The Answer No Woman Wants . . . . . .

“Hey girl! I’ve been waiting to hear about your date with the Black IT guy!  How did it go?  Did his dick ride as wonderful as that car?”


“It . . . . it was cool”


“Cool?  Girl, what do you mean “just cool”?  That brother was beautiful!  And that car that he rolled up in here?  Damn! What kinda sportscar is that anyway?”


“It’s a Maserati”


“Yeah, girl you gotta give us the scoop! It’s not every day that one of our own gets to date a millionaire who’s not an athlete or a drug dealer”


As hyped as I should have been about sharing my weekend excursion with Thomas, I wasn’t.  I really wished Gloria wasn’t so fucking excited about the details of my affair and let me set up in peace!  On the real, I just want to forget about Friday night.  I have never been so disappointed in all my years!  What promised to be a great two days ended up being a night of terror and heartache . . . . .


I ran into Thomas during my normal Starbucks run after dropping my son off at school.  I really wasn’t checking for anyone as tired as I was.  I was more concerned about the line that was forming and trying to get to the shop for my 8 AM appointment.  I was dragging ass from the night before helping Jon Jon create a damn volcano for his science project.  As I stood in line, I began to step side to side so that I wouldn’t fall asleep in line.  I guess Thomas, who was standing in front of me, could sense my restlessness.


“Long night huh?”


“Yes lawd, and I really need to wake up for my first appointment.  Can’t be falling asleep trying to put a woman’s face together”


“Yes, that’s extremely important.  So you’re a makeup artist?”




“So I take it you work with a lot of celebrities here in town?”


“Yes.  I’ve actually been blessed to work on a lot of video and movie shoots here in the A”


“Impressive lady.  I can’t believe I’m meeting a celebrity today!”


“Me a celebrity?  Nah, I’m just a single mother trying to pay the bills”


As I prepared to ask his occupation and what not, my chocolate suitor was next in line.


“Look beautiful, since you are pushed for time, go ahead and order and I’ll pay for your coffee.  It’s almost a quarter til now”


I looked down at my watch.  I nodded and gave my order to the barista.


“I know this is highly inappropriate but I find you extremely attractive.  Would you mind if I called you sometime?”


I looked him over closely.  It had been a while since a man actually asked me for my phone number without calling me “shawty”, “eh gurl”, or “ma”.  There was sincerity underneath those frames.


“I don’t normally give my number out but if you give me your business card, I’ll call you”


“And your name beautiful?”




He nodded and smiled as he presented me with my caramel macchiato.  He gave me his card but not before writing his personal cell phone number on the back:  Thomas Byrd, Senior IT Developer with Home Depot.


So after my morning appointments, I pulled out his card and began to look it over.  I can’t begin to tell you how many so called men I’ve dated have tried to scam me with fake business cards.  So in true fashion, I called the business line to see if Thomas actually worked there.  Unlike most in which I receive some automated service, I actually reached his assistant (which happened to be a guy no less).


“I’m sorry ma’am.  Mr. Byrd is in a corporate meeting right now.  Can I take a message?”


“Ah, yes . . . . can you tell him that Sheila from this morning called?”


“Ummmm, okay . . . . “


“Trust me, he’ll know who I am”


“Well, um . . . would you like to leave a callback number?”


“No sweetie.  I’ll call him back later.  Just let him know that I called”


I couldn’t believe it!  It was finally happening to me! I had met my Black Prince Charming! No more living vicariously through the exploits of the younger stylist.  For once, I was going to have a story to tell that didn’t involve my son or his sorry ass daddy.  Sheila was going to get her groove back!


Around 4pm, a silver Maserati pulled up in front of the salon.  I could see all the women clamoring around to see who was going to emerge from the car.  I was busy talking to Jon Jon to see what grade we got on the project (yes, I said we).  As I was talking, I saw my Prince Charming walk into the salon with roses!  I quickly ended my conversation as he came near my station.


“Well hello sir!  How did you find out where I worked?”


“Well beautiful, my assistant took your number down as it was on the caller ID”




“Yes, so he looked up the salon’s address and here I am.  I thought you might want to talk in person since you couldn’t leave your number”


“I’m done for the day so if you want to ride somewhere and talk we can.  I do need to be home by 6pm so that I can cook my son dinner”


“Oh, that’s fine”


So after I put the flowers in water, he escorted me to his ride.  I felt like a superstar as all the women stood in reverence of my man.


