In North Carolina Police Body Cam Footage Will No Longer Be Made Public.


On Monday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed another controversial bill, one that restricts public viewing of police cameras. If this governor’s name sounds familiar it’s because McCrory signed a law in March that, among other things, bans transgender people from using restrooms that match their gender identity. This law caused his state to lose millions of dollars in revenue, Bruce Springsteen to back out of a scheduled concert, and a lawsuit filed against him by the DOJ.

With this narrow-minded way of thinking, it’s no wonder that he would restrict a method of holding police accountable.

Using the tone-deaf defense excuse, “the law will strike a balance between improving public trust in the police and respecting the rights of officers,” Governor McCrory contradicts the whole reason why there was a public mandate for these cameras in the first place – to make police interactions with the public more transparent.

The law Governor McCrory signed into effect on Monday, makes it difficult for anyone recorded by an officer’s body cam to see the recordings. The law now leaves the decision to grant access to police body cam videos to the discretion of the local police chief or sheriff, which leaves a person at the mercy of the law enforcement office that he/she is in conflict with in the first place. And oh yeah, if the sheriff or police chief denies access, guess what, the person has to go to court in the jurisdiction they had the police encounter and get an order to see the video. This is a waste of time and money.

Some of the supporters of this bill take aim at people that record police and public interactions, and upload them to social media, stating that any short snippets of cell phone videos uploaded to YouTube, can give people a distorted view of what actually occurred between police officers and those they confront, and ultimately lead to public protests and riots.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also drawn the ire of the bill’s supporters, claiming Black Lives Matter uses cell phone snippets to publicly try and convict police officers before all the facts are made available and at the same time furthering their own agenda that Black lives do indeed matter.

Make no mistake about it, this is not just a black issue but an-every-person-that-has-a-run-in-with-the-law-issue when it’s your word versus the police and there’s no proof that can clear your name ultimately putting you up a SHIT’S creek without a paddle.

Truth be told, this is bullshit. The short snippets of cell phone video help balance an officer’s word. Without the video proof, there’s no telling how many blatant murders caused by police officers would’ve been deemed justifiable just because the officer claimed that she/he feared for their life when the video shows a different story.

Again, what do you expect from someone that hides behind the archaic belief that transgender people can use their gender identity to access a restroom and molest someone?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Rather

2 thoughts on “In North Carolina Police Body Cam Footage Will No Longer Be Made Public.

  1. Next on his agency, Voter Suppression and closed Polling places in and around Urban areas. How does he sleep at night. Just in case he is an evangelical, the bible states: Avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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