Part 2: The Answer No Woman Wants

Say what n**ga???


This brother definitely had me twisted! I yanked down my dress as he secured his trousers and began wandering through my house.


“Ummmm, excuse me Thomas but we have some unfinished work to attend to! You can’t just get yours and not return the favor!”


Thomas looked at me . . . . . confused and unaware of the law of reciprocity.  It was as if he couldn’t comprehend the meaning.  Buddy was going to learn today!


“I’m sorry Sheila but I’m somewhat of a germaphobe.  I don’t perform oral sex”


“You don’t do what?!”  I gathered my thoughts as to not go completely off.


“So what do you do?  You can’t just leave me high and dry!  You’re up two to my zero.  We’ve got to at least even the score!”


He took a seat on the couch as I continued to pace back and forth trying to calm myself down.  I refused to believe that this dude did not believe in oral sex!  I mean really?!?!  All he had to do was move his damn tongue!  What’s so gross about licking the nectar from heaven?  


“Sheila, there’s something I need to tell you.  I was hoping that my condition wouldn’t affect the evening because of how attractive I am to you”


“Condition?  What condition?”


“Well . . . I’ve been taking medication to deal with the stress at work.  The doctor diagnosed me with hypertension several weeks ago.  He said if I didn’t get it under control, I could die”


“Hyper what?”


“High blood pressure lady.  Since I was made director, I have had to go above and beyond at work to prove myself.  When the higher ups see that you don’t bat an eye at anything that comes your way, they then give you more work to do without increasing your pay. Since last month, I’ve been placed over the entire southeast region for the company.  My boss keeps telling me that I will get a promotion but after nearly two months, I’m still doing the work with no incentives whatsoever.  So because of the high blood pressure, my doctor prescribed some medication that tends to cause some rather embarrassing moments in the bedroom”


I relaxed myself and sat beside Thomas.  I could see that he was frustrated with his predicament.  I knew all too well about being overworked and underpaid.  I thought that sort of thing tapered off when one began making that real money.  Hell, plantation philosophy was the reason I left the welfare office and became a makeup artist.


“I hear you Thomas . . . . I do. But why in the hell are you thinking about work when you have all this here at you disposal?”


“In all honesty Sheila, I had planned on taking my Cialis after dinner but things moved so fast!  You were in my lap before I could turn on the car!  I used the excuse of doing work on the computer because one, I was ashamed.  Two, I needed a way to retrieve the magic beans from my car.  It was never my intention to leave you high and dry lady.  I mean, look at you!”


Thomas did have a point.  I was looking rather tasty if I do say so myself!  I kissed him on the cheek and told him I would warm up some food while we took in a movie.  Thomas looked back at me as he headed out the door.


After we partook of some shrimp stir fry, we unwound in front of the television.  


“Thank you for a wonderful meal Sheila.  Beautiful and a good cook!”


“Well someone has to cook.  And seeing that Jon Jon keeps burning things in the microwave, I’m the designated chef”


“Well you are a great one Sheila .. . . .”


I saw the look in his eyes as he drew near to kiss me.  There was a hunger in his eyes that had been absent all tonight.  I took that the pills were doing their thing.  Our lips embraced again for the first time.  He kissed me so passionately that I had to check and see if he was ready.  To my surprise, Thomas growth was intact and larger than the previous session.  When I began to withdraw, he grabbed my hand and kept it on his muscle.  He moved my hand up and down as his breaths transformed into moans.  He took out my breasts and began to circle them with his tongue, turning me all the way up! For a germaphobe, he didn’t take issue with kissing and sucking every part of my chest!  


His moans grew louder as I continued to pull his essence out and stroke him for all he was worth.  As his kisses made their way back to my neck, he whispered in my ear:  


“I wanna see the side of you no one else knows baby.  Do you know how to obey?”




“Do you know how to be a good girl for your master?”


“Uhhhh, yes . . . .”


“Yes what?”


“Yes sir?”


“No. Yes what?”


“Yes, master?”


“Say it again!“


“Yes master . . .”


He ordered me down on all floors as he took me from behind.  Even though the master thing had unnerved me a little, I was going to see this through.  After all, I was still looking for my first! When he started, I felt myself being taken away in the passion.  He filled every part of my soul as he used my arms for leverage.


“Are you going to obey me Sheila?  Are you going to obey?”


“Yes master, ohhhhhhhhh yes!”


Hell, the way he was giving it to me, I was going to do anything he said!  He was going deep and smacking my ass all the while.  I could feel myself reaching the holy grail when Thomas said the unthinkable:


“Don’t stop ni**a bitch! Don’t you dare stop!”


What did he just say?????  I attempted to look back at him and shut it down but he grabbed my hair and rode me as if we were headed down the final stretch!  It seemed the more I fought to get him off, the more it turned him on!  After a few more seconds of hair pulling, I felt him withdraw and felt his warm bath all over me.  Again, I was left without my orgasm while buddy was hitting a hundred.


Thomas pulled up his pants and sat back on the couch wiping the sweat from his face. He smiled as I looked back at him.


“That should make up for earlier right?  You did get an orgasm right?”


I just smiled as I went to the bathroom to freshen up.  I was beyond heated!  I wanted to slap the shit out of him!  He called me a ni**a bitch?  Really?  I cleaned myself and then changed out of my dress.  There was no need for him to spend the night.  I wasn’t going to go through that again!  When I came back to the entertainment area, Thomas was sitting down, drinking the last of his tea.


“Thomas babe, we’re going to have to cut the night short.  While we were having fun, I got a call from Jon Jon’s father.  Seems that Jon Jon had an allergic reaction to something and they are at the emergency room.  I need to meet them there”


“I’m so sorry love.  Do you want me to drive you to the emergency room?”


“No . . . . . . . . just drive me to my car.  It’s on the way”


The excuse gave me reason not to engage in deep conversation with Thomas on the way back to the car.  There was just no reason to at this point.  While he went on about how wonderful I was and how I made him reach the stars three times in one night, I thought about how I could have been binge watching the Wire.  Or hanging out with my girls.  Or spending quality time with “Bob”.  I guess it’s true what they say.  Money can’t buy you love . . . or stamina for that matter . . . . . . . .    


Written by Michael Dock for the Wednesday Gentleman, author of the forthcoming novel, “Addicted to Chaos”.  If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe and follow on Twitter (@misterdock) and Instagram (thewednesdaygentleman).  

4 thoughts on “Part 2: The Answer No Woman Wants

  1. Ummm….I can deal with the no oral sex part. In that department I’m fine with giving and not receiving. Once he explained his situition I really felt for him and then the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL…..NI##@ bitch. Really?? See I would have shut down the whole operation right then and there. This whole master thing, okay maybe but his choice of words are slave master-like and totally unacceptable. The same mentality he faces at work he now brings into the bedroom? Not mine. And I would not have lied to get him out either. You had 3 chances…I only enjoyed 1….gotta go!!

    1. You’re better than me Ms Mercer. My question is how do women shut it down in the midst of what I consider rough sex? If he is twice your size and strength, pulling on your hair and possibly your arms, how can you shut it down? Sheila tried but was overwhelmed. . .

      1. That was the ONE she actually enjoyed but was yet again cheated out of an orgasm. I would have done what she did, except for the cant stay because I’m not satisfied! Point, blank, period. No point in him thinking there will be a call tomorrow or in a few days; no calls, we are done. Let’s move along.

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