If you prefer a certain color complexion and grade of hair for the people you date, there is a dating site for that.


If you are the type of person that prefers a particular complexion and hair texture in someone you choose to date, rejoice for their is a dating site that’s just for you.

In case you haven’t heard of Smoochr, it’s a brand new dating site that is designed to help it’s members “discover Black singles by complexion, hair type, moral views [whatever the fuck that means] and more.” While this may sound like a Yung Berg interview this is, in fact, a real dating site.

Since the site’s arrival backlash has come fast and relentless – kind of like Rick Ross at a buffet. Black Twitter voiced its collective displeasure about the site during the wee hours of Monday morning; Madame Noire said “JESUS DID NOT GIVE BLACK PEOPLE TECH FOR THIS”; and of course you know, no social media outrage is complete without a hashtag: now #shutdownsmoochr has started trending.

I guess the brown paper bag test and colorism’s historical connotation be damned – this site is a real thing. In a time of police brutality; an orange super-sized Oompa Loompa running for President; and Rich Chigga, we get a website that is equivalent to a Future video casting call. All jokes aside, it’s baffling that in a time where we as African Americans should be coming together as one, that someone would create a dating site that has the potential to alienate and cause an even bigger wedge between us. But I guess you like who you like, huh?

Because let’s be honest people this shallow include but are not limited to southerners born before 1960, AKA’s or live in D.C. just joking, or am I… moving on. Besides, someone that signs up for this site is probably someone you wouldn’t want to date anyway, right?

But, the site now has me wondering how the creators of Smoochr came up with the idea, were they sitting around smoking a blunt watching a BET UNCUT marathon, and thought to themselves this would be a great idea?

This has to be it because I refuse to take someone serious that thought of a site that is the Hip Hop World Star of dating sites.

What do you think? Am I blowing this whole thing out of proportion? Or do you think this site is an online color preference test?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Taylor

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