The Story of Bill Clintons Alleged Son

Bill Clinton is a known adulterer. However, that does not to take anything away from the Clinton campaign. Hillary Clinton is a strong woman, who has accepted her husbands adulterous past and will not be rattled by press conferences full of old news. Still, rumors and leaks persist, including a story about Bill Clinton having an African American child out of wedlock. Of course with the election heating up, this now 30-year-old man is making rounds in the smaller media outlets, since mainstream media has a full-fledged blackout on a story they consider debunked.

The man who claims to be the former president’s son, Danney Williams, was born to a prostitute and Clinton, when he was still the Governor of Arkansas. Clinton is accused of seeing the hooker numerous times, and a former Arkansas state trooper admits to driving the pair around for intimate visits. The prostitute in question, Bobbie Williams, has passed many lie detector tests, but the story remains stifled. Both the man and his mother have extensive criminal histories and are looked at as con artists in the eyes of the public.


Clinton is not a stranger to interracial affairs, as he also reportedly dated Lencola Sullivan, Miss Arkansas ’81 in the 1980’s. Williams has appeared on Alex Jones’ internet show and in YouTube videos to plead his case to the masses. Instead, Williams, who has been in court for late child support and car theft, should get a paternity test for the man listed as his father on government documents, 54 year old Danney Williams Sr. This would make him look less like attention seeker or pay-day petitioner .

Clinton is no stranger to these accusations. The former Secretary of the Oval Office claims that starting in 1999, she had an affair with Clinton that resulted in her daughter, Alyssa Gilmore. Clinton firmly states he did not have sexual relations with the former Secretary. This has not stopped the Republican Party from stirring up the allegations to stifle Hillary Clinton’s campaign. With Williams, news outlets tend to reference a paternity test that was given by the tabloid, Star Magazine, owned by Clinton friend and supporter, Roger Altman. Williams will never get the verification or payout that he so desires, because it can all be denied and left undisputed.


As the Clinton campaign rolls on, it will not be affected by the little media coverage Williams receives. It is a good conversation piece though, and his Twitter bio remains: “I’m the son of the 42nd president—Bill Clinton.”

One thought on “The Story of Bill Clintons Alleged Son

  1. Wow, I heard about this just a few weeks ago. Maybe it popped up a few years back but maybe Bill will try and get a DNA test done to make sure at some point.

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