Did I Say You Could Leave?

Shit!!! My body was spazzing and I couldn’t control it!  My legs were twitching!  My heart was sprinting!  His fire had consumed me once again.  I had reached my apex several times and didn’t have the strength to climb down.  I could only hold myself until the orgasms passed completely.  While I laid there attempting to recover, I could feel him . . . . . smiling, as if he had won a contest.


“Are you okay Simone?”


It took everything in me to nod my head yes as I felt him emerge from the bed.  I desperately needed a cigarette to regain my balance but those damn things were across the room!


“Here you go lady.  You may need something stronger than your normal cancer sticks”


He placed the African black beside me as he headed into the bathroom.  I loved to watch him and his tight ass walk away.  It was so intoxicating!  Who would’ve believed that the shy, humble banker would have emerged into such a sex god? The way that he eats my soul . . . . . Jesus!  He’s so good to me! To think, he thought this was a bad idea several months ago. And now, this mocha brother was giving me all that I wanted.


I rose from the covers to let the air hit my wet skin.  I grabbed the lighter from the nightstand as I made my acquaintance with Aunt Mary.  I thought about what transpired and how I couldn’t get enough of Chauncey.  I needed so much more of him.  He was occupying my thoughts more than I cared to admit.  The fact that I had to keep our love affair a secret at work only made the cravings more intense.  I had to put tissue in my bra to keep my nipples from shooting through my attire!  I could tell that he loved what we were doing.  Nothing was no longer off limits.  He wasn’t even bothered by Tony watching us and sometimes joining in the fray.  As much as it should have turned me on to have both men inside of me, I was starting to only want Chauncey.


The Chauncey effect was beginning to take hold of my being.  I no longer wanted to wear the black leather and face mask.  I desired to wear the thongs that Chauncey enjoyed seeing me in.  Having multiple lovers submit to my commands was no longer exciting. Soft kisses and anticipated long licks were enough to get me there now.  No cameras.  No crowds.  No other male or female participants.  Just me and my brown sugar, becoming united for as long as the sun allowed.  Yes. . . . . .  I needed him all to myself.


At work, it was business as usual.  I didn’t divulge what he and I did after hours and no one was the wiser.  At work, he was boss and spoke to me only when he needed to.  He didn’t try to start up casual conversation like other male counterparts and customers did. Outside of work, Chauncey was my confident.  I could talk to him about anything.  He was the only person that actually cared about my past.  From growing up in a male chauvinistic culture to becoming valedictorian of my senior class, Chauncey availed himself to listen to me. Sometimes I would meet him at his house just to have dinner and conversation. He didn’t press me for a show like I did him.  He made it okay for me to just be myself and not the dominatrix Tony created me to be.


I allowed myself to be taken away in the last of the indo smoke.  Chauncey came out of the bathroom smelling like Hugo Boss cologne.  It wasn’t normal for him to shower and leave after our sessions.  


“You don’t have to leave so soon love.  Tony won’t be back for another three hours.  I could order in and we could watch a movie or something”


“Any other time would be nice but I have plans for tonight”


“Plans?  What plans?  You taking your daughter out?”


Chauncey didn’t respond.  He continued to put on his clothes as if he didn’t hear me.


“What plans for tonight do you have that don’t involve me Chauncey?  You got a chick on the side?”


Chauncey looked at me as he fastened his watch.


“Simone, you are the chick on the side.  I’m going on a date tonight”


“Wait a minute?  What?”


My heart sunk.  How was he going to go out with another woman after having mind blowing sex with me?  I was his woman . . . . . . his only woman!


“ . . . . How you just gonna go and fuck someone else after you were just with me?!  Help me understand . . . . .”


Chauncey made his way to my side of the bed and sat down.  


“Simone, I enjoy being with you.  I truly do.  But I can’t continue being your man in private.  We can’t go out anywhere.  We can’t do anything that’s not at either one of our homes.  We talk and have sex.  That’s it.  I want something more”


“But I can be more Chauncey!  What do you need me to do?”


“There’s nothing you can do while you’re still married Simone.  I want to be with you but this . . . . this is not real.  You’re married and I can’t be seen in public with you.  I can’t even acknowledge you at work.  Do you know how difficult it is to leave you with Tony and think about him having sex with you without me being here?  How the two of you can go out to the movies but we can’t?  I need something real now Simone!”


“So when were you planning to tell me that you were leaving me?”


“Simone, I’m not leaving you.  We can still have sex if you want, but I’m going to meet a friend for coffee and get to know her better”


“I don’t want you to go out with . . . . what’s her name?”


“I didn’t mention her name and that’s really none of your business”


Did he just say what I thought he said?!


“Look Chauncey, I didn’t say that you could go out and date someone else!  You belong to me!”


Instead of bowing down to my authority, Chauncey simply laughed.


“Simone, drop the dominatrix shit okay?  This is real right here.  You’re married.  I can’t have a real relationship with a married woman.  Do you understand?”


I grabbed his arm as he tried to raise to his feet.


“Did I say you could leave?  Give me another round right now!”


With his eyes full of pity, Chauncey gently removed my hand and started towards the door.


“I’ll show them the tapes Chauncey!  I’ll ruin your career!”


“You forget Simone, you’ve been over my house too.  I’ve recorded our sessions as well.  Plus I’m moving to the main branch downtown in two weeks to manage the company’s business accounts”


I couldn’t believe it!  There was nothing I could do!  No threats were going to make him stay.  I was powerless for the first time in a long time.  I couldn’t let him see me hurt like this.  


“Hmmmm. … . I guess you’re right Chauncey.  Enjoy your date love.  I’ll call you for our next session”


“Cool.  Don’t worry about getting up.  I’ll show myself out”

And just like that, he was gone!  I couldn’t hold back the tears that were already streaming down my face.  My pride wouldn’t let me run after him.  My insecurities wouldn’t allow me to say that I would leave Tony for him.  My ego wouldn’t allow me to convey that I would give up all the abnormal to be his normal.  Yet, I can’t let him walk out of my life.  I can’t let the best thing that ever happened to me to be happy with someone else.  I just simply can’t . . . . . . . .   



Written by the Wednesday Gentleman


3 thoughts on “Did I Say You Could Leave?

  1. Simone is controlling, unrealistic and out of her dam mind. She is trying to change the game that she started. She cannot throw feelings into the equation and try to make this man feel guilty for wanting a normal relationship with someone else. He was a fool for getting involved with this mess anyway. He deserves what he gets and so does she. They knew this would be trouble. How is a married person trying to make a single person wait for them or want to be with them?! Who would want to trust her…..if she is doing this stuff while married to her hubby. All 3 of them are crazy, if you ask me. Chauncey better run and not look back. No sex is worth the drama. He might be whipped and will still come and dip back into the ocean, from time to time. However, considering all of the dynamics and her attitide….he better consider this decision very seriously. FOH with the craziness.

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