Bo burnham called it a “cult of self expression” in a world where young people were raised to say what they think and lead to believe others will care about it. But in life eventually you will find less and less people care for loud opinions. So you go on social media, you hit Facebook and Twitter to speak their mind. Facebook itself was initially a way to stay connected to those with whom you may have been a stranger but now it it a platform for you to perform. And it’s extensions; twitter, vine, now Instagram or Snapchat – are, as well. Now you perform every day sharing everything, often to strangers more than friends. You “lay in bed at night and watch your life as a satisfied audience member”. The arrogance most people have was taught by parents who were just trying to make their kid feel special. Reassuring them that they are somebody or will be somebody that is important. Reality is that they likely will not, so Facebook is what they are left with.

Some people want to put on a show, pretending everything is much peachier than their reality. They want the likes. Some reach for the attention that positivity brings while others relish in the drama, bravado and trolling. Others get trapped looking at other people’s lives that seem much better. That can create a pattern of embarrassment & self loathing. It releases dopamine and honestly gets you a bit high. It’s honestly an enjoyable thing to see the comments and messages, biologically. People giving you a response feels good because it is a hit of dopamine. That is the same thing that is released when you smoke, drink or do drugs, therefore people easily get addicted.

Young people, given access to this too early use it as a coping mechanism. It’s to the point of excess because the earlier it starts, the deeper it’s engrained in your brain as needed. You need it right before you sleep, right when you wake up or on that smoke break at work. The subject of Facebook addiction has been debated but there is no doubt that some can’t put it down. This remains regardless of if it makes you feel envious or unhappy. Facebook has also become more personalized and now your feed only really shows like minded friends posts.

It has the potential to be a toxic thing. But it also keeps people from feeling too lonely. You feel like you’ve connected to people, even though all you’ve done is sit on your couch with your face down. It all depends on frequency and moderation. If no one over did it, then it wouldn’t be an issue effecting everything from our left out children to our time management. It’s just hard to quit because most younger people can hardly imagine a time before Facebook.  Regardless how you move forward, keep in mind that emotions spread like butter over every Facebook post,& try not to get caught up.

addictedMaybe you should take a Facebook quiz..

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