The Church Girl

“God told me that you were going to be my husband!”

That’s how it all started on that fated Sunday morning.   All I wanted to do was get right again.  I spent six months coming to grips with leaving my ex, Mandy.  She had taken me for everything!  My job.  My girl.  My son.  All of it was gone now!  All I had to show for my thirty three years of life was a suitcase full of clothes that were now too big and a couple of dollars to get me through another week of job searches. 

It had been nearly three months since I had a gig and I was jonesing for a fix to keep me from killing myself!  The constant rejection I faced every day had become unbearable so some guys at the halfway house turned me on to this church they attended.  The church provided transportation every Sunday morning and the minister always gave a good word.  I craved the spiritual stimulus.  I needed to know that it was okay that I failed. I needed to know that it was not too late to get back up and start over.  So after several weeks of wavering, I decided to go.

I tried to ignore the stares as we entered into the sanctuary.  You could have sworn we were the Nation of Islam as we marched in single file and occupied the first two rows!  As I looked around, the brothers were exchanging forbidden glances with the women that were sitting nearby.  I was a little nervous from all the attention we were receiving.  I came for a different type of healing and  didn’t need to lose my focus.  To divert my mind, I grabbed a bible and began reading until service started.  

When it came to the message, the minister wasn’t half bad!  He wasn’t like the other cats I saw in the pulpit flashing rings and watches.  Brother was educated and made his sermon applicable to even my situation.  I was a nobody, but that speech made me feel that I could conquer my no’s tomorrow.  While the brothers were gathering phone numbers from the unhappily married parishioners, I made my way to shake the pastor’s hand.  I thanked him for the message and told him how it encouraged me.  Immediately he prayed for me and slipped a piece of money in my hand for the weekly journey.

I found myself coming back to the church every Sunday thereafter.  Instead of sitting with the heathen brethren, I opted to sit in the back.  I didn’t want to be associated with them.  I didn’t want to trade in one addiction for another.  That’s when she walked into my pew with the other dancers.  I didn’t realize that I was sitting on their row!  I apologized for being in their spot but she smiled and told me to stay seated.  I felt a little embarrassed but sat back down until service started.  

Somehow her smile hypnotized me as I kept my eyes on her throughout praise and worship.  I shook my head as I felt myself becoming attracted to her.  I didn’t come here for a booty call, although her body was calling me. Despite what she told me, I made my way to the far end of the church so that I could keep my focus.

As I made my way to leave with my brothers, that familiar face stopped me.

“Why did you leave?  I told you that you could remain in your seat.  I wasn’t going to bite you”

She laughed.  But I stood there, nervous, with my bible shaking in my hand.  

“Well, I still felt like I was intruding so I found another seat.  No harm meant”

She smiled and placed her hand over mine.

“You’re shaking.  Do I make you nervous?  There is no need to be nervous with me”

I gathered myself as I could feel the sweat began to drip from my armpits.

“That’s easy for you to say.  You’re not on the other end”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s so.  But if I sit there again, I promise to remain there”

“You promise?”

“Yes, I promise”

She let her hands go and I began to walk away.

“Aren’t you gonna even ask my name?”

I didn’t want to be rude but I knew where this was going.  

“I’m sorry.  What is your name?”

“Tiffani.  Tiffani Green”

“Nice to meet you Tiffani.  I’m Christian”

She paused for a moment as if that name reminded her of a past lover.

“You wouldn’t be putting me on now would you?  You giving me a fake name so that I won’t bother you anymore?”

“No, my name really is Christian!  Here’s my license if you don’t believe me”

I pulled out my wallet and she nodded in approval.

“Indeed it is.  Well Mr. Christian David, I don’t know if it is appropriate or not, but would it be okay if you joined me for lunch today?  My treat?”

At that moment, the van driver came in and told me that it was time to go.  I informed Tiffani that I  needed to return to the mission with the other gents.  She nodded in approval and said her goodbye, but not before she gave me her number on the back of the church bulletin.

