Why’s the Pipeline still an Issue?

Click here if you want an expanded history on the Dakota Access Pipeline up until September 9th, 2016 when Sioux Tribes halted the construction of the massive pipeline. They did not want it hurting their water, splitting their land, and effectively intruding on their way of life. If you follow celebrities on Twitter or visit YouTube often, you may see that this issue is creeping back into relevance. The pipeline company wants to get back to work, so they are throwing dirt on the Sioux Indians case. In these commercial advertisements, Energy Transfer Partners is stating that the company allowed the law to get this thing built, and the native Americans didn’t go through the proper channels to stop them.

Pipelines have been stopped in the past by protests but it looks like that will not be the end result here. The downsides of stopping the pipeline are not so great for because the alternatives that Energy Transfer Partners are likely to use, including trains – will run a gamut of whole new risks. It should also be understood that if they don’t let this pipeline continue, they might have to use older pipes that are more likely to bust or trains that carry a risk of crashing, causing similar environmental pollution.

The DAPL was re-routed from crossing the Missouri once already, from Bismarck North Dakota to North of Sioux territory, due to the possibility of water contamination if the pipe was to leak. But the company loses money everyday in which they are not furthering the pipe line and pumping out fossil fuels. It is almost as if they didnt value the Red brethren the same as the white townsfolk. President Obama has recognized their plight though, and while the pipeline isn’t stopping – it’s re-routing.

Your favorite celebrity, who plays that crazy marvel character or that fat cat on Wall Street, is fighting to re-route, and it’s working. They are standing with Standing Rock and once again speaking up about environmental injustice; but could they do more? Sweden runs entirely on renewable energy and Costa Rica is close to doing the same. Due to the system in place, many individuals don’t take the opportunity to make the daily changes necessary to promote and practiced renewable energy. This is because even if it saves gas, it costs the price of a used car to install in their personal vehicle. Even if it will power our home, we as consumers would seem to rather buy and iPhone. Opposition for any change is also tough politically, as politicians are going against the fossil fuel industry. Native Americans are a very small group that no one is trying to pander to.

That is why your celebrities are standing up. If they remain non violent, they are on a path to successfully getting water  and land protection goals accomplished. They have tended keep a level head, and their social status allows the famous to maintain a strong narrative in this fight. That is, their large fan population is being hit with the brunt of this message. Those giving the Sioux a voice stand with the tribe as allies of peace and respect.

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