The Hunger

It wasn’t right!  This hotel.  The several hours allotted.  Me wanting her.  It was unforbidden.  It was sinful.  Yet . . . . . . .  I wanted her more with each moment that passed. I had been sitting in the car for what seemed an eternity, contemplating whether to drive away or ascend the stairs where she was waiting for me.  My spirit was advising me not to yield to temptation while my body encouraged me to go all the way.  One thing was for certain; I wanted her and she wanted me.  Every since that day he left her behind, I’ve been picking up the pieces. Today would be no different.  


The air began to thin with each passing second.  I unwrapped the honey bun that I purchased from the store a few blocks up and chased it with a Red Bull.  I needed my energy level to be up for what was about to take place.  Gayle had told me how long it had been since her husband touched her, let alone made love to her.  I couldn’t imagine any man not wanting to be with a woman as divine as Gayle.  And now, at this hour, I was afforded the opportunity to be with a muse nearly seventeen years my senior.


Gayle provided more to my earth than any woman I ever met.  She had lived a life that others often write about.  She had a brilliant mind; graduating high school at fifteen and obtaining her law degree by the time she was twenty-two.  She had been a singer in a college band and actually toured the world with the Commodores and Chaka Khan after receiving her degree!  Now in this second act of her life, she was dedicated to raising her teenage daughter and remaining judge of the sixteenth judicial district.  With all of her accomplishments, she still hadn’t attained the most coveted prize; love.


As I brushed away the crumbs, I took a deep breath and recalled what brought me here.  I remembered all the times that my wife neglected me.  I remembered that she didn’t support me leaving my engineering gig and going into culinary school.  I remembered her degrading me, informing all her friends that I would never be anything.  I remembered her saying  that I would never find another woman like her.  I remembered her telling me that it  would be a cold day in hell before a woman of purpose came into my life again. . . . . . Those words were my fuel as I walked from the car to the back of the hotel.  I ascended the stairs quickly as if my life depended on it!  Suddenly I didn’t have any doubts about my mission.  The worries subsided as I reached the hallway.


I made haste to my destination.  Room 315.  I knocked on the door.  My heart raced with anticipation.  It had only been four days since I last saw her but it was three days too long.  Her smile greeted me as she opened the door.  She stayed behind so that I could only see her face.  When the door closed, I could see that she had been yearning for me as well.  She had a vibrator on the bed along with a pair of panties.  I looked at her from behind the door and saw that she only had a red t-shirt on.  I smiled as I looked at her and then looked back at the toy.


“Well Quincy, you told me to bring my toys so . . . . . . . . I got started a little early”


“I see.  Well baby, no harm in that.  Lay down and let me finish what you started”


She rushed to the bed and assumed the position.  I looked at her angelic face as I unbuttoned my shirt.  I motioned to her to take off her t-shirt but she refused, stating that she didn’t feel sexy without it on.  She had been told by her husband that her stretch marks and folds made her unlovely.  As I came to her side, I gave her comfort that every part of her was precious.  I was indeed blessed to have her in my life.


“Let’s take this off dear.  I want to kiss you all over”


With my assistance, I kissed the shirt away and slowly began to heal her heart.  She allowed herself to let go, panting and wailing as I continued to please her.  Nothing could be too rushed. I needed to introduce myself again for the first time.  From the ends of her fingertips to her shoulders.  From the waters of her two lips to the hotspring of her neck.  From her tear drop breasts down to the imperfections that she attempted to hide.  I made myself welcome to her body, bringing it to life once more.


I took her tiny friend in hand and began to cleanse her soul.  As she granted me permission to enter, I explored every part of her world.  My tongue gave no peace, commanding her earth to my will.  She endeavored to push my head away but I gripped her hips tightly.  Her body beseeched me to take her there.  Her heart had become so distant that she had forgotten what it was like to dwell among the angels.  I had to perform CPR and resuscitate her belief in love once more.  One breath . . . . . two breaths . . . . .


Once love was restored, I kissed my way back up to Gayle’s lips.  I consumed the nectar from her bottom lip and explored another route to her soul.  I watched as her face began to explode as I began to navigate her dark world.  I wanted to make sure that Gayle knew I was invested before I breached again.  This was no ordinary fling.  This was something more and I didn’t want it to end.  The quiet pants grew louder.  She began to scream my name in her native tongue.  I was no longer just the private chef.  I was her lover.  


Gayle was more than this moment for me.  I was becoming connected.  The endless text conversations translated into sexual harmony.  We moved in sync for the next hour, holding each other tightly as we changed positions.  Her flexibility was amazing!  For a woman of her age and size, she was able to pull and hold her legs back as I headed down the final stretch. I continued to admire the youthfulness of her breasts with my lips.  I had never been with a woman with such a curvy figure.  She began to kiss my chest as my thrust quickened.  I grabbed her legs and continued to partake of her soul.  The bed began to bang loudly against the wall.  Gayle’s toes were now touching the mirror!  I could feel myself unable to hold back the months of frustration.  


“Come inside me Quincy . . . .please!”


And without warning, three words came from my mouth as I held on to my sanity:


“I love you”


With those words, I felt the sweetest relief.  Tears came down my eyes amidst the sweat.  I slowly allowed Gayle’s legs to come back to rest as I fell to the side of the bed.  She laid motionless while I attempted to wipe the sweat from my eyes.


“Damn Quincy.  You sweated out my hair!”


“I couldn’t help myself. You are a sight to behold”


“Thank you for reminding me I’m beautiful, Quincy.  I really needed that”


I went into the bathroom.  As I washed my hands, I began to play the last few moments in my mind.  And just as I turned off the water it hit me:


“Did I tell her I loved her?  Awwwww shit!!!  What am I going to do now?!”


While I attempted to find a way to retract what was said, I could hear Gayle in the other room talking to someone.  I grab a towel to cover myself and headed back to the bed.  Gayle was smiling smoking a cigarette.  Without me asking, she informed me that she called her girlfriend in Boston to tell her how good I was!  I smiled at her as I was attention yet again.  


“Before we get started again, there’s something I need to tell you Quincy”


“What’s that love?”


“I’m in love with you too . . . . . . .”


Uh oh . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”  

One thought on “The Hunger

  1. That is ONE of the worse things to ever say in the heat of passion. The problem is that he was loving the way her insides felt and loving the way that she received him. He, finally, felt like he was WANTED and NEEDED and I am sure that something just came over him. He needs to tell her that he meant those words in another way or he will have a hell of a time as more and more time passes on. He needs to learn how to control himself, because, though NO woman should believe a man who says these words (FOR THE FIRST TIME in the HEAT OF PASSION) and so quickly…..knowing they both have probably been sexually deprived; SHE may very well begin to want and expect more from him, since he said those 3 MAGICAL words. I bet he will go back for more of that cookie, though; because it was so magical!!!!! I bet she will be calling him for more, too. If he doesn’t clear up what he said to her…..she is going to be saying…I love you (to him)! Boy…oh…boy…will he be in trouble then!

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