A Beautiful Morning

Chauncey turned the ignition and drove off.  He could see Simone waving goodbye in his rear view mirror.  Chauncey was beside himself!  How could he keep what had happened this morning a secret?   He placed the gun underneath his seat as he continued to catch his breath.  The simple office affair had turned into something more . . . . much more. . . . .


Chauncey was advancing in the world.  He had just been promoted to branch manager at the local bank, where he had been everything from a teller to an assistant bank manager in the past eight years.  It meant everything in the world to Chauncey to be at this place in his life.  A messy two year divorce had left Chauncey broken and bitter.  The divorce made Chauncey not trust women anymore.  He often found himself not even sexually attracted to women! As much as this was a flaw, it helped Chauncey as he supervised a majority female staff.  He didn’t have to worry about being fired for a tawdry affair with a teller. . . . . that is until he met Simone Bahar.


Simone was the new head teller who transferred into Chauncey’s branch. Simone’s husband had been reassigned to a military base not far from town.  Simone was different from all the other tellers he had supervised.  She had a smile that invited conversation. She had a walk that screamed confidence.  She had a body that made anyone curious about her secrets.  Her blouses with the plunging necklines and high split skirts made one all the more inquisitive.


Within several weeks, Simone’s presence at the bank made people (and by people I mean men), frequent the bank more than normal.  There seemed to be an influx of new accounts being open and loan applications being processed because there was an Egyptian goddess in the midst!  The growth in business fueled Chauncey’s attraction to Simone.  Her Dolce and Gabanna perfume stayed on his mind long after she left.  Sometimes he would even touch himself at home thinking about her thighs over his shoulders as he drank from her pool of immortality.  


As fate would have it, Simone began to initiate more conversation with Chauncey outside of work.  It started with several invitations for drinks and social events with co-workers from the bank.  Then it was friending him on social media, liking all of his pictures and status updates. From there,  it was late night conversations in the DM.  Those conversations grew into sexual banter.  Chauncey, attempting to be a gentlemen (and not put his job in jeopardy), would find himself closing the conversation off once Simone hinted at sex with him.  While Chauncey hungered to see Simone in a new light, he didn’t want to be caught up in another affair.  


Seeing Chauncey resist his animal instinct only made Simone crave him more.  She continued to wear revealing clothes that just did meet the company standards.  She would send half nude pictures to his inbox during the middle of the day.  She even went as far as to send Chauncey a video of herself masturbating with a toy!  Nothing seemed to sway him until that decisive Sunday. Chauncey decided to come into the bank to look over several accounts.  As he pulled up, he saw that Simone was there.  Chauncey believed that he could be in and out within the hour . . . . until he saw Simone in nothing but a pull over sweatshirt and tights!  Chauncey exchanged his normal salutation with Simone and then ran to his office!  He sat down in his chair and caught his breath for a few moments.  After getting back to himself, he continued his mission.  After twenty minutes, Chauncey received a message in his inbox from Simone:


“I know I’m not supposed to say this with you being my supervisor and all, but I really want to have sex with you.  I know you don’t want to lose your job so I will keep it discreet.  I just need to feel you inside of me”


Chauncey didn’t know what to say (I mean, would you?).  He had never encountered  a woman that could keep her mouth quiet about an affair but started to believe Simone could.  For all the trouble she revealed she was having at home, no one knew it at work. She spoke highly of her husband every opportunity she had.  She didn’t even let on that she was having secret conversations with Chauncey every night!  After some deliberation, Chauncey replied:


“Simone, you are very beautiful.  Any man would give his life to be with you.  However, you’re married and I just can’t  . . . . despite how much I want to”


After Chauncey hit send, he thought his message would deter Simone.  However, it only made her bolder.  She came to Chauncey’s door and began to raise her shirt.


“You do know that there are cameras everywhere right?”


Simone nodded in agreement and quickly pulled her shirt down.


“Do I have to beg?  Please Chauncey, please! I need to feel like a woman again. . . . “


Tears rolled down her face.  Chauncey couldn’t believe that this damsel in distress was calling on him to make her feel whole again.  His mind was telling him no.  But his body . . . was beginning to win the war.


“Okay, let’s meet at your place tomorrow morning.  It’s a bank holiday and your husband will be gone right?”


“Right!  He has a meeting first thing in the morning.  I’ll shoot you my address.  I can’t wait to see you Chauncey. . . . ”


Simone shot a smile and licked her lips as she headed out the door.  Chauncey, amazed by what took place, sat in his chair thinking of the possibilities of the day to come.  He was finally going to have his time with Simone.


Monday morning came with the same speed as Christmas for Chauncey.  He wasn’t able to sleep at all.  As he pulled into the driveway, the door opened to a heavenly body adorned in a black bra and panties.  Chauncey no longer had to imagine how Simone looked without her clothes.  All of his daydreams were now coming to fruition.  Simone greeted Chauncey with a long kiss.


“I’ve waited so long for this.  I’ve wanted you since the first day I laid eyes on you”


“You don’t have to wait any longer love, I’m here”


All of Chauncey’s fears melted away as he gazed upon her voluptuous peach!  Simone took Chauncey by the hand and led him into the bedroom.  Chauncey quickly removed his blazer and holster and pushed Simone on the pillow top bed.  He began to unearth all of her treasures.  The air was quickly saturated with Simone’s whimpers of pleasure.  Chauncey didn’t hesitate to open her up with his fingers as he continued to taste her world.  Simone let out an uncontrollable scream as she let go of all her inhibitions.  And just as soon as she regained consciousness, she was greeted with gentle kisses as she felt Chauncey penetrate her dark world.  Her nails plunged deep into Chauncey’s back as he availed himself to her.


After the first two movements of their forbidden symphony, Chauncey dismounted and prepared himself for Simone to dance upon him.  As Simone mounted, Chauncey saw a figure through the corner of his sweat filled eye standing in the doorway.  As his eyes came to focus, he saw a man standing in the doorway in grey Army sweats!  The man made contact with Chauncey and smiled as Simone continued her slow wine.  The mysterious man began to lick his lips as he slowly began massaging himself!


Chauncey quickly pushed Simone off of him and went for his pistol.  Chauncey stood up and pointed his weapon at the mystery man!


“Oh Tony, you’re home!  Pull up a chair while I ride this big bull!”


“What the fuck is this Simone?!”


Chauncey couldn’t believe that Simone’s husband had caught him in an affair!  This had to be a bad dream!  As intense as Chauncey was holding his pistol, all other parties were calm. Tony didn’t move outside of touching himself.  Calmly, Simone rose from the bed and went over to kiss her husband.  Chauncey, still bewildered, continued to keep his gun on Tony.


“Take it easy baby.  Tony’s just here to watch.  You don’t mind do you?”


To be continued . . . . . . . . .

Written by Michael Dock, Founder of The Wednesday Gentleman and Author of the Forthcoming Novel “Addicted to Chaos”

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