The Big Girl Experience

I had no idea I would be his first.  The way that he disregarded me in orientation several months ago lead me to believe that James didn’t even like women!  In the weeks that followed, James made it obvious that he didn’t want to be next to me, let alone be seen with me!  On occasion, we would arrive to work at the same time.  I would wave hello and this ninja would keep walking as if he never heard me!  If we ended up sharing an elevator, James would stand close to the door and have his eyes fixed on the buttons.  Even when we saw each other in the hallway, he would create as much distance as possible, damn near running into people just to stay away from me!  

As I settled into my job, I began to forget about James and his peculiar behavior.  I began parking in the front of the building to avoid his obtuse ass!  After two weeks of not seeing him in the office, I received an email from yours truly:

“Just checking in on you.  Hope all is well”

Was this the same asshole that was doing everything in his power to ignore me?  Was this the ignoramus that didn’t even want to say a fucking good morning?  My immediate impulse was to curse James out, but I thought about it being on the company server.  What if he was setting me up for some type of lawsuit?  Whatever it was, I didn’t want any part of it.  So instead of sending a sonnet of obscenities, I did the only thing a woman in my position could do . . . . ignored him.

Three days after, I was headed to lunch when my cell phone alerted me that I had a friend request.  I sat down in the cafeteria with my salad and began to scroll through my alerts. Of all the people in the world!  Mr. “I Can’t Stand To Be Next To You” James was requesting me to be his Facebook friend!  He even took it a step further and sent me an inbox message asking me how the job was going?!  Was this ninja for real?  I answered back and told him not to contact me since he went to such lengths to avoid me.  He messaged back the following:

“Chelsea, I’m sorry for my actions.  I didn’t know how to approach you.  I’m attracted to you but . . . I’m a little intimidated as well . . .”

Intimidated?  How could he be intimidated of me?  Word is that Mr. James Montgomery was one of the best wide receivers the city had ever seen!  If it wasn’t for constant injuries, he would be playing in the pros.  If anyone should be intimidated, it should be the big girl from Tallahassee and I told him as such.  I informed him that he didn’t have to dismiss me the way he did.  He agreed and apologized several times.  Wanting to believe that James was being genuine, I asked him to meet me in the cafeteria so that we could converse. However, James stated that he had an appointment that just walked in but would contact me later.  

James was true to his word.  He began messaging me every morning before we came to work. When we arrived at the same time, he would wait for me and walk me to my cubicle. Throughout the day, brother would send me digital love letters proclaiming how beautiful I was and how nice I smelled.  As the days became weeks, Mr. Montgomery started leaving me gifts and purchasing my lunch . . . even if he wasn’t able to join me!  This was all a little too much too soon, but I had to admit, I savored the attention.  

You see, it’s been almost a year since my divorce.  My ex-husband degraded me every chance he got when he felt I would leave him.  Saying things like “no one is gonna love your fat ass but me” left me demoralized and bitter.  When I finally left, his derogatory statements would replay in my mind during my quiet time alone.  I desired to feel loved again.  I desired to feel wanted again.  Enter James Montgomery and his heavy courting strategy.  Whether it was misguided or not, James was quenching my thirst.

Giving him my number was only natural after he had gone to such lengths to win my attention.  Between the calls and texts, he was liking every picture that I had!  Even the ones with my kids and my ex!  He always left a funny comment for my memes.  The conversations in my inbox were thought provoking and honest.  Phone conversations were equally as fun.  He knew how to make me smile even on my cloudiest days.  He was always positive despite the situation.  I couldn’t help but admire his tenacity.  

Then one rainy Friday evening after everyone had left for happy hour, James called my cubicle.

“Are you still here?”

“If I wasn’t here James, I wouldn’t have answered the phone . . . . ”

“Well . . . . . I’m coming up to see you”

The elevator announced James presence on my floor.  Within seconds, James was standing next to me.

“So did you think about my proposal?”

“James, you are wonderful but I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship just yet”

“I think you are but you’re afraid.  Why don’t you give love a chance?”


“Well, how about you give lust a chance?  Is that better?”

“You know it would be awkward if things ever went sideways right?”

“I guess you’re right Chelsea . . . but still.  I guess I’ll take my defeated self back downstairs and close out.  Have a good weekend”

“You do the same . . . .”

And with that, James walked away.  As I stared back at the screen, a part of me wondered if I was letting love walk out the door.  He had been so kind to me.  He was always that listening ear whenever I needed.  So why was I trying to give him the cold shoulder?  

I got up from my seat and to my surprise, James was standing right there in front of me! He pulled me close to him and kissed me softly.  His lips tasted like mangoes as I sucked and nibbled on his bottom lip.  I could feel the heat begin to rise between the two of us as his kisses were now surrounding my neck.  I felt helpless as he sat me on my desk.  I cleared the papers out the way so that I could prepare my heart for what was coming next.  

“I’ve been waiting for this since the first time I saw you”

Within seconds, my skirt came up.  My panties were off.  The breeze tickled my soul before the heat of James tongue ignited my fire.  I couldn’t imagine a man of James stature handling my curvaceous frame the way that he was.  James had made a comment that he had never been with a “big girl” before, but that he always fantasized about being with one.  He told me how he found himself masturbating to women who were big and natural. The more she had to love, the more he wanted to explore.  Seeing that he had my thighs planted firmly on his shoulders, he was indeed built for this.

“James . . . . . James . . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh James!”

I clamped down on the side of my finger to keep from screaming too loudly.  No doubt the cleaning crew would be here any minute.  But James didn’t care.  Even when I tried to push him away, he locked in on my spot and made me tap out several times!  Tears streamed down my face as I continued to buck on the desk, knocking over my computer screen.  Just as James began to rise to his feet, the elevator doors opened.  Just like he appeared out of nowhere, he disappeared with the same abruptness.    

“Ms. Heaton, are you still here?”

“Yes Ms. Pearl, I’m still here”

“Okay, I’ll start on the other side first”

“Thank you Ms. Pearl.  I won’t be too much longer”

I grabbed my panties from underneath my chair and quickly covered myself.  I sat back in my chair and gathered my senses.  I fought through the aftershocks and put my area back in order.  I couldn’t believe that James had turned me out!  It was supposed to be the other way around.  

As I wiped the sweat from my brow, my phone vibrated.  I knew it had to be Mr. Candy Licker.  Sure enough, it was.

“Beautiful, you taste like pineapples . . . can’t wait to have more of you.  What are you doing tonight?”


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

4 thoughts on “The Big Girl Experience

  1. James has desires and he seems to be afraid to let it be known our in the light. He is attracted sexually to bigger women, but wants to be with them undercover. Until he gets rid of the “worry about other people attitude” or control his own inhibitions…he may never want to be seen with a big woman. Unless Chelsea just wants a “good licking and indoor attention”…she may not want to get too invested. Maybe he will get over the stigma associated with being with bigger women and maybe he won’t. It is crazy how she is not to big to screw but, is possibly too big to show off to others. Seems like he gave her what she wanted…for that moment….and it is up to her to take it or not.

  2. Maybe James will get over the stigma. . . .or maybe something else will happen. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts Ms Cheeks.

  3. Very good read!! I can definitely relate to Chelsea, because after a few kids, little excercise, and age eating up the metabolism, one often time ends up larger regardless of their youthful weight. I feel regardless of ones size, I feel that at one point in every female’s life they feel undesirable because of their size no matter the weight. It’s the men in our lives that oftentimes makes a difference in how we as women view ourselves just as chelseas ex husband who put her down. Hopefully James will bring her back to life because we are all queens regardless of our size.

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