The Games We Play

Eric continued to read his former lover’s post while he waited on the train. With each passing second, he kept torturing himself reading her updates about how wonderful her new man was.  How intelligent he was.  How handsome he was.  Every other day was a post about him.  Even the post today boasted about how she was going to her favorite restaurant with him!  Meanwhile during their year long love affair, Lauren didn’t post anything about Eric.  Nothing about how he was wearing her ass out every weekend.  Nothing about how he was making her hoarse from all the screaming she did.  Nothing about how she clung to him after every encounter.  Nothing! Although Lauren asked for clarity on several occasions, Eric wasn’t ready for a “relationship”.  How could he be?  There were too many hidden issues that constrained them.  


As he took his seat, Eric began to replay the past three weeks in his mind.  Lauren and Eric hadn’t spoken to each other since Christmas when the two of them fell out.  Lauren became enraged as Eric chose to spend the Christmas holidays with his kids versus Lauren. Although taken back by Lauren’s hostility, Eric never stopped thinking about her.  As Eric began to heal from his own hurts, he wondered if he had let the right one slip away?  After several months of reflection, he reached out to Lauren, telling her that he missed her. Instead of admitting that he missed her positive energy, her conversation, and her assistance in providing balance, Eric said that he missed her sexually.  Eric gave Lauren an open invitation to come to his home at any time.  After a week of debating, Lauren took him up on his offer.  


When Lauren appeared at his door, Eric was so elated to see her.  Their embrace felt like forgiven memories.  Her body was bathed in blue silk.  Her mahogany skin was smooth and warm.   He couldn’t believe that she was in his presence once again.  The conversation that ensued was as if the two had never left.  Lauren talked about how her twin daughters were both accepted into Howard University on full scholarships.  Eric talked about how his daughter and son were both gearing up for the Olympic trials.  It seemed that life was finally beginning to slow down as their children were finally leaving the nest.  But before Eric could continue, Lauren made her approach and unveiled her hidden talents.  Eric couldn’t believe that he was being granted another chance with Lauren.  


Lauren wasted no time in disrobing.  Eric was used to Lauren wanting to go into the bedroom where it was dark so she could hide herself.  However tonight was a different mission.  She violently pulled down Eric’s pants and began to welcome him back into her mouth.  Sounds of pleasure came from Lauren as she continued to inspire.  Eric grabbed a handful of Lauren’s tresses as she went deeper.  


At the moment that Eric could no longer hold himself, he pushed the end table to the side and rushed Lauren, kissing her everywhere he could.  He took his time around her breasts as he allowed himself to get lost amidst her art.  He traveled down to kiss her in between the bushes.  After a few moments, Lauren’s thighs began to shake.  Eric wanted to take Lauren right then but she had other plans.  She wanted to take control.


How long Lauren had been waiting for Eric was evident by the wetness of her soul.  With each motion, Lauren bleated in ecstasy.  She put her index finger in her mouth as to not wake the neighbors.  But she continued until she found the sun several times for the next two weeks. . . . .


Eric’s daydream was interrupted by the conductor.  What seemed like only moments had been thirty minutes as Eric was already at his stop.  He climbed off the train and headed toward his destination.  He couldn’t believe that he had traveled all this way just so he could get a glimpse of his competition.


As he entered the restaurant, the waiter was amazed.


“Mr. Houston, you normally don’t come through the front door.  Is everything okay?”


“I apologize for the short notice but everything is fine Jay.  Did you all get my instructions for the night?”


“Yes, Mr. Houston.  Everything is in place.  Ms. Lauren and her guest are already here.  They just ordered drinks”


“Good Jay.  Keep them entertained.  Is the band here?”


“Yes, Mr. Houston”


Eric made his way toward the back where the band was going over last minute preparations before taking the stage for their 8 PM set.  


“So is everyone ready?”


The band members nodded in unison as Eric went to the back to change.  Eric was used to competition.  He had made his name in the restaurant industry by crushing his competition.  Tonight would be no different.  He wanted Lauren all to himself.  He couldn’t allow another man to be laying next to his own personal porn star.  Although he was not used to making his personal life so public, Eric was convinced that he had to swing for the fences.  This unknown lover had what rightfully belonged to him!


The house went dim as the spotlight lit the center stage.  The unsuspecting crowd went crazy as the band spilled out onto the platform!  It wasn’t every Friday night that the bistro house band was Mint Condition!  As the band began their opening number, Eric peaked into the crowd.  He saw Lauren sitting front and center as she sipped her drink.  He didn’t see her mystery guest but that was of no concern to him.  He knew what he needed to do.


As the keys piped up for the next selection, Eric came on the stage to the surprise of the waiting crowd.  Eric took a mic that was waiting for him and began to rock along with the band.  Lauren sat in total shock as Eric began to sing the opening verse:


“Girl I want you to know, you’re more than beautiful. . . . . . . You don’t have to check on me, because with you is where I want to be”


Stokley and the band sang the chorus as Eric proceeded down the stairs to where Lauren was sitting.  As Eric made his way to the table, Lauren’s new beau came back to his seat.  Unfazed, Eric continued his serenade.  The patrons continued to watch their dinner theater with excitement as Lauren’s face began to sweat!  She continued to look at her crooning suitor and her bewildered guest.  She wanted to run but the spotlight was now on her!  Just as the band hit the bridge of the song, Eric pulled a small box from his suit jacket and went down to one knee.


“Do you believe in us Lauren?  Can we be together?  I don’t want to be without you . . . . . ”

So what should Lauren do?  Do you believe that she was playing games to get Eric to commit?  Is she being honest about her new romance that she advertises on social media every day?


Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos” Follow me on Twitter @misterdock and on IG @ dockmichael.

2 thoughts on “The Games We Play

  1. Not sure. She and singer dude may need to get to know each other better b4 any strong commitments are made. Seems like they had a sexual connection, but, we aren’t sure if they have a mental connection. Maybe she should slow down and date both, until she figures things out. If she doesn’t like that style of dating, then maybe she should be alone, until she gets her thought together or go ahead and pick which man she really wants to get to know. Doesn’t seem like from what you stated in the blog, that she is playing games. The singer dude is going off of his feelings and just the mere fact that she showed up to the show. I would not suggest that he play himself and expect a commitment from her, right now. Maybe she is being honest with her posts and the singer dude just can’t take reading the truth. Maybe, she is just trying to boast and make him jealous. Why would singer dude still be her social media friend, if he can’t handle reading her updates about her life. He may need to reevaluate this decision to be her social media friend.

  2. Good read!

    I do believe Lauren is playing games….bad idea! If a man isn’t ready to commit, then tricking him will just get your feeling hurt in the end. He just miss the sex and jealous of what her new guy is getting. They both need to slow down and if need be just casually date.

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