The Big Girl Experience, Part II

“Beautiful, you taste like pineapples . . . can’t wait to have more of you!  What are you doing tonight?”


I grabbed my things and headed toward the elevator.


“Have a good night Ms. Heaton!  See you next week!”


I waved my hand and tried to keep from smiling too big.  If Ms. Pearl knew what had happened prior to her arrival, she would have dragged me into a conversation about “relations” during her time!  Fortunately, I didn’t have time to chit chat tonight.  As I boarded the platform, I quickly texted my response.  I began having heart palpitations as I imagined what else the Candy Licker could do.  If James bed routine was half as good as his tongue exercise, I knew I had a winner!  But first, I needed a sitter. . . . . .


“April, would you mind watching the girls for me tonight?  I need to work late on the renovation project”


“Wait a minute?  Chelsea, when have I ever known you to work late on a damn Friday?”

“Well . . . . . to be honest, I’m meeting with a co-worker for drinks.  He’s really cute and this was a spur of the moment deal . . . . . . .”


“Well it’s about damn time!  I was wondering when you were gonna get back out there!  I’m so glad you are finally shaking off my trifling ass brother!”


“Well I’m trying!  I should only be two hours give or take the traffic”


“Girl you’re fine!  Stay out for as long as you like!.  Me and the girls already ordered pizza and we’re gonna watch some movie with dwarfs and a dragon or something”

“Thanks April! I owe you one”


“Girl I owe you for letting me stay with you guys while I get myself together.  You’re like the sister I never had”


“No worries.  I won’t be out too late”


“Hopefully you will be out late so he can give you that pipe!  Hell, if he does give you some dick tonight, have a couple of hoo hahs for me!  My damn vibrators went on strike because I use them so damn much!”


“April, you’re crazy!”


“No I’m not!  Fuck him for meeeeeee!”


“Girl,  I’m not about to give up my cookies to the first guy that approaches me . . . . . ”


However, as I threw the truck in gear and headed down Courtland, that’s exactly what I was doing.  I was giving myself away so James could use me.  He had already sent the address for our rendezvous and OnStar was leading the way.   Heart and Soul was setting the mood with Ro James giving me the green light to release my inhibitions.  While I glided down I-85, Usher was coaching me to be the best kisser I could be.  It had been so long since someone actually acknowledged that they desired me.  I wanted this new experience for James to be the best.


I crept into the driveway trying to remain cool.  All my confidence left once I turned the ignition off.  My mind began playing chess with my emotions!  I was beginning to sweat in places that I didn’t need to. Even though I wanted James, fear was still coming into play. What if I wasn’t sexy enough once

0I took all of my clothes off?  What if I didn’t smell like sweet cocoa butter?  What if I wasn’t everything he imagined?  The fate of the big girls was resting heavy on my shoulders!  I couldn’t ruin this for all of us!  I grabbed some tissue from my purse and dabbed my forehead.  I began to smell under my arms to see if I needed to dab there as well when suddenly . . . .


*knock, knock, knock, knock*


“Ummmm . . . . . . .are you going to sit in there and smell yourself all night?”


Oh shit!!!!! I wanted to start the car and leave!  I wanted to run and hide but he was standing right there waiting for me!  As I looked out my window, James wasn’t laughing at my pain. He simply smiled and encouraged me to get out of the car.  After I unlocked the door, he opened it and took my hand.  He was still in his all black business attire, minus the tie.  I never noticed how clean he looked with the cuff links.  I never knew any IT guy that cared enough to dress for work!  He was definitely not the average.  Imagine Denzel when he played in Devil in a Blue Dress.  James was that kinda cool tonight.


“So you still wanna be with me after what you just saw?”


“Baby girl, I understand.  I was a little nervous too until I had something to drink”


“A drink!  That’s exactly what I need!”


“I gotcha lady.  Follow me”


Instead of going in the house, James led me along a stony pathway around his house.  To say that his house was exquisite was an understatement!  His house was a palace compared to my tiny duplex!  My heart started to daydream, picturing this Buckhead residence as my new home. But my mind quickly brought me back to my senses:


“Snap out of it Chelsea!  We’re here for the dick, not a relationship!  Stick to the plan!”


As we came around the corner of the home, my heart went from five to ten!  It seemed that James was not your typical male with lounge chairs on his patio.  Oh no!  Brother had the patio adorned with a beautiful beige multi print sofa and matching ottoman.  There was a beige covered dining area with room for six and a shiny new grill a ways from that. Behind the sofa were vibrant violets and calendula flowers that surrounded a stone garden bench. Next to the couch was a glass table with a brown, lightning shaped bottle, glasses, and a bucket of ice.


“Wow James . . . . . this is really beautiful.  I thought we were just going to go to the bedroom and get it on?”


“Well, I hope to get there but I think you need to relax and have a drink first”


James led me to my seat and poured me a glass.  I noticed that he refreshed his as well.


“James, this is good!  What is it?”


“It’s a new kinda vodka called Fou-Dre.  My bartender friend put me up on it.  She uses it to make signature drinks but I love it straight”


As my hunky vodka connoisseur continued to go on about his beloved spirit, my nerves began to dissipate. I became lost in the music that was playing softly in the background.  I felt a new boldness with each glass that was poured. By drink number four, I was under the spell of the moment.  R. Kelly was instructing me to go low and that’s exactly what I was gonna do.


James was startled at how I commanded his pants to come off.  There was no need to warm him up with kisses.  He was already at attention awaiting my delectable lips to touch him as I knelt down. Without hesitation, I took him in.  It seemed like forever since I wetted my whistle.  I continued to command his soul with each twist of my tongue.  My mission was not only to please my man of the moment, but I wanted to enjoy every second as well.  I took him in slow, rolling my muscle against him as the mood was enhanced with Day 26 describing what love feels like.  James was close to heaven but it wasn’t time yet.  I needed to feel him inside of me.


“Not yet baby.  Momma’s gotta feel you”


I reached into my purse and took out the contraceptive.  After fastening it to my young buck, I turned away, hiked up my navy blue dress, and slowly eased onto him.  James felt so perfect! I could sense that he felt the same way as he moaned aloud.  We became trapped in space as our desires were being met in that very hour.  James held onto my hips as I rolled them in  circles to keep myself from exploding.  And then he said those magic words:


“Baby I want you to come first . . . .”


How I’ve longed to hear those words!  To feel this special!  He used his hands to quicken the pace.  I attempted to contain myself but at that very minute, I let everything go.  The self doubt.  The past hurts. All the restraints came off as I cried in sweet ecstasy.  James came right after as I could feel him pulsate through me.  Without warning, chains fell again to the point I fell back on my lover.  Instead of telling me to get off, he held me around my waist and slowly lowered me to the couch. . . . . . .


I was so high that I didn’t even realize that James had gotten up from behind me!  He was sitting on the ottoman with a drink in his hand.  He was staring back at me with a sinister grin on his face.


“What are you smiling for?”


“You’re so beautiful Chelsea. . . . . ”


“Why thank you James!  You’re not too bad yourself”


“There is a question that I have to ask you though”


“What’s that?”


“Are you ready for Round 2?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

4 thoughts on “The Big Girl Experience, Part II

  1. Not sure what will become of this. For now…it is sex…sex and more sex. Both will be WHIPPED and somebody may start feeling the other person more than the other do, possibly. However, for now they are just hiding and sexing! Could the become addictive…? I guess..we will have to wait and see.

  2. Damn… I’m mad that he caught her checking herself out. Making sure everything is everything. That’s is how a session is supposed to go! Round 2… Ready!!

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