . ”


James simply smiled and placed his fore finger over my mouth as he began to command my hips.  I cried in ecstasy as I came again. . . . . and again . . . exploding all over his lap! All the stories I had heard about, seen on the porno sites, was now happening to me!  James was reaching a part of me that I never knew existed.  Even though I didn’t want to fall for him, I knew this was the beginning.  Going back to vibrators and the blue collar ballers was not in the script anymore.  I wanted to feel this special all the time.


“James . . . . James . . .”


“That’s it baby.  Make me come for you”


He sucked my breasts as he clinched my shoulders, plunging himself deeper inside of me. I felt another earthquake about to happen even though my hips had reached their limit. Despite the fatigue and endless spasms, there was no way I was giving out now!  I wasn’t going to be labeled as a lazy fuck!  I was going to see this through to the end.  James needed to know that I was going to be that one to fight for his heart.


“Come inside me baby.  I wanna come with you”


With those words, he stared straight into my eyes.  A tear rolled out his left eye as he was trying to hold himself to the final second.  I cheered my champion on as he approached the finish line.  As he crossed, he grabbed me tightly burying his face in my bosom.  He let out a tremendous roar in my chest that caused me to cry out as well.  All life left me as the aftershocks took me to the light. . . . . .


“Chelsea . . . . . wake up babe.  It’s three in the morning”


“Wh . . . . . what?”


“Babe, it’s three in the morning. . . .”


It felt like deja vu all over again with James sitting on that ottoman staring at me and I, passed out on the couch, yet again.  At least I had a blanket this time . . .


“Why you not over here with me James?  You gonna let me sleep on this wet couch by myself?”


“No, I went out for a moment too!  I got up to prepare the room for you and get some towels to shower . . . if you choose to stay the night.  No sense in driving home now right?”


“You’re right babe.  Let me grab my things.  Where is the bedroom?  Do I walk right through those doors?”


“Yes, but I’ll have to lead you.  I’m residing in the basement apartment”


“Wait a minute?  Why are you in the basement?  I thought this house was yours?  You mean to tell me you’re living with your folks?”


“No, this is my place.  No lie.  However, I rent rooms out to people who occupy the upstairs area”


“You sure you haven’t sexed me at your momma’s house James?”


“I can show you the papers in the morning darling.  Let me show you the nearest shower and you can join me downstairs”


I wrapped myself in the blanket and grabbed my things.  I was afraid to be seen now that I knew other people resided here as well.  What if they were watching us the entire time? What if there were cameras all over?  These questions haunted me as I attempted to sleep beside James.  I wanted to let go of the notion but something just wasn’t setting right with me.  Why was James in the basement apartment?  Wouldn’t a border want to have the basement apartment instead of just a room?  I would have to apologize to James in the morning but I knew that I couldn’t stay here for the remainder of the night.


I slipped out of bed and put on my things.  I grabbed my purse and tiptoed upstairs in an attempt to leave the way I came.  As I opened the door, I saw a rather slender, built, Caucasian woman standing in nothing but a thong rummaging through the refrigerator! My initial surprise caused her to turn around suddenly . . . . 


“Oh my!  I didn’t know James had company!  I thought it was just us here tonight?”


“And who are you?”


“Didn’t he tell you?  I’m his ex- wife . . . . .”




Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

4 thoughts on “The Big Girl Experience, Part III

  1. Great read!! I loved the ending!!! Bravo!! What a twist!! I really wonder how Chelsea is feeling right now and what is the real nature of james’ and his wife’s relationship? Can’t wait for the next read!

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