Is Hip-Hop Becoming the next wwe?


I’m not sure when the changes started, hell maybe I was in denial or some shit. Maybe I was too busy with other things, I don’t know. Maybe I fell asleep at the wheel but, I totally missed when Hip-Hop became the musical version of WWE.

Now I know you are probably saying to yourself, “Breazy, what does Hip-Hop have to do with a sport that is about as real as Ryan Lochte at confession?” And I would say to you not a damn thing, just like Lil Yachty’s hair. Really have you seen Whoopi Goldberg and Carrot Top’s illegitimate son? His red hair looks like Mama Dee’s stylist flirted with Red from The 5 Heartbeats. But I digress.

Hip-Hop HAS become the musical equivalent of men and women pea cocking for the camera in Speedos and latex, all hugged up on each other like a Chief Keef video.

Case in point, everybody’s second stripper sponsor, Joe Budden has decided to call out Lupe Fiasco for God know’s what. It all started when a fan tweeted to Budden that he and Fiasco should collaborate on a song or “start the beef on wax.” Budden responded back, “Lupe been scared of Mouse lol Street Fighter & rapping.”

Of course Lupe caught wind of Budden’s comment and jumped on his Twitter page to respond. “Lawd! I don’t even know where to begin….” Then another fan tweeted that Lupe will out rap Budden, the Slaughterhouse MC replied back, “I love Lupe, but he’d have to prove that.”

As you can see Lupe didn’t do anything to warrant being called out in a tweet directed at Budden.

This isn’t the first time that a rapper has called out another rapper for what seems like no reason, or a reason unbeknownst to the public. But after releasing a couple of diss songs, one being the longest diss record known to man aimed at the beige marshmallow Drake, you would think Mr. Pump It Up wouldn’t have time to beef with another rapper.

Oh, but you would be wrong grasshopper. Joe Budden a/k/a “Wet Wipes” has called out a rapper that truth be told, isn’t from the planet. This is the same guy that fucked up the lyrics to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation,” at the 2007 Hip Hop Honor Awards, stating that he wasn’t familiar with the words O_o, (who The the fuck doesn’t know the words to Electric Relaxation?) So he’s clearly not afraid to put himself out there.

Now, Lupe isn’t your average rapper to call out; even though his lyrics and topics range more than Ciara’s vocal range. Lupe is fearless when it comes to talking about topics most rappers won’t. And on top of that, Lupe isn’t afraid to speak his mind or shoot back at people taking shots at him.

Whether Budden knows Lupe ain’t no joke or not, and won’t duck behind his money, or take passive aggressive subliminal shots, à la the tan koala bear, Lupe would presumably get down for his, maybe that’s the West Chicago upbringing. Simply put, he isn’t Drake.

Presumably the beef stayed on Twitter and appeared to be nothing more than toothless back and forth, lets hope it stays that way.

What do you think? Is Budden feeling himself after his and Drake’s one sided (at least for now) beef? Are you interested in a Lupe-Budden beef?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Knievel

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