Stephen A. Smith or Screaming A. Smith for those that are familiar with his penchant for over talking everyone that doesn’t agree with him seems to have a problem with Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

The same Golden State Warriors that set the record for the most wins during the NBA regular season but came up short winning their second straight NBA title due to a Kyrie Irving three-pointer and the same Golden State Warriors that are home to arguably the best shooting backcourt in the history of the NBA in the form of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

To say that Durant’s departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder only team that he has known for the first 9 years of his career to sign with the team that eliminated him from this year’s NBA playoffs is a hot button topic is an understatement.

Other athletes from different sports to barbers, to crack heads have voiced their admiration, frustration or just down right hateration in this dancerie. But Stephen A. Smith’s assessment of the situation takes the cake by far.

Here is a college basketball player that wasn’t good enough to make it to the NBA getting paid millions of dollars a year to come up with new ways to disparage and criticize anyone and anything that isn’t to his liking.

The fact that he feels so strongly about Durant’s decision to sign with an already great championship team and call it “the weakest move I’ve ever seen from a superstar” is about as asinine as Gucci being a CIA clone sent to destroy trap music, which probably wouldn’t be so bad, ok I made that last part up, but I digress.

Durant isn’t the first professional athlete to sign with a great team or the first to sign with a team that beat his, so why is Stephen A. Smith throwing a tantrum like Chris Brown in V.I.P is beyond me.

Durant made a decision that he thought was best for his personal and professional growth regardless of what anyone thinks, when it’s all said and done he doesn’t owe me or anyone else a thing.

Besides, I’m sure Stephen A. Smith was the farthest thing from Durant’s mind when he made the decision, so Stephen A. Smith acting like Durant stole his lunch money is a head scratcher.

I’m sure no one questioned Stephen A. Smith’s manhood or called his decision the weakest that they’ve ever seen. when he decided to leave the Philadelphia Inquirer to join the powerhouse that is ESPN.

What do you think? Do you think Stephen A. Smith went overboard with his critique of Durant’s decision? Do you think he was right?

Talk to me, I’ll talk back.

Breazy Summerall

5 thoughts on “LET THE PLAYERS PLAY.

  1. This was a new low for Stephan A. Smith. Find me a player in any sports league, from childhood sports (little league baseball) to full on pros. EVERYONE wants a championship. I love that Durant went to GS. He positioned himself to get a ring…LeBron did the same thing in Miami and Smith didn’t scream about that. Durant put OKC on the map for 9 years. OKC has plenty of cash to pick up free agents and build a contender. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is if Smith was doing it to get some attention. He creates his own controversies then backs them up with talking over folks.

    He might be the only man on the planet that wins arguments with his significant other. Sexist remark? Not really. Judging on the way he interviews people, she probably can’t get a word in and just walks off.

    Seriously, “incredibly weak”? Not sure if Stephen A. will be saying that when Durant is wearing a ring next year.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly especially about Stephen A’s Smith’s wife throwing her hands up and walking away during an argument. Stephen A Smith reminds me of a person that missed out on a great opportunity and only has negative things to say about those that succeeded.

      Like you I believe he creates his own controversies just so he wouldn’t have to parrot any other sports caster. I’m still not sure why he took Durant’s decision so personal, not that I care but it would be nice to know why he’s so bitter while sitting on the sidelines.

      1. Agreed. He just seems bitter for nothing and it’s a shame because he’s a very good reporter and is almost always relevant. But this one….not so much.

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