Donald Trump is trying to use the death of Dwayne Wade’s cousin as a tool to gain African American votes.


Donald Trump has gone and done it again, just when you think this life sized oompa loompa couldn’t say or do some shit that’ll make you madder than Fantasia at a spelling bee, this motherfucka has the nerve to politicize the death of an African American, this time using the death of Dwayne Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, who was senselessly murdered by accident over the weekend in Beirut Chicago as a way to get votes .


While weekends of overwhelming bloodshed in the Windy City are nothing new, Trump thought it was a good idea to seize upon the Aldridge and Wade family grief as a way to pander to African Americans for votes during this upcoming presidential election.

Even though I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, I can’t help but feel a little dismayed. I mean who uses the death of someone as a way to obtain votes? Oh I forgot, politicians. As if this person’s death is nothing more than a pawn to be used in a political chess match. If Trump really cared for the death of Nykea Aldridge he should go after gun manufacturers or the conditions that create this mind-numbing violence, instead of telling African Americans “see I told you so,” if you vote for me things like this won’t happen again.

Acting like a used-car salesmen aside, you can almost hear Trump gloating as he basically says, “I told y’all niggas, your neighborhoods are fucked up, and this is further proof that you should vote for me.” It’s almost as if Trump’s prayer for the murder of family member of a well known “Black celebrity” came true. The only thing that would’ve been better for him, I believe, would be if said celebrity was killed – that would have really lit a fire under his pumpkin colored ass.

I can see it now, at Trump’s next rally, he’ll say if a family member of a popular basketball player isn’t safe to walk down the street with her child, what makes you think that you regular Negroes stand a chance in your own neighborhoods?

Trump is definitely using every trick up his sleeve to try to win the Presidency. It’s a shame he’s trying to do it at the expense of someone who is no longer here. But what do you expect? This presidential race if nothing has shown us that both candidates will stop at nothing to gain the African American and other people of color’s vote. Everything from carrying hot sauce in a candidate’s purse to playing dominoes with Latinos in Harlem and now this.

What do you think? Are you as surprised as I am that Donald Trump is using Nykea Aldrige’s death as his “black vote” rallying cry? Or is this more of Trump being Trump?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Winfrey.

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