The Answer No Woman Wants . . . . . . .


“Hey girl! I’ve been waiting to hear about your date with the Black IT guy!  How did it go?  Did his dick ride as wonderful as that car?”

“It . . . . it was cool”

“Cool?  Girl, what do you mean “just cool”?  That brother was beautiful!  And that car that he rolled up in here?  Damn! What kinda sportscar is that anyway?”

“It’s a Maserati”

“Yeah, girl you gotta give us the scoop! It’s not every day that one of our own gets to date a millionaire who’s not an athlete or a drug dealer”

As hyped as I should have been about sharing my weekend excursion with Thomas, I wasn’t.  I really wished Gloria wasn’t so fucking excited about the details of my affair and let me set up in peace!  On the real, I just want to forget about Friday night.  I have never been so…

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