Jade had told herself that this would be the very last time.  As she opened the box to see the disc that was inside, she knew her deepest fears would be confirmed.  Yet, she had to know for herself.  When she placed the CD into her laptop and clicked on the document, she could see all the phone numbers that Marcus had texted to.  She saw one particular number that showed up numerous times.  5:54 AM.  5: 58 AM.  6:25 AM.  Jade began to check these times against the texts that she made to Marcus.  Now it was crystal clear.  Every time that he said he was “busy” and couldn’t text her back, Marcus was texting this other number.  


Jade continued to scroll down the list.  The mystery number dominated the text messaging report.  The times that Marcus reported that he had fallen asleep and didn’t hear Jade’s call, he was on the phone texting this mystery person!  As her anger reached a fever pitch, Jade decided that she would call this mystery person and have a “heart to heart”.  However, when she began dialing the number, it brought up a familiar name in her own phone!


“It couldn’t be?!  How in the hell?!”


And just like that, Jade was perplexed all the more.  How could her so call friend, Staci, be in her man’s phone?  Not only was Staci married, but she was the assistant to the First Lady!  Jade paced back and forth, phone in hand, as she tried to figure out what to do next.  First option; she could wait until Sunday and whup the hell out of Staci on the stage!  Jade envisioned herself grabbing Staci by her natural and then ripping off Staci’s top so she could be embarrassed in front of Bishop and the entire congregation.  


“But that would make me look out of control and a poor role model as a female minister.  Can’t do that”


Second option; she could screenshot the bill with Staci’s number on it and put it on Facebook, tagging Staci and everyone she knew that went to their church.


“Hell, that would make me look immature.  I would still be seen as a poor role model.  I wouldn’t even get the satisfaction of beating Staci’s ass!”


Jade began to collect herself.  She knew that it wasn’t just Staci’s fault.  Even though she felt betrayed by her sister in Christ, Marcus had an equal part in this.  One could even say that Marcus’s part was greater because he was trying to convince Jade to marry him after she suspected him of cheating.  


As Jade sat in her chair, a reminder went off on her phone.  Tomorrow was Marcus’s birthday!  In her rage, she had forgotten all about that!  She had already set aside money to take him to the newest Marvel movie (which she despised) and dinner.  She had also purchased Marcus a grey suit that he wanted but couldn’t afford as he was in between jobs.  Then . . . . . .it hit her!  As she searched for the receipt, Jade began to put her plan into action.


Marcus was none the wiser the next day as Jade commenced her day with the usual “good morning” text.  She even sent a video to him singing happy birthday, revealing some of her cleavage as a taste of what the night would bring.  Marcus (being Marcus) sent his dry text thanking her without much elaboration.  Still Jade played the role.  She informed Marcus that she had plans for them tonight and she would pick him up after she got off work.


When Jade arrived, she was dressed in the tightest blue jeans that was accentuated by her titty popping red top and matching pumps.  Marcus couldn’t believe it!  Jade stood at his door like a sexual goddess.  Jade’s perfume made her irresistible as Marcus reached out to hug her.  While Marcus loved on her perfect backside, Jade leaned into Marcus’s ear:


“I’ve been eating pineapples all week.  I can’t wait for you to taste me”


Jade could feel Marcus rise and rubbed him gently.  Although Marcus implored to skip the dinner, Jade smiled and briefed him that reservations had already been set and the tickets were purchased.  Reluctantly, Marcus gave in and accompanied Jade to the car.  Instead of the normal jazz station that played, Jade opted to play a mix of the most sensual love songs that she could find.  Jade smiled as Marcus continued to breathe deeply, trying to get his mind off of tonight’s main attraction.


Dinner was filled with lust and seduction as Jade chose an upscale bistro on the north side of town.  While conversing about Marcus’s day (or lack thereof), Jade continued her torment by sliding next to Marcus and petting him in the restaurant!  She licked her lips while she tried to unzip his pants.  Marcus, looking around at the other patrons, attempted to push her hand away.


“You’re trying to make me explode in this restaurant?  Are you serious?”


