Making of a Murderer.


Hip Hop beef used to be about competition and one-upping your opponent by proving to him or her that you can’t be fucked with, now it seems to be the equivalent of a pillow fight. No matter how much competitors swing at each other, the blows are weaker than Drake hugging Charmin triple ply.

Speaking of Drake it seems that he’s found himself embroiled in another beef with a rapper, but unlike his previous opponent, Meek Mill, Joe Budden will not be easily embarrassed.

Not only is Joe not a stranger when it comes to Hip Hop beef he has survived verbal onslaughts and fisticuffs from emcees that would probably end the career of today’s rappers. From Jay-Z to Method Man, to Raekwon the Chef, Joe has withstood everything that has been thrown at him. Simply put, while Joe may not have the star-studded career, he is a survivor.

Now, I’m not sure if the light skinned Ralph Tresvant, aka Mr. Sensitivity, is ready for a battle with a superior emcee especially since getting the best of Meek Mill with two diss songs that couldn’t hold a candle to diss songs such as “No Vaseline”, “The Bridge is Over” or “Ether”.

But because of today’s climate, Drake’s fans would probably crown him the victor simply because he sells more records and has more money.

Which is a shame because as I eluded to earlier, Hip Hop battles were something that both parties took pride in, damn the money and albums sales I’m going to prove you can’t fade me.

But back to Joe, who took a page out of Drake’s playbook by releasing two diss songs aimed at Drake before Drake had the chance to reply.

The first one “Making a Murderer” IMO was “meh” as far as diss songs go but was a good warm-up full of subliminal shots aimed at Drake without delivering a knockout blow.

And the second one “Wake” is what you come to expect from Joe while making good on what a diss song is about.

Only time will tell whether Drake will reply, or even wants to, it’s not out of the realm of reality for Drake to ignore Joe for fear of being exposed by someone who has nothing to lose.

It probably won’t matter though because today’s rap fans don’t care ’bout skills and lyrics, all they are concerned with is swag and who has the most money.

But for Hip Hop fans of my generation, we wouldn’t mind hearing tight lyrics from someone who cares more about the culture than they do about cashing checks.

Do you think Drake will respond? Or do you think he’ll ignore Joe’s diss tracks?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy 5 Freddy

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