Ryan Lochte probably thought that just because he’s white he wouldn’t have to own up to his lies.


Poor Ryan Lochte, with his boyish good looks, swimming prowess, and white privilege, it must be a shock to him that he has been dropped by four of his sponsors (and counting) in the wake of Riogate. That’s right, it must be head scratching to him that he would lose millions of dollars just because he “over-exaggerated” a run in he and a few of his teammates had with security at a gas station while in Rio.

Never in a million years did he think his whiteness would fail him and truth be told neither did I.

It’s not everyday a non black celebrity/athlete is held accountable for his/her actions, let alone affected where it hurts the most, in the wallet. In the case of the police, they would have been either put on administrate leave while still being paid or put on desk work, but again still being paid.

This, this is something different entirely, though I’m not sure how much is going to change, because after all he still has his whiteness, which in America means he’ll take a loss but will be able to bounce back in no time; however, in the mean time he’ll just have to suffer the loss of a couple of millions.

I wonder, what was going through his mind during his second interview with Matt Lauer? Who unlike most mainstream anchors or networks that were calling Lochte a kid (who is is actually 32) who made a mistake; Matt actually called Lochte out on his bullshit and telling him that when they spoke previously, Lochte was not truthful with him. Did Lochte think that this wasn’t suppose to happen to him? Or maybe he thought that he was being treated unfairly for having to apologize to the people of Rio for his betrayal of them and being held accountable was beneath him.

But what do you expect from someone that boldly lies to the world about an armed robbery? All the while fanning the already present skepticism about Brazil hosting the Olympics, and blatantly playing up the racism black and brown residents already endure. Not to mention, changing his story each time he told it, probably thinking that he was too privileged for anyone to catch on.

For now Lochte’s image is tarnished and that of the US men’s swimming team which is probably un-charted waters for both. Hopefully, he’ll take what should be a humbling experience and examine himself. But if not, at least he now know’s how it feel’s to be treated like a nigger. I mean can you imagine the ridicule that Carmelo Anthony or any other member of the US men’s basketball team would have faced? They would have been called all sorts of thugs, and any other word that white’s like to use in place of nigger, but still have the same meaning, as well as loss of sponsorship.

What do you think? Do you think that Lochte will learn anything from this experience? Or do you think that his whiteness will allow him to shrug this incident off like nothing happened?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Costas

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