Jade’s passion was unrelenting as she made her way through his boxers and pulled out his member.  She palmed it slowly as Marcus attempted to get away.  Jade could feel Marcus began to throb in her hands.  She beamed as Marcus struggled to break free of her grasp.  It was only when the waiter came to take their order that Jade finally let go.  Marcus, sweating profusely, put his heart back in his pants and discreetly exited to the bathroom.


Upon arriving back to the table, Jade was sitting calmly, looking through her menu as if nothing was wrong.  She looked up to see Marcus, exhausted and hot, as if he had just ran a marathon!  Sweat spots were emerging on his shirt.  Marcus shook his head as he couldn’t believe his holy roller was going nympho on him in the restaurant!  


“Just you wait girl.  I’m going to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow!”


“I bet I’ll make you tap before that happens Marcus”


“Is that right?  Tell you what?  Let’s get this dinner to go!  I’ll pay you now for the movie tickets.  I want to get you home”


“Okay baby”


Jade’s grin got brighter as Marcus called the waiter over and handed Jade the money to cover her expense.  In his haste to get out of the restaurant, Marcus ended up paying for the meal as well.  He couldn’t believe that Jade was going to give him all he could handle!  Marcus was flying higher than any kite!  Marcus contemplated all the ways he would have Jade during the drive back home.


As Marcus closed the door behind, Jade turned him around and began kissing him at the door.  She ripped off his button up and made her way down to his pants.  With a flick of the wrist, Marcus pants and boxers fell down.


“Now, where was I?”


Jade resumed where she left off in the restaurant, stroking Marcus for all he was worth.  As he gasped for air, Jade inhaled his shaft.  Then exhaled.  Then inhaled again.  It didn’t take long before Marcus was availing himself to her.  Without missing a beat, Jade continued, taking in all that Marcus gave her.  Marcus pounded the door as he tried to keep from falling in the darkness.


“No, no, no, baby.  You gotta let me ride this sweetness . . . .”


Jade led Marcus to the couch and continued her session.  She began to disrobe as she brought Marcus back to life.  In a matter of minutes, Jade was beginning her trot.  She took in Marcus to the deepest part of her soul, squeezing him in the process.  Marcus was still gasping as Jade’s trot turned into a full on gallop!  Jade took in Marcus until she was overcome.  Tears streamed down her face as she cried in ecstasy.  Jade didn’t lose her rhythm but continued her pace as Marcus began to bang on the sofa!


“Jade, what are you doing to me! Baby, I’m . . . . I’m”


“C’mon Marcus baby! Give it to me!”


And with those words, Marcus gave Jade what she wanted.  As Jade took Marcus second offering, she slowed down her hips and squeezed out every drop.  Marcus head fell back as he died underneath.


Jade got up slowly and went to the bathroom to clean up.  As she emerged from the bathroom and walked past the couch to get her purse, Marcus reached out for her arm.  


“Baby where are you going?  You not spending the night?”


Jade turned on the light so that Marcus could see.  She gave him a print out of the text report.


“This will be the last time you have my love.  Tell Staci to pay your phone bill.  I had yours disconnected this evening”


Shame and guilt colored Marcus’s face as Jade grabbed her things and headed for the door. Marcus, still in shock, watched Jade’s apple bottom walk out of his door for the last time. . . .


Now was this a good way to end the relationship?  Why couldn’t Jade simply call Marcus and confront him about the text messaging report?




. . . . . and yes, I have a secret crush on Jill Scott . . . . . .


Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”

2 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Ha…priceless. I don’t know if I would have given him another piece of me before I exited that relationship! Well…nope…let me take that back. ***I would NOT HAVE given him another piece of me. I would have confronted his trifling behind with Exhibit A, B and C..if necessary, and bounced. All that stuff she did was just just too much effort and extra. He didn’t deserve for her to use all of that energy. I guess he must have had that “good good” and she just had to get one more ride. Smh!

    1. I think she wanted him to remember what transpired that night. He will definitely want it again but can never have it. That’s the best revenge. . . . .

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