That entire ride home I kept looking at the number.  The more I tried not to think about her, the more my mind slipped into fantasy.  It had been almost a year since I had been with a woman.  I daydreamed about kissing those lips.  I imagined her safe in my arms, letting my hands slip around her waist and grab the roundness of her ass.  She was the kinda trouble I wanted to be involved in.  

I was all smiles after our first conversation.  She was so bright and surprisingly, very funny! Most of the beautiful women that I dated weren’t able to hold a decent conversation let alone have some humor in their life! I now hungered to hear her speak everyday.  She was becoming my life line. As I pounded the pavement, I thought about us finally going out.  I thought about tasting her lips.  I thought about holding on to those hips.

And then it happened.  After several weeks of phone conversations and attending bible study, I finally decided to join the church.  I had purposed to do it two weeks earlier but I wanted to make the act public when I got my day pass.  Tiffani cried as I took the pastor’s hand.  My brothers surrounded me as I recited the new member’s oath with tears in my eyes.  After the pastor pronounced me a new member, I went to the back with the church secretary to give my information.   

Tiffani joined me after service to deliver my things.  She couldn’t stop smiling as the clerk took my picture for the new member scrapbook.  As we headed towards her car, Tiffani pulled my hand toward her chest and rubbed it slightly.

“I’ve got some other plans in mind for us today”

I looked at her in amazement as we entered the car.  

“What other plans do you have in mind Tiff?  I thought we were going to Cracker Barrel with your friends from the choir?”

She didn’t say a word.  Just as we turned out of the parking lot, she began to pull up her skirt and play with herself!  Her soft moans began to shift the atmosphere.  I sat there confused and aroused as her breaths got deeper and deeper.

“Touch me Christian”

I didn’t want to touch her, not like this.  I really wanted to go and eat but her moans . . . . damn!  I desired to hear more.  Like a faithful servant, I obliged and felt her promise being saturated by the lust she held within. Without warning, she turned into an old vacant car wash that was half a mile from the main road.  

“Take me!  I need to feel you now!”

Before I could respond, Tiffani unbuckled my pants and began to absorb me.  I held on to the assist handle as she brought me to life.  She continued to use her hand as she positioned me with the other.  She licked those beautiful tangerines as she climbed on top.  

“I need you!  I need you!”

Tiffani continued to mutter in between her moans as she rode me.  My hands couldn’t compare to Tiffani!  She was intoxicating!  As I ripped her breasts from her blouse, I forgot about our location.  The world stood still as I remembered love again.  The windows began to fog as we indulged in each other.  As she began to signal her climax, I was there as well.  I attempted to raise her off of me but she clamped down harder, grinding me until I couldn’t hold back any longer.  As Tiffani took in my year of frustration, tears of regret emerged.  Tiffani buckled and quaked as she took on my pain.  After several minutes, she kissed me gently and returned to her seat.

She continued to look at me as she fixed her blouse.

“Well, did you enjoy that baby?”

I could only smile and nod.  I couldn’t let on that I was nervous about her becoming pregnant.  I wasn’t about to kill the high that she was on.  The sex was so good and I wanted more of it.  That’s when she said those words:

“Christian, I need to admit something to you.  For the past few months, I’ve been praying to God for a husband.  A man that was not ashamed to love the Lord openly.  He showed me a man that looked like you named Christian”

Immediately I froze.

“Christian, God sent you to be my husband!”

Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”

One thought on “The Church Girl

  1. Smh…moving fast and using the Lord as an excuse. The tomfoolery!!!! How many times has she done this, though?! Negro better run and don’t let the coochie and the spirit keep him in that mess. Sister girl better stop acting desperate and holified at the same dam time. No one is perfect, but, there are people who do things…IN THE NAME OF JESUS….and know that they are wrong. Those same people will try to crucify others for the sins that they commit, but, forget to recognize the own faults. Lawddd….this right here was doing the most! Lust will get you in BIG TROUBLE!

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