This Could Be Us But . . . . . . .

So while everyone was in the middle of eating their beans, greens, potatoes, and tomatoes last Thursday, I received the following text from a former acquaintance:

“So you weren’t going to text me Happy Thanksgiving?”

Now normally I don’t respond to random texts of people who regard me as their backup plan, but I was a little curious.  Why did I cross her mind now?  Did I misread the signs and let my lack of trust ruin a forever for me?  Apart of me needed confirmation.  So instead of typing a response, I excused myself from my family and friends and walked outside to have a heart to heart with Ms. Pretty Brown Eyes (who we shall refer to as Regina).  The following conversation ensued:

“Good afternoon.  You rang?”

“Hi babes!  I knew that text would get your attention!  You weren’t going to say Happy Thanksgiving to me?”

“Well, not really.  I don’t do that holiday messaging thing”

“Well you could have called to check up on me.  I could have been dead or something!”

“I tried that several weeks ago and you pretended not to know who I was”

“Michael, you don’t remember me asking if that was you? I told you that I lost a lot of numbers when I did a hard reset.  I’m sorry . . . . . ”

“Uh huh . . . . .”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I mean you do have two phones Regina”

“That doesn’t mean I have the same numbers in both”

“Uh huh . . . .”

“You know . . . . . I’ve been missing you. . . . “

“Really now?”

“Yes babes.  I think we can work it out if you stop being so stubborn . . . . . . “

“So is that your sales pitch for getting me back?”

“Michael you know what I’m saying. . . . . “

“No I don’t Regina.  And that’s the problem.  Having a conversation shouldn’t be so constrained ya know?”

“Constrained? Is it that serious Shakespeare?”

“Yes, Regina it is.  I can’t grow to love you if I don’t know anything about you!  You didn’t want me to text you so I called whenever I had the chance.  You were always too busy to take my calls which meant you were too busy for me”



  • This Could Be Us But . . . . . You Don’t Want to Communicate

Ladies, it agitates the brothers when you all ask us to carry out one thing but expect something else.  For instance, if you want a guy to bring home salmon for dinner, he’s going to bring you salmon. Why would you assume that he bring back lobster and skrimps?!  This was the case with Regina.  Attempting to converse with her was a headache!  Regina had made it clear that she didn’t like texting.  She preferred me to call her so that she could “hear my voice”.  In an effort to win her favor, I did just that. However when I carved out time to do so, she was too busy!  She was always with her girls at happy hour.  Or she was still at work.  Or she was going to the Fantasia concert with her “friend”.  So when I would call her back later in the evening, she would never answer.  While she complained about me texting, she was constantly on her phone texting everybody else!   Now I don’t know about you, but when a person doesn’t make time to talk, I deduce that they’re really not that interested.  Am I wrong?

But wait, it gets better . . . .

“So you really don’t want to talk to me anymore huh?  I thought you said you saw tomorrow in my eyes?”

“Regina I can’t give you want you need”

“I just need you to talk to me!  Dammit Michael, is that so wrong?  I want you to call instead of texting me all the time . . . . . ”

“ . . . . . Which I did when I was available.  I can’t call you in the morning because I’m at work.  Can’t call you in the afternoon because you’re at your job and unable to accept personal calls.  When I call you after work, you’re busy every time so . . . . . “

“But why did you stop texting me?”

“Because you said you hated that . . . .” (mumbling expletives under my breath)

“Well . . . . . . . . I wanted you to chase me”

“Come again?”

“Yes Michael, I wanted you to chase me.  You know . . . . . . do whatever it takes to get my attention?”

“I’m not following you”

“I want to feel special, wooed.  I want a man to fight for me.  I’m not one of those thots that flash their tits in your DM”

“Whoa whoa whoa!!  So you mean to tell me that you, a grown ass woman, gave me the run around for the fuck of it?  Seriously?”

“No!!!! That’s not it at all Michael!   I wanted you to chase me.  What’s wrong with that? A real man would chase a good woman.  I know my worth . . . . ”

“So my patience and understanding wasn’t enough? My time wasn’t enough? Well, I guess you know your worth lady and I don’t.  Have a good evening”


  • This Could Be Us But . . . . . You Like to Play Games

So is this the new way of courting and no one told me?  When did it become kosher for singles to play games just to get someone’s attention?  I mean honestly?  Maybe I’m old fashioned but I believe that if two people are attracted to each other, they should be spending quality time together to discern if they would make a good team or not.  What sense does it make for anyone to lead another human being on for months on end just for the sake of it?  Am I supposed to shower a female with gifts indefinitely until she says “I’ll talk to him”?  

Since that abrupt conversation, the whole “chase” concept has been on the brain.  You see, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve been told that I didn’t pursue a female.  Now back in the day, I never had a problem with the chase.  Fact is, I enjoyed it!  I still do.  However, I have to know that the woman that I’m pursuing wants me too!  So ladies that means that if I call, you answer and we converse.  We share ideas and dreams, becoming more invested in one another.  Dates are never an issue because I will plan our outings based on the information that you’ve shared.  Now, if having a conversation is a problem, how can I capture you?  If you are giving me the run around just for the hell of it, how am I supposed to deduce that you are interested?  

Ladies am I wrong for being too dismissive?  Fellas, am I on point?  


Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

One thought on “This Could Be Us But . . . . . . .

  1. I agree with you. Personally I don’t have time for games. Communication is everything! Say what you want and mean what you say. Men that I’ve met recently tend to text alot….I don’t mind an occasional text but I tell them I prefer a phone call. Saying that, then I make myself available when they call.

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