Instead of us riding somewhere, he turned on the air and set the mood with some Robert Glasper. We commenced to have our first date, right there in the parking lot.  After a few minutes, I forgot where I was as I was taken in by his fragrance and charm.  He was so fucking fine!  Half of the stuff he told me I didn’t even hear as I was in awe of his car and attire.  Suit was tailor made and his shoes . . . .they just had to be a size 13!  Everything fit him well.  From what I could see, he had no tattoos but he looked like an undercover thug (like Stringer Bell with the glasses on).  He poured on compliment after compliment to the point I had to ask him to stop.  I tried not to check out his package but I couldn’t help myself.  I had to look.  The way it sat in his pants made me more curious about the Mr. Byrd.


“It’s getting late and I don’t want you to be late for your son.  When can I see you again?”


“How about this weekend?  My son will be with his father until Sunday”


“Do you want me to pick you up at home or would you rather me meet you somewhere?”


“How about we meet here at the salon?  I can leave my car and we could go wherever you want”


“I like the sound of that.  When is your last client?”  


“Last client will be at 6pm . . . . . so say 7pm?  I’ll be ready”


“Seven it is . . . . . . . ”


I got out of the car and walked back into the salon.  I could feel all the ladies in awe as I had scored the most beautiful man in Atlanta.  I could see Gloria and her fake ass looking at me just like a hater but I paid it no mind.  I was happy.


The week couldn’t go by fast enough.  Thomas and I exchanged texts every chance we could.  It seemed like I spent all my free time talking to him.  As our conversations progressed into sexual banter, he confessed that he had been getting off to thoughts of me every night.  I sent him a picture of me in red fishnet lingerie and told him the feeling was mutual. I reassured him that he wouldn’t need to play with himself after Friday.  


When 7pm came, I was out the door in my strapless blue dress.  I could tell that Thomas was pleased as I could see his life coming out of his pants!  


“I think you’re happy to see me, aren’t you”


He nodded in approval as he kissed me gently.  He held me in his arms as if I were a long, lost treasure.  I could feel his heat coming through the more he held me.  As he started the car, I decided to do something that I had never done before.  I began to unzip his pants.


“Hey, hey . . . um . . what are you doing?”


“I told you you wouldn’t have to play with yourself after Friday.  Let’s skip dinner and go back to my place”


“Are you sure?”


“Let me show you how sure I am . . . .”


Thomas didn’t disappoint as his rod was more than enough to knock out my cobwebs. I took a moment to admire before consuming his life.  As soon as my lips touched down, something unexpected happened: he came!  Hell, we hadn’t even left the parking lot good!  After I took it all in, he apologized fervently.  He stated that he had been waiting for that moment all week.  I told him that I understood and chalked it up to the fact that my mouth game was better than I thought!  


By the time we arrived, I was well past horny.  I was ready and I didn’t want to pussy foot around.

“We have two options Thomas.  I can put on a movie and we can fuck afterwards or we can go in the back and have sex right now”


He showed me the condoms he had in his overnight bag and we headed straight for my bedroom.


I picked up where I had left off in the car.  He was my own personal ice cream cone and I treated him as such.  When I started to lick him all over, he came again!  In less than two minutes!!!!  I pulled down my panties and prepared for Thomas to take me from behind.  I could hear him trying to stroke himself back hard . . . . . but he couldn’t.  


“Don’t worry about the condom Thomas.  Give it to me . .  . . . .”


Still . . . . . .  there was nothing.  He apologized again as he couldn’t get his manhood together.  I attempted to bring him back to life once again but it refused to rise.  Feeling somewhat disturbed, I asked him to lay beside me until he was up to the task.  Instead, he asked me the craziest question:


“Where is your computer?”


“Say what?”


“Where is your computer?  I need to distract my mind”


“You don’t need to watch porn babe, I’m here . . . and I’m horny!  Come taste me until you get back up”


“Nah, I don’t want to watch porn on your computer.  I want to work on it.  I just came up with an idea and I left my tablet in the car . . . . . . “
“Say what n**ga???”


Written by Michael Dock, Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”.  Follow him on Facebook @ The Wednesday Gentleman.  

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