Part II – A Beautiful Morning

“Take it easy baby.  Tony’s just here to watch.  You don’t mind do you?”


“Hell yeah I mind!!  I’m getting the hell up outta here!  You two are batshit crazy!”


Simone kissed Tony and motioned him out the door as she closed it behind.  Chauncey attempted to put on his pants as Simone sashayed to where he was standing.  She grabbed his pants and quickly pulled them down.


“What in the hell do you think you’re doing woman?!”


“I’m getting what I want . . . .”


As those words echoed to Chauncey’s ears, Simone took hold of his soul and began to consume him fervently.  Chauncey struggled to back away but the enchantress had him firmly in her grasp, inhaling more of him with each stroke.  Tears emerged as Chauncey crumbled to the bed as he was enslaved to Simone’s spell.  She continued her enchantment until she siphoned his essence.  Chauncey attempted to push Simone away but to no avail.   She simply brushed his hand away as she brought Chauncey back to life for the rollicking finale.


The last movement of their symphony was just as intense as the first as Simone continued her dance.  Her hips resuscitated Chauncey as they moved up and down.  Simone clinched her nails into his chest as she climaxed yet again.  He attempted to push her once more but only ended up on top as Simone clasped her thighs around his hips.  Chauncey, angered at the fact that he was being subdued by this sorceress, began to quicken the tempo with everything he had.  He thought the constant pounding would make Simone give in but it thrilled her!


“Mmmmmmm yes babe, yes!  Right there, right there! Give it to me . . . . harder . . . harder!”


Chauncey didn’t want to be stimulated, but he was.  He didn’t want to believe that he would want more of her, but he did!  He didn’t want to acknowledge that this manipulator of truths was awakening a spirit inside of him that he never knew, but . . . . . she was!  With every spasm she had, it made Chauncey lose himself more and more.  


He could feel the waters from her ocean begin to settle around his knees.  Feeling empowered,   Chauncey placed one hand around her neck as the other hand braced the headboard.  Simone’s whimpers of joy only filled him with excitement as he felt his power leave him once again.  Chauncey fell in a heap on the bed as Simone continued to embrace the aftershocks. . . . .


Chauncey woke up from his haze.  He looked on the bed and Simone was no longer there. He began to look on the floor for his clothes and started to get dress.


“You may want to take a shower before you head back home.  I know you wouldn’t want your daughter to smell sex on you”


Simone was standing in the doorway, now dressed in a black corset and thong.  She had a relaxed smile on her face as she entered the bedroom with a whip in her hand.  Chauncey, perplexed, searched for his gun again but couldn’t find it.


“I put your handgun in the safe up near the front.  You can have it when I let you go”


“Let me go?  Woman, who in the hell do you think I am?  You think you can just manipulate me to fuck you and everything be okay?”


“You really don’t have a choice honey.  You belong to me now”


“How the hell do you figure? Woman do you know that I could seriously hurt you?”


“Chauncey, you’re not going to hurt me.  You’re too much of a gentlemen to do that.  You’re not going to fire me either because if the video of what we just did ever made it to corporate, that would be the end for you”


He stood in defeat as Simone pointed to the several cameras she had hidden throughout the bedroom. Chauncey couldn’t believe he had compromised his career for some overseas cookies! He had just spent two years of his life breaking free from one woman only to end up in the clutches of another!


“Sweetie, I would never hurt you unless you tried to hurt me.  I didn’t mean to lie to you but you were too straight laced to just tell you the truth.  If I had told you that my husband allows me to have sex with other men while he watches, would you have come over?”


Chauncey looked at Simone puzzled.


“Why me? Why me Simone?  Do you know how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am now?  Why would you do this to me?”


“I like powerful men.  That is what turns ME on!  Making the most powerful man succumb to my mouth makes my world a better place.  I haven’t done anything to you love besides given you an experience of a lifetime. I bet you’ve never climaxed like that in your life have you?”


Chauncey paused for a minute.  In spite of the manipulation, the sex was amazing!  He had never reached his orgasm and had the energy to continue to reach another without a break in between.  It would be hard trying to find someone that could make his teeth chatter like Simone! But still, this was wrong.  How could he explain to his teenage daughter that he was seeing a married woman?


“Where is your husband?”


“He’s downstairs waiting on me to let him out of his cage”


Chauncey paused again.  He looked again at Simone’s outfit and it became clear.


“You can keep this a secret, can’t you?  I promise you, it will be worth it.  This morning was just the start . . . .”


Chauncey found himself thinking about the possibilities as he made his way from the bedroom to the front of the house.  Simone opened the safe and gave Chauncey back his piece.  Before he could open the door, Simone gave him a longing kiss. She tasted his lips as he became lost in her spell again.


Chauncey turned the ignition and drove off.  He could see Simone waving goodbye in his rear view mirror.  He was now beside himself!  How could he keep what had happened this morning a secret?   He had to tell somebody!  Chauncey wiped the sweat from his brow as he placed the gun underneath the seat.  He could smell Simone all over him.  

The simple office affair had turned into something more . . . . much more. . . . .



Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”

2 thoughts on “Part II – A Beautiful Morning

  1. Freaky……freaky…freaky! Chauncey needs to be more careful next time. To each it’s own, but, I know he wasn’t ready for all of that!!!! There are people who are into this stuff, but, I don’t think one should suprise folk with all of this. You should be upfront. Chauncey may have had a life-changing experience, but, I’m not sure if he will feel like “the man” or of he will be traumatized. Lol! Wow, she really laid it on thick. The office will never be the same. NEVER SLEEP WITH PEOPLE FROM WORK, WHETHER THEY ARE COWORKERS OR YOUR EMPLOYEES. Scandalous and it will, most likely, always come back to bit you in the butt…in one way or the other. One should find a way to have willpower. There are ways to fight temptation. No amount of sex is worth losing ones’ career over. Now what is he going to do. She recorded it, so now he is up the creek with no paddle. I bet he wished he would have thought about things more and held true to his initial intuition. There are people that get caught up just like this. This was steamy, but, so not worth it!!! He may have to report it and lose his job or quit and move on! Ha…decisions, decisions!!!! Being with a dominatrix…..different, but, huh, I will pass!!!!